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Six: Rock Candy Mines

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Fuzzy CliffTop

Fuzzy's Are the New enemy we are introduced to in this level. They are also the main plague of the level.

Fortunately FUZZY'S can be eaten by Yoshi. If you want to beat this level smoothly I suggest using Yoshi wisely. Eat all fuzzies then quickly jump from block to block.

The face blocks grown out from the center. It is wise to aim for the middile block at all times, even when hovering with Yoshi.

Star Coin #1

(*) It is in view, and easy to obtain as long as you have your YOSHI. Just hover up over or after eating the Fuzzy to grab it !

Star Coin #2

(**) Star coin number two is right under the Checkpoint flag. You must use YOSHI'S hover to get to the pipe. Problem may be you do NOT have a Yoshi.

+ Take the red spinning mechanism to the next platform. It has a ? block with a Yoshi, then back track to the pipe.

(**) Inside the pipe will be a bunch of fuzzies in a line. You CAN bounce on them with Yoshi. Bounce on a few then hover back after grabbing the coin.

Star Coin #3

(***) Your going to need Yoshi for the final star coin of the level as well. Notice the area with a ton of piranha plants. The Star is right ahead of them.

+ Eat them all with Yoshi, and take it slow while doing so. Your going to have to platform while eating them all. Finally grab the star coin !

(1) The Home Stretch will be FILLED with Fuzzies. They will be going fuzzy wild ! Best to have Yoshi yet again and start eating them one fuzzy by one.

+ Finally go through the pipe, onto the red swing mechanism, then into the end level flag.

Porncupuffer Falls

Porncupuffer :

This Big spikey blow fish likes to follow Mario through the whole level. Even if you knock him out with a Koopa SHELL, he will keep comming back !

Star Coin #1

(*) Right near the arrow sign pointing down. Jump to the platform on the right. Jump up and reveal an invisible brown block. Then jump over the wall and fall down into the star coin !

Red Coin Loop :

+ Run into the red coin loop, to make the game begin. Collect them or not. The check point is shortly up ahead.

Star Coin #2

(**) If you fall down inbetween the 2 red pipes. You should see some Purple Urchin Shoals, and the Star coin. You need to be small mario to get through without getting hit.

+ Don't worry to much, after getting the star coin, there will be a super mushroom right ahead.

Star Coin #3

(***) Star coin 3, is right above the Random Item block. Hit the block for the prize. Then jump up top of the block. Jump again to reveal an invisible (Y) beanstalk block. Go up the stalk, then through the horde of coins. Back down via the right side you will encounter Star Coin # 3 !

(1) It is all cake from there ! Run through the pipe and the flag to end the level with all three star coins.

Grind Stone Tower

Skeleton Beatle :

These guys stick thier spikes out every now and then. They are like skeleton koopas, as in they come back to life after jumping on them. Frezzing them,then a smash will kill them for good.

Grinding Stones:

These guys are extremely hard to dodge. There are also tons of them at points in this level.

Mini Mario :

The Most important part of this level is getting mini mario. Not only will he help you avoid the grinding stones, but he will also be a neccesity in collecting ALL star coins.

The Mini mushroom is thankfully located in this level. Look for the green pipe that moves in and out. To the left wall of that pipe is a hidden wall, inside it contains the mini mushroom.

Star Coin #1

Head up a bit with mini mario. You should see a red pipe to the right of the screen. Instead run left up the wall into a mini green pipe.

Dodge the grinding stone inside this area. Then run up the wall to the left side to grab the first star coin.

Star Coin # 2

Head right from the pipe we exited for star coin 1. Run all the way up the wall and you should see Star Coin #2. Note you will still need mini mario to run up the wall.

After that be sure to grab the Checkpoint flag right above, ONLY if you have grabbed both star coins.

Red Coin LooP (o)

After the area with a ton of green pipes. Keep going up about 1 more level. There should be a grinding stone mechanism. Under that and to the right is a HIDDEN red coin loop ring.

It is irrelevant practically because we need Mini Mario still at this point.

