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Jimmy's Vendetta DLC Guide

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Upon its release Mafia II was widely noted to have already had a DLC pack ready -- this news was in actuality a mistakenly-reported DLC in that the package -- The Betrayal of Jimmy --  was a Play Station 3 Exclusive add-on that was NOT available for either the XBox 360 or PC versions of the game.  Rumor has it that Sony has a one-year lock on that DLC package, after which it will be made available to the other platforms.

The first DLC that is available across all platforms is the pack "Jimmy's Vendetta" that hit Live and the PSN Store on 7 September.   PS3 players have a leg-up on the rest of us in that they already know who Jimmy is, whereas XBox and PC players will be meeting him for the first time in this DLC, which features game play from his point-of-view rather than from Vito's.

The DLC is termed as an "Arcade-Style" addition to the game, and features an additional ten Trophies / Achievements for the game.  When they say arcade-style they really mean that, with the content of the pack being very different from the main game, starting with the ability to save the game pretty much whenever you want!

We've covered every mission for this DLC on one single page... Everything is below, feel free to use the comments box at the bottom of this page if you are having problems or submit a question.

01: Too Good to be True

A riot has broken out in the prison, just like you planned.  It's now or never!  Run like hell and you'll be out of there!  Get moving!

Objective:  Beat the guards and escape from prison.

You have been let out of your cell by a bribed guard, and now you need to escape from the prison under cover of the confusion of the riot.  You also have to beat up any guards you encounter - and look here is one now!  Beating them up will score you points -- this is an arcade style add-on so points are actually important!

The door at the end of the hall is locked -- and there is an armed guard there shooting at you!  Take the door on the left side of the hall and inside, beat down the guard to learn about multipliers.  Go through the next door for another fight, and then you learn about the mission timer and what happens if you let the time run out!

Head into the laundry area from here to trigger a CS in which you escape into the sewers, and obtain some clothing.  You have completed your first mission and unlocked the Achievement "First Step" for completing your first mission!  Good on ya, mate!

Outside there is a mission marker in plain sight for the next Tutorial Mission -- head over there and hit X to activate it, to learn who it is you are seeking revenge upon: Sal Gravina and Tom Brodie, the two Godfathers of OC in the city.

Jimmy's Vendetta DLC

02: Lost in Transit

The head of the Mob is Big Sal Gravina - an old friend who sold you out then tried to have you killed in jail.  He's first on the hit-list.  Big Sal's gang smuggles hundreds of stolen vehicles into the US every month, and sells them at a premium.  Let Sal know you are back in town by trashing a shipment of cars down at the docks.

Objective:  Reach the docks and destroy all marked cars.

Boost a car and follow the line to the destination, where you will use your shotgun to take out the marked cars and any defenders.  Once you have accomplished this jump back in your ride and head to the next marker where you activate the end of the mission at the house-shaped icon.  You learn how well you did in the mission, and it ends!

You now learn that there are three apartments for you to use, and each has a garage from which your cars can be accessed regardless of which you parked them at.  Look at the map to see the location of your next mission.

03: Shubert Pickup Theft

When you examine the mission first you are given a tutorial message: If you need money, accept a car dealer job.  Car Dealers sometimes deal in stolen cars, so a talented thief can earn a lot of cash this way.

One of our customers has asked for a Shubert Pickup.  A little truck like that is perfect for him to quickly move contraband up the coast to Empire Bay.

Objective:  Steal the Shubert Pickup and deliver it to the garage.

Steal the truck and drive it to the garage, where you park it to complete the mission, earning $2000 bucks!  Check the map and head to our next mission now!

04: Smith Coupe Theft

My nephew's getting married and I want to give him a gift -- a Smith Coupe.  I know of one that's had some work done on it already -- it'll be perfect for him and his new family.

Objective:  Steal the Smith Coupe and deliver it to the garage.

Go to the marker and jack that ride, then get it back to the garage as quickly as you can!

Check the map and head for our next mission on the north side of town!

