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Five: Soda Jungle

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Jungle Of The Giants

Area enemies

This particular level has GIANT enemies and some blocks as well. As does other parts of soda jungle. Thus some enemies are not as susceptible to certain moves or abilities.

Star Coin #1

(*) You want to get to the point where you will see this star coin. There will also be A giant red koopa. Jump on the Koopa then kick his shell to the right side. Follow the shell until it clears a path to the Star Coin.


There will be a fire flower, next to the Checkpoint. It is actually a bit after the Checkpoint.

Star Coin #2

(**) After the fire flower, pass a giant goomba. Then notice the giant red koopa on a pipe. Take him out and go down the green pipe he was standing on. Once inside the tunnel, hit the P block and wall kick to the Star Coin.

Star Coin #3

(***) This one is in plain sight at the end of the level. The problem is actually getting it. It is easy with the (^ ^) suit. Although it seems to me that there is another way...

(1) After star coin#3 Just run and hit the end level flag.

Bridge Over Poisoned Waters

Squirrel suit is the level item drop here. Use it wisley.

Note in this level that the giant logs, move as you run across them.

Star Coin #1

(*) In plain view, jump on the log and run across it to grab it.

Star Coin #2

(**) After Star coin#1, head to the very next log. Stand in the middle of it and jump to reveal a brown block. Keep doing this until you can reach the green pipe.

You can use the POW block to take down the star, or hover up with the flying squirrel suit.

Star Coin #3

(***) The next one is in plain view as well, although it is a little tricky to grab. It's easier with the (^ ^) Suit. You can time your jump and hover to it and back. Or do a double jump over it, IF timed correctly.

(1) For the end level flag, the only challenging part is NOT falling into the water. I would skip the (o) Red coin loop to make things easier.

(Y) Note a bean stalk in the small brown block. You must hit it with the red koopa's shell nearby. Fly through the area with the Squirell suit only, to a secret flag.

(1) After the note, you should be right by the real end level flag, if you dropped down from the (Y) beanstalk. Hit it to finish the level.

Bramball Woods

Area Enemies

Bramble Balls.

These guys move slow, watch the movements to dodge them. You can also jump on the heads to make them go away for good. Also they can be frozen with the ice flower, which is the most useful way of taking them down.

(@) Run to the fire flower block. Blocks will appear for you. Dodge the bramleball's by watching thier movements.

(-@) The ice flower. To get this secret level item, you must jump up the pipe at the start of the level. Jump on the bramble ball's head into the pipe. Easier said then done.

Star Coin #1

(*) In plain view. Just wall kick and jump to grab it.

Star Coin #2

(**) For star coin# 2 you will see 2 bramble balls. There will also be a few platforms. Under the top platform is a little cave with the star inside. It is best to freeze the bramble ball and run over it into the star coin.

The other option is jumping on his head and bouncing to it. It is the dangerous choice.


Right after the Checkpoint, there is a small cave to the left, it holds an invincible star. Use it to knock some of the enemies out faster.

Star Coin #3

(***) This one is also an easy one to see. The problem is platforming skills are needed to grab it. Fall down the dounut blocks and do a light jump to grab it. Squirrel suit helps, so make sure you have that Checkpoint. Then switch to squirrel suit on the world map IF you need to.

(1) Right after star coin 3 is a mini mario pipe. I am not quite sure it's purpose at the moment other then a horde of coins and 1UPs!. From there just finish the level via the regular green pipe.

Snake Block Tower


Flying Squirrel Suit

Area enemies

Electric Faces

Swinging Maces

Star Coin #1

(*) Basically throughout this entire level you will be on the snake block. To get star coin # 1 be fast. Practice applies.

Star Coin #2

(**) This one makes you have to use the mini snake block. You will have to jump from the big snake block then run across the mini one quickly. It is still easy to notice.


The Check point is in the air near where the snake block stops. Make sure you wait until it falls as you will need the help.

Star Coin #3

(***) Final star coin is in the 2nd room, to the right. Use the mini snake block to grab it quickly.

(1) The home stretch to the mini boss door is a bit tricky. I suggest having a suit probably squirrel in this level. Ducking is your friend just remember that.

Snake Block Tower Mini Boss

We should be used to this by now.

Jump on his head 3 times. Then win.

Witch-Way Labyrinth + SECRET !

1. Enter the Top right door.


2. In the next room, take out the enemies. Fire mario helps. Then let the platform fall down a bit. To the left is another white enemy. Go through that area for the star coin. Then Exit via the door on the lower right.

3. You will be back in the starting room. Enter the door most left. Let the platform take you all the way up. Let it lift you OVER the first green door. Up top will be an invisible wall. Go through it and run right to the new door.


4. With Illumination yoshi in hand light up the way to destroy the white blocks. This will also keep boo's at bay. Hang towards the right wall. The Star coin is hidden on the right wall.


5. Leaving this room through the green door will give you access to the secret exit and level.

6. Re-Enter the level. Use a P suit, Or squirrel suit to hover up to the stairs.

7. Go to the top most door. Hang left at the wall and jump. This reveals a hidden block. Jump on it, then jump left through the invisible wall. Go inside the door.


8. Star Coin is inside. Hit the P button, then ground pound through the bricks to get the final star coin.

9. Head through the door on the right. Wait for the platform to go all the way down. Then go through the door and exit the level. This will complete the level in entirety.

Painted Swampland

Head all the way over to the red pipe with a brown block next to it. Pick up the invincible star.

Head down a yellow pipe with a piranha plant in it. You should still be invincible. Jump through the ring of ghosts to get the coin without taking damage.