Griding Stones And Green Pipes:

After the red loop, you will come across a really rough part of the tower. There will be about 3 stones at a time. They will keep falling and if you get hit once your going to need ANOTHER mini mushroom, regardless of Checkpoint.

So word to the wise, be EXTREMELY careful here.

Star Coin #3

Once you near the top of the tower, you will see another mini pipe to your right side of the screen. Go through it. Jump up to the top of the area and notice the star coin. Grab it then head through the pipe on the right.

(1) Secret Exit is right here, just jump across the pipes as mini mario to the flag pole.

You should complete this level normally to open up ALL pathways on the world map.

The regular boss will be Para-BoomBoom. He is easy enough 3 head jumps and he goes down. The only difference is this time he can hover a bit.

Waddlewings Nest

Return of the CHOMP !

Yep chomps return and they are cooler then ever! To take out these bad dogs, your going to want to throw a nasty ground pound smash ontop of the beam that holds their chains. Then they go wild so be careful.

Star Coin #1

Avoid some flying squirrel's and some chomp chomp's. Head into the Red pipe past a string of piranha plants. Ground pound smash the 2nd path. And pick up the star coin.

Star Coin #2

Once you get out, you should see the check point flag above. Below it and to the left is a P block. Hit it to reveal a bunch of blue coins and a brown block bridge. Run or fly across the bridge, then wall kick into the left aclove for star coin # 2.

Star Coin #3

(***) Ending the level is a downward platform. Just follow it down dodging the enemies as you go. Star Coin 3 is in plain view, wall kick and jump to grab it.

Pick up the easy coins along the way, then hang to the right once you see the chomp chomps. With Squirrel suit go through the pipe. With suit fly up to the flag pole top for the 1UP !

Light Blocks,Dark Tower

Star Coin #1

Head left and you will see a ? block. Hit it for an invincible Star.

Head up and you should see Star Coin Number 1, to the right. It will be lit if your still invincible.

Note that you can pick up invincible stars throughout the entire level. Although for Star Coin#2 you will be unable to get the coin while under the star's influence.

Star Coin #2

Head through a yellow pipe on the right. You will see the star above some para koopas. Hop on them into the star.

Star Coin #3

(***) Star coin 3 is right near the fire bro. I suggest having a Suit to take him down, ice works nicely. Note it is all the way at the top of the level and to the right.

(1) After that head through the pipe, with squirrel suit you can reach the top of the flag with ease.

Walking Piranha Platns

***** NOTE ******

Secret Exit in this level that is NEEDED to collect all Star Coins!

**** NOTE END *********

The 3 Star Coins

Star Coin #1

The First star coin is near 3 platforms, 3 piranha plants, and a lone red koopa. Jump on the koopa and take his shell. Throw it to the left and follow it. You want it to not only take the piranha plants out, but also hit the lower wall on the right.

If done correctly you should see something break or chip. Run to the wall and slide down inside is star coin # 1.

Star Coin #2

For Star coin 2, you should have the squirrel suit. It is right past star coin # 1 near a walking piranha plant in the ? block box.

Notice there are tons of gaps in the ceiling in this level. Fly up the one near the Squirrel suit. You should be in an area above the level with a P block. Hit it for blue coins to appear.

You Should also see the Star coin. Hover with the squirrel suit to grab it.

Star Coin #3

Number 3 is in plain view, but you must be squirrel mario to grab it. Hover into it then return back on your path to finish the level.

(1) The Home stretch will have you dealing with a bunch of walking piranha plants. Be careful here, and try to fly over most of them.

Towards the end you can either hover over the koopa or hop on him/her to get to the flagpole.

Thrilling Spine Coaster

+ Great Level +

1. Start off slowly on the coaster, picking up some coins. The 3rd set of coins holds the star coin. You must be fast and jump quickly to grab it.

2. Hit the P button as we scale up the railing. Hit the P button, for a bunch of purple squares to appear. Pick up the coins and then head up the rail on the coaster.

3. You will come across a ? block. HIT IT ! we need the invincible star. Grab the star and try and keep it until the end of the level.

