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Two: Layer-Cake Desert

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Stone Eye Zone


- Flying Squirrel Suit

- Fire Suit

Area Enemies:

- Flying Squirrel

- Goomba

- Koopa Green

- Red Para Koopa

(@) Head over to ? block # 1 for either a super mushroom, or a Fire flower.

(I) Jump over some stones, dodge some flying squirrels and, Goombas. Jump to hit the upside down ? switch for some coins.

(1UP) Take the green koopa's Shell and throw it into the red, shell koopas. Jump on the two para koopas and let the shell, finish them off. You should get enough points for the 1UP !

Star Coin #1

(*) Pick up the first star coin over a stone eye. Just jump, to grab it. It is to the right of a question block.

(^ ^) There will be a flying squirrel flying to the left. Your going to need to follow him. Wait until he lands and grab his, Squirrel suit mushroom from him. We will need it for later.

(1UP) Take the red koopa shell and throw it down the slope. There will be a ? block with a 1UP inisde. Must be quick to grab it.


After the 1UP, to the right will be a quick Checkpoint flag. Run through it.

Star Coin #2

(**) There will be a SIGN with an arrow pointing right. Although above the sign is the pipe we need to get into. Do NOT hit the question mark block to the right. It has, a fire flower and we NEED the Squirrel suit. Use the suit's float ability to propel to the palm tree top. Go in the pipe.

Break some blocks and pick up the Star coin. Then hit the POW block. This will net us a ton of coins. Head down the yellow pipe.

Star Coin #3

(***) You will see a Star Coin, inside a Sand fountain. WAIT until it just begins to shoot then jump onto the coin. If timed correctly you will gain the final star coin.

(1) Continue a little ways foward with a few easy jumps. Then hit the flag to complete the level.

Perilous Pokey Cave


- Fire Flower Suit

Really useful suit in this level. Hitting pokey's in the head, results in a one shot kill.

- Yoshi

Yoshi can EAT pokey's whole. Only if the Yoshi eats the pokey's head. If the pokey does NOT have spikeys out and Yoshi eats its head. It will result in the Egg Meter going up. Once the Egg Meter is FULL. Yoshi will lay an egg. The Egg will crack open to be a random helpful suit or item.

Area Enemies

- Pokey

- Red Koopa

- Bats

(@) Head down the pipe, then head right once inside. ? block #1 will hold a fire flower.

Star Coin #1

(*) You should see this coin sticking out like a sore thumb. Jump onto of the Red koopa head to grab it.

Star Coin #2

(**) right after Star Coin #1, there will be a Sand fountain. There should be 2 pokeys on the left and right of the fountain. Stand in the middle of the Fountain and jump for an INVISIBLE, block to appear. Then wall kick and run right collecting all coins and eventually the star coin.


After collecting star coin number 2, it will drop you right near the Checkpoint flag.

() Near the check point flag, will be a ? block with Yoshi inside. Then head down the lower left pipe.

(I) This area is VERY dark, so try and keep things slow. Hug the top of the area if you can and look for an opening. Launch off of the Yoshi and run left for a coin line.

Star Coin #3

(***) If you have been searching the area you may notice a yellow pipe. To the left of the yellow pipe is a green pipe. There is an INVISIBLE block directly underneath the green pipe. Hit it then jump on it and into the green pipe.

Now you will be where the 3rd star coin is located. I hope you have Yoshi or at least the Squirrel suit. Personally I would launch off Yoshi and grab the coin its easier. You may also want to eat all the pokey's first as well.

(1) Once you get the coin exit via yellow pipe. Then just head all the way right to the green pipe. Go inside. Run all the way right to the end level flag.

Fire-Snake Cavern


- Ice Flower suit

Great for this level, due to the large amount of fire enemies such as fire snakes.

- Illuminating Yoshi

Really love this little guy. Pressing the ZR button will cause mario to spin. This will illuminate the whole area. It will also scare certain enemies into hiding. Such as piranha plants. Not to mention it eats just about everything.

Area Enemies

Fire Snakes

Piranha Plants

Fire Bro's

Red Shell Koopa

(-@) Start off by picking up an ice flower in ? block #1.

(I) Coin horde to the left of the bulb platforms. Dodge or take out the fire snakes with ice.

Star Coin #1

(*) Hard to see because of the darkness. It is right above the green pipe. Although you will need to be on the light bulb platform to get to it. The light bulb platform is to the LEFT of the green pipe.

(i) To the Right will be another ? block. This one contains the awesome illuminating Yoshi !

(-@) Next ? Block has another ice flower

(1UP) Next light bulb platform area to the top left will be a one up mushroom in a brown block.