The Next coin is near the check point. So grab the Checkpoint because you only have one chance to get this coin per life.

Kill mario and start the level over. Run to the left and jump to the pipe that is highest. You should be able to reach the star coin from that pipe.

Star Coin #3 is in sight near a ring of boo's. Time yourself to grab it or have a suit and take some damage while still earning the star coin.

Deep Sea Ruins + SECRET EXIT !

Star Coin #1

The first star coin is in the water, between two stone statues on an angle facing eachother.

Room number 2 is completely underwater. There is nothing of use here, other then the red coin loop for an item or 1UP !

Star Coin #2

This star coin is after the Checkpoint. Grab the check point then head up. You should see the coin in between a ring of boo's. Grab it carefully then continue on.

Star Coin #3

The third star coin on this level is near the very end of the level at the top of the water. Jump to the right platform. A stone will begin to fall. The Star coin is right next to it.

(1) Right next to the star coin is the "SECRET" exit so go through it. This will open up the real way through Soda Jungle. It leads to Soda Jungle- 6.

Seesaw Bridge

Star Coin #1

(*) Inside the left pipe, a little after the random item block. Half of the pipe is hidden in a wall. Once inside the pipe, Time your jumps carefully on the see saw's to collect the star coin.

Star Coin #2

(**) You should see this one in the poison water. Use the red koopa right next to it. Grab it's shell and from the 2nd see saw toss it at the coin. You will only have one chance to do this per life. A quick tip, you may want to pick up the Checkpoint first which is a little ways right of here.


+ Be sure to get this one !

Star Coin #3

(***) The Final Star Coin, is near 3 pipes and 2 piranha plants. The pipe most right is the one to enter. Enter it and see the Star Coin. Hit the first few blocks, some middle blocks AND the last few blocks. Then you may be able to grab it !

(1) Finally after star coin 3, make your way right with some easy obstacles to the end level flag.

Wiggler Stampede

Wiggler's can be bounced on. The huge wiggler gives continued bouncing without pressing any buttons.

Star Coin #1

(*) In sight just bounce on the wiggler to grab it.

Star Coin #2

(**) Bounce off the giant wiggler into the brown blocks. Hit them until you find the (Y) beanstalk. Bounce off wiggler or hover with suit to the bean stalk.

Hit the middle blocks in the secret bean stalk area. This will reveal another or more bean stalks. You should see the star coin at this point.

Star Coin #3

Star Coin # 3 is in sight. Be careful as the wiggler will go fully underwater near this point. Make sure you watch its movements and grab the star coin by bouncing or hover with squirrel suit.

(1) From star coin 3 just keep bouncing on wiggler to the end flag. Nothing too difficult about this level.

Mighty Cannonship

+ Unique Level similar to the ships of super mario bros 3.

Star Coin #1

In sight, go down the ladder and grab it quickly. Next will be the red coin loop. It is an easy one that you made need. After the loop you will see Star Coin #2.

Star Coin #2

Hop ontop of one of the cannon balls to grab it.


Much needed check point flag. Run through it.

Star Coin #3

This one is visible but you must be quick. It is also covered in breakable blocks. Either let a red torpedo smash into it. Or Break the blocks with Super mario.

Bowser Jr

He is back and worse then ever !

He will shoot homing red torpedos. They will home into mario although they are the online means of damaging bowser Jr.

Try and stay in any sort of line with Bowser Jr. Let the torpedo hit him that way. He will then cast regular torpedos from left to right. Hitting him a second time , will make him cast them up to down. The 3rd torpedo strike on bowser jr. will knock him out for the level.

Flight of the Para Beatles

NOTE* If you stand on the small beatles and do NOT move. They will fly up.

If you jump on them continuosly they will go down.

Giant fat para beatles will sink regardless.

Star Coin #1

(*) Right in sight, jump on some para beatles to grab it quickly.

Star Coin #2

(**) For this section and there is NO Checkpoint in this level. I suggest having the squirrel suit. Your either going to need it, Or have a para beatle fly you into the coin. It is in plain view.

Star Coin #3

(***) You may notice this if you complete the level already. There is a red pipe, right before the end of the level. Use a para beatle and align it with the red pipe. Then go inside, further to the right in the final room is the star coin.

Iggy's Castle

Star Coin #1

(*) Easy one to see, a bit more tough to actually get. Wait until the lava resides THEN run in quick to grab it. Then get the heck outta there!

Star Coin #2

(**) You either need the Squirrel suit or jump bounce off the skeleton koopas head into the center green pipe. Checkpoint is right near this section so it makes things easier. Just use a Squirrel mushroom at the world map.

Star Coin #3

(***) Final Star coin is in a green pipe, right near the BOSS door. Wait for the lava to reside then jump in. There will be a bunch of Skeleton giant koopas. Bounce on thier heads into the star. Then bounce back to the platform and exit, via the entrance pipe. Finally go through the boss door.

Boss #5 - Iggy Koopa !

This is one of my favorites so far. The color and lighting effects are really incredible !

The boss battle is also interesting and more challenging then the others. Iggy Spins very wildly after being hit. He also will shoot 3 color beams at Mario. Iggy also summons a wild fire beast to destroy Mario. As a Bonus there are 4 pipes that Iggy can go through. Even with his Shell form, surprising Mario from ALL angles.

To take him out, Wait for him to come down to the floor. Then Jump on his head. Let him Spin, Then once he is done with that. Immediatley let him come out of the pipe and THEN quickly jump on his head. Rinse and repeat this until he is a goner.

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