05: Calling Card

You just heard that the Irishman is still alive.  Tom Brodie, the dirty Irish *******, you worked with him for years, but that didn't stop him from framing you to cover his tracks.  That crazy ****** has a death wish, I guess it's up to you to make that wish come true.  Word is that he is running a gas racket.  Blow up a couple of his gas stations.  That'll let Tom know you are looking for him.

Objective:  Destroy two gas stations that are run by the Irish gang.

The stations are marked on the map -- head for the closest one and when you arrive it seems that the gang was waiting for you!  Shoot the guards and then shotgun the pumps before heading off to the second marker.

Take out the defenders, blow the pumps, and then head to the marker to end the mission.

Check the map for our next mission.

06: Trash Trailer

You tracked down Pepe Gambino.  Pepe is a two-bit waste of skin who gets off on beating hookers, but he hangs around Sal Gravina like a bad smell.  Maybe he can lead you closer to his boss.  Follow him around, maybe Pepe has a use after all...

Objective: Follow the target.  Don't let him notice you.

Once you accept the mission the timer starts ticking -- head to the marker and see the target pull away in his car.  This is old hat -- stay close but not too close, and follow him to his destination.

Eventually he stops and gets out, and meets with his contact.  Kill them both!  With them dead, head to the nearby marker and end the mission!

Now check the map for our next mission!

07: Hank Fuel Truck Theft

One of my best customers runs a garage.  Sells car parts, hooks me up with some good business.  He also sells gas.  Generally of the stolen variety.  Find and steal a Hank Fuel Truck for him before his pumps run dry.

Objective:  Steal the Hank Fuel Truck and deliver it to the garage.

Stealing the truck is not a problem -- getting it to the garage without it exploding?  Yeah...

Just drive carefully -- use the speed limited if you need to -- and deliver it in one piece :)

Now check the map for our next mission.  Note that finished missions appear on the map as white stars.  If you have been using the same car to go from mission to mission be sure that you fill the gas tank -- it would suck to run out of gas :)

Note:  You can go to any of your apartments and save the game in your bedroom -- and as you have made good progress you may want to do that now, on the way to the next mission!

08: Taking the Mick

Looks like Tom's up to his old tricks, bullying shopkeepers for small change.  His goons are pounding the streets, dishing out threats, thrashings, or worse.  Somebody needs to rein them in.  Beat the Irish thugs and make an example out of them for the others to see.  Don't kill them either; you want these fuckwits to show their scars around the neighborhood.

Objective:  Beat up all the Irish racketeers.  Don't shoot them.

This is not as easy as it sounds -- you are not supposed to shoot them, but they will shoot you!  Actually it turns out that once they start shooting at you, you can shoot back!  Excellent!

So beat one or two up then shoot the rest!  When you are done head to the marker to end the mission and then check the map for our next mission.

09: Paddy Wagon

Tom Brodie's boys just hijacked a truckload of cigarettes.  The trick is just sitting in a yard over by the Dipton Bridge while the Micks figure out what to do with it.  You know a guy in Hunters who buys cigarettes in bulk...  So help yourself.

Objective:  Steal the cigarette truck.

Kill the crew guarding the truck and then take the truck to the marker, where you are jumped by another group of Micks!  Kill them and then use the nearby marker to end the mission!

Check the map for our next mission.

10: Shubert Beverly Theft

Hey Jimmy -- thanks a lot for helping me out.  I feel like I kind of owe you something.  Tell you what -- one of my guys left a Shubert Beverly out in the city this morning.  If you pick it up, it's yours.  Just watch out for the cops, I think they might be looking for it too.

Objective:  Steal the Shubert Beverly and deliver it to the garage.

This is what you would call a hot timer in that it is very short, and you have to drive across town, so your best bet it ti quickly change the plate so that you do not have to contend with the cops!  Once you do that, just drive it to the garage and drop it off for an easy $1100 bucks!

Check the map for the next mission.