(I) On the same platforms head down and to the right. Go past or kill the Fire Bro enemy. Pick up the little coin stash.


After that area head right past the sign a bit, to reach the Checkpoint flag. Then continue right into the pipe below.

(I) There will be a bunch of piranha plants in pipes. Eat them with baby yoshi or illuminate the area. Pick up all the coins then exit via the pipe on the right.

(i) Illuminate the area once you get out of the pipe. Or hit the ? block to get another illumination yoshi, if your missing one.

(I) Fall down to the left of the light bulb platforms. There will be another coin cache.

Star Coin #2

(**) Problem is we have to drop baby yoshi for a sec. So be quick and ground pound the brick in the middle of the light bulb platform. You should see a pipe below. Go pick up yoshi then go inside it.

Now once inside, illuminate the area for ease. Eat the two fire snakes to make things even easier. Then hit the POW switch. Be FAST or the blocks will return. Pick up the Star coin quick, then exit via the right pipe.

(o) Follow the sign right to a red loop coin ring. Jump through. Pick up each coin and be quick for the 1UP !

Star Coin #3

(***) Head past a ? block into an area with a bunch of Fire bros. They will be on moving light bulb platforms. Take them both out with Mario head jumps. You should see a green pipe. Jump inside of it.

Once inside, just pick up the coins and the easy to get Star coin. Then exit via the pipe we entered in from.

(1) Just continue a bit further to the right. Go through the pipe. Do a triple jump over the platforms to get the 1UP at the End level Flag.

Stone Slide Tower

Star Coin #1

(*) Do a spin move on the first cog, to reveal Star Coin #1. run and jump to grab it. Then go through the green pipe.

Star Coin #2

(**) Star coin number 2 is in sight. Below it, use the cog and spin it. Then quickly run to the left wall. Wall kick to the star coin.

Star Coin #3

(***) Star coin number 3 is up a pipe in a hidden wall. It is towards the end of the level. You will see an Arrow pointing up which is near the hidden wall.

Use the spike enemies to break the gray blocks. Then time your spins and jumps to avoid and pick up the Star coin at the same time.

Stone Slide Tower Mini Boss

Fire Flower style, this gun takes a TOTAL of 12 shots to take out. 4 shots will stun him.

Three jumps on his head will take him out as well for good.

Rather Simple, yet I suggest keeping the fire flower. You will still be able to Jump attack if things get sticky. You also have the fire balls at your disposal as well.

Spikes Sprouting Sands


- Ice Flower Suit

Area Enemies

- Spikes

- Para Koopa

- Red Koopa

These guys can be frozen, like most enemies. Note if they are on a sand fountain, when the sand fountain is done, they will crack and die if frozen.

(-@) Ice flower under the first spikes enemy pick it up.

(1UP) To the right past the sand fountain will be a 1UP !

Star Coin #1

(*) In sight inbetween TWO spikes enemies. Jump on one of the ? blocks to knock them out. Then jump on it and grab the star coin.

(-@) Another ice flower right after that. Above 3 ? blocks.

Star Coin #2

(**) Just to the right of the ice flower. Above a sand fountain. Jump while it is thrusting sand to reveal an INVISIBLE block. The block will also contain a Beanstalk (Y).

Go up the beanstalk. Then do a few nice jumps to nab the Star Coin.


Right after star coin 2, come out of a pipe and get the Checkpoint flag.

Star Coin #3

(***) To the right of 3 Shooting Sand Fountains. When the fountains are NOT shooting, run right under the diagonal sign. Inisde will be a green pipe. Go down it.

Hit the block for a mini mushroom. Grab it and use it. Run up the wall as mini mario. Go up the pipe. Once you get out, run as fast as you can to the right collecting all coins along the way. At the end you will run into the star coin.

(1) Then run across the sprouting sand fountains, to the end level flag.

Dry Desert Mushrooms


- Flying Squirrel Suit

Area Enemies

- Spikes

- Para Koopa

(^ ^) First ? block will reveal a squirrel mushroom. Word of advice is to be patient on this level. Take it slow and steady most the time.

Star Coin #1

(*) Past the ? block in between 2 spikes. Be patient and time your jump, the coin is in plain view.

(^ ^) Next ? block will be on a pink growing mushroom. These mushrooms go from long to short over time. So pay attention to the movements to the Checkpoint.


Star Coin #2

(**) Two Spikes on a pink mushroom. Also be careful of the brown platforms. Time your jump when the pink mushroom is long and grab the Star coin.

(o) Green loop coin ring. This one is a little difficult. Dodge the spikes, spiked balls. And Collect the first 4 on the moving platform. Then the 5th one to the right for the 1UP !