4. The coaster will begin decending down. You should be invincible at this point so the area will be lit up. After a few rows of spikey's jump to grab #2 star coin.

5.Towards the end the coaster gets more wild. Make sure to have picked up BOTH invincible stars. The 2nd only appears if the first is active. If you happen to make it to the end alive, hit the 3rd ? block. Reveal another star. Head through the green pipe quickly.

6. Hit ? block # 4 in this area, Revealing the final star. Run across the little black pac guys and pick up the final star coin of the level.

7. Ride the coasters back for the 1UP ! On the end level flag pole.

Screw Top Tower

Star Coin #1

You will see a yellow pipe as you work your way up the tower a bit. Directly under it are some hidden blocks. Jump from under them to make them appear.

Go through the pipe, I suggest have a suit or more specifically squirrel suit. If no squirrel suit, then be careful. Use the notes only to bounce up to the POW block. Once you hit the POW block the Star coin will drop from the celing down onto the music note blocks.

Star Coin #2

Number 2 is in plain view. Screw the mechainsm with Mario as fast as you can. Make sure you dodge the lava line, by ducking.

Star Coin #3

This one is on the same level as the Mini Boss Door. Make sure to kill the Stomp Stomp. Once he is stomped jump on to the platform and start jumping more. We should find some invisible blocks. keep hitting them until you can reach the star coin !

Mini Boss

This guy can be tough so take a full suit with you if possible.

3 Hits on this guy as well will take him out. Just jump under him while dodging his shock attacks. NOTE you can flip him again while he is down. While he is fliped or down, just jump on him for the win.

Shifting-Floor Cave

Could be a little difficult this area is. Star Coin#1 is in sight, so grab it quickly at the appropriate time.

Making your way to the check point which will help out a ton, continue onward. Past all the red spikey's towards a lone green Koopa.

Use the rising platform and JUMP up top as it raises Mario. This should break some blocks, giving access to the 2nd star coin.

The Third star coin your going to need the red koopa shell from the block bridge. There are TWO red koopas incase you mess this up. Note that there is also an invincible star here. Although I found using it making this task even more difficult.

Nevertheless, at the end shoot the shell into the star coin, then exit the level. (1)

Roy's Castle

This Level consumes THREE sections, to collect all star coins

Part 1 :

1. Head To walking piranha plants level which is number 5 in rock candy mines. From there head towards the end of the level past the check point. Go the opposite side of the Red Para-Koopa.

2. Inside is an invisible wall with a pipe. Go in it, complete some obstacles and reach out for the SECRET end level flag.

3.This will open a block path on the world map, to the BACK entrance of Roy's Conveyor Castle.

Part 2 :

1. Head through the new open area to the back of Roy's castle via world map.

2. Simply head left at the start of the level, be careful of the conveyors. Hit the ? button and run to the left quickly before the conveyor drops a block, which can block access to the star coin # 3 which should be in sight.

3. Now you must defeat Roy for the game to save the star coin progress.

*We will cover Roy a little bit later.*

Part 3 :

1. Run Quickly to the right and see the star coin in sight. Quickly grab it after the first big block drops. Then continue on with the level.

2. Once you reach the part where you must ride the gray bowser blocks. Wait until you reach the 3rd aclove. Wall kick up it to reveal a green pipe.

3. Once inside see the star coin. Run and grab it quickly or a block will fall down on it. Then exit via entrance pipe.

4. Finally finish the level by hitting the P button. Then run towards the boss door. To the right is a fire flower in an invisible brown block.

Roy Battle

Roy is an awesome battle ! He shoots Torpedos that home in on Mario. He jumps and slams the ground. Even better then that, he has the coolest pink shades this side of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Although he looks super bad, he is easy after landing the first hit. 3 Hits take him down. For the first one be patient you have about a 2 second opening every time he lands from a jump. Land it then move on.

Phase 2 he will start rolling in a turtle shell. Now you have another 2 second or so opening when he pops out of his shell. Land the hit there and you won't deal with all the torpedos and other junk.

Rinse and repeat that tactic and you should take him down quick as well as easily.

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