Star Coin #3

(***) Go down the green pipe underneath the pink mushroom. TIME your ground pound when your ready to hit the POW block. Do it when the mushrooms cover the area. Then you must run quickly then jump to pick it up without falling.

(R) There will be a random block, right after you get out of the pipe. Hit it for a suit or invincable star, or 1UP !

(1) To the end level flag, you want to be patient. There will be a ton of spikes dropping spike balls down on Mario. Dodge them and then jump over to the end level flag.

Blooming Lakitus


-Ice Flower Suit

Area Enemies


+ These enemies throw red spikeys at Mario. They float in a cloud. If you jump on the head of the Lakitu you can use the cloud to float around for a while.

- Red Koopa

- Para Koopa

- Red Spikeys

- Giant Piranha Plants

- Piranha Plants

(-@) Pick up ? Block # 1 for an ice flower.

(-@) Pick up the ? block # 2 for another ice flower. Above the Music Note blocks.

(I) If you get in the Lakitu cloud, float a little above the latter area for some coins in a circle.

Star Coin #1

(*) You should see another star coin near a red koopa and some ? blocks. It is easy to obtain with a basic jump. Grab it for #1.


Shortly after will be the check point flag. Run through it.

(o) Head past the ? block which contains another ice flower. Jump through the red coin loop. Hop on a music note to get the first one. Then use basic moves for the rest of them for the 1UP !

Star Coin #2

(**) Near the POW block, should be a Lakitu. Jump on his head then use his cloud. Go past the coins and you will see a pipe. Go inside. Bounce on the music notes collect the easy coins and easy Star Coin !

Star Coin #3

(***) Your going to need a suit here just for defense. You can also use your gut and skills to jump over all the piranha plants and giant ones too. The star coin is in sight, just be careful.

(1) Finally jump or triple jump the palm trees into the end level flag for a 1UP !

Layer-Cake Desert SECRET

Head to level 4 of this world, Spikes Sprouting Sands.

Head all the way past the Checkpoint. Run under the sign again, where the MINI MUSHROOM was located. Pick it up and continue towards the end of the level.

You will see a Sign pointing to the right and a Spikes enemy. The wall on the LEFT has a little hole in it. Go through it with mini mario and inside the pipe. NOTE you can slide through the little hole with big mario as well.

After going through the pipe, head right through the easy area to the SECRET end level flag. This leads to Piranha Plants On Ice.

Piranha Plants On Ice


+ Fire Flower Suit

You should start the level off with one of these. Due to the ice nature of the level and all the piranha plants.

Area Enemies

- Fire ball Piranha Plants

Star Coin #1

Your going to want to move quick through this entire level to get the star coins.

(*) The First star coin is in the pipe inbetween two piranha plants. An ice block WILL drop down on the pipe if your NOT fast enough. Go Down it and grab the star coin. Come out via the right pipe.

Star Coin #2

(**) There will be a pipe invisble at the moment. Although there will be a wall to wall kick up to see it. Location is a tiny bit past the Green Coin Loop. Wall kick the right block to the left block then back to the right ice block. You should see the pipe, jump inside it.

This area should be taken slow. Wait until all the ice blocks drop. You have time here so don't worry to much. Just avoid attacks and pick up the Star Coin make sure to NOT get hit.

Star Coin #3

(***) Number 3 is also about speed. It is directly right to the pipe we exited from for star coin#2. You should see a brown platform with a red koopa on it. We have to get there, then keep up there while jumping from ice block to ice block eventually into star coin# 3

(1) From there head right a few more seconds to the flag triple jump for the 1UP !

Morton Jr Castle

+ First area to the left you will need the Squirrel suit to fly up into. It contains a hordge of coins.

Star Coin #1

You should see this while running through the level. Make sure the platform gives you ample room to build up speed. Then run across the small platforms and you will NOT fall.

Star Coin #2

You should see a red pipe up high, jump on the platform that moves near it. Then jump across and over the wall next to the red pipe. There will be an unseen pipe to the right that you will go through.

Wall kick up the wall and collect the Star Coin.

Star Coin #3

This one is pretty hard, your going to need to be patient time your drop and be fast with your jumps. With some practice and luck you should collect the final star coin of the level.

Morton Koopa Boss #2

Morton Can Shock Mario which will STUN him for a while yet deal NO damage. He will also launch GIANT Pokey body pieces at Mario through his power hammer shots. When Morton gets hit, he reverts into shell form. Be careful of his movements and dodge them.

Finally the hardest part of the battle is landing a JUMP on Mortons head, which is his weak spot. The Reason being is he usually stands near the edge of the platform and you may fall off easily.

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