11:  The Good Word

Selling black market cigarettes and weapons brings in big money for Sal Garvina.  He doesn't care what his street dealers sell or who they sell it to, even to kids.  Find the dealers and beat some social responsibility into them.  No guns though -- practice what you preach!

Objective:  Beat up the street vendors.  Don't shoot them!

Mind the timer, track down the dealers, and kick their butts!  It does not get any simpler than this.

Check the map to find the next mission.

12: Shubert Hearse Theft

Some wacko just called me looking for a Shubert Hearse.  Said he didn't care whether it was used.   Probably best not to ask any questions.  You can usually find Hearses near the church.

Objective:  Steal the Shubert Hearse and deliver it to the garage.

This is a relatively short timer for the distance that you need to drive so do not dawdle -- grab the Hears and then drive it to the garage on the other side of town.

After you deliver it, check the map for our next mission!

13: Tanker Trouble

Sal Gravina runs smuggled gas across the country in tankers.  Each tanker is worth thousands of dollars to him.  It would be a great shame if his trucks got destroyed somehow.  Gas is so flammable after all...  Destroy the tankers.

Objective: Destroy all of the gas tankers.  Don't let them escape.

The first tanker is moving -- get ahead of it, stop, and shoot the tank on back to explode it.  The others are all parked at stations, so you just need to blow them and fight off their guards!

Once you have taken all five out, head to the marker and end the mission, then load the map and look for our next mission!

14: I Got the Stones

You got the low-down on Frankie Stones.  He's a high-up mobster from out of town who is here to discuss the end of a long-running turf war.  That asswipe Gravina's going to have a lot of explaining to do to the Commission when Stones shows up dead...

Objective:  Kill Frankie Stones.

This is probably the toughest mission so far in that there are a lot of guards and they are well-armed.  Cover is your friend here, but you do not have many friends!  If you are going to get the 10x bonus Achievement this is probably the mission that it will happen on -- there are just so many targets!

After you finish off the last mobster head to the icon to end the mission then load the map and check out our next mission!

15: GAI 353 Military Truck Theft

Here is a great opportunity to earn some dough.  Steal a GAI 353 Military Truck and bring it to the garage.  Robbing the Army is a risky business mind you.  Keep an eye out for soldiers guarding the truck.

Objective: Find and steal the GAI 353 Military Truck and deliver it to the garage.

Basically when you get there you need to kill the guards and steal the truck.  This thing has to be the slowest vehicle in the game -- which means you will not be outrunning the cops in it.  I actually arrived at the garage with a half-dozen cops chasing me and a 4 star Wanted Level and was still able to turn it in and end the mission.

Check the map for our next mission!

16: Sound and Furry

The Irishman's crew stole 30 grand worth of fur coats from a warehouse at the port.  That's a pretty good haul, but you can't let Tom have all that cash, now can you?  Destroy the crates containing the coats so that they can't be sold.

Objective: Destroy the stolen goods.

This is a simple one -- destroy the crates in three location but first take out the goons guarding them.  Once you have completed it, head to the icon to end the mission!

17: Berkeley Kingfisher Theft

I got a tip for you, Jimmy.  Get some decent wheels!  Every car you drive is a piece of crap.  People judge you on the car you drive, you know.  Like the shoes you wear.  You probably need some new shows too, come to think of it.  But I'm a car dealer not a.. uh... shoe... guy.  Listen, I know where to find a nice Berkeley Kingfisher, go procure it and it's all yours.

Objective: Steal the Berkeley Kingfisher and deliver it to the garage.

Once you grab the car you are told to take it to the garage at your Oyster Bay flat -- this is the 3rd one that until now the location of which was not included on the map!  Take the car there, and then you may as well go in and save!

Now check the map for our next mission!

18: Pass the Potcheen

Irish gangsters have always congregated in a shithole pub called The Hill of Tara.  Seems like a perfect opportunity to leave a message for Tom...  Why don't you stop by and pay his boys a visit?  Destroy the bar and kill all the Micks.

Objective:  Destroy the Hill of Tara bar.

Basically you need to go in and shoot the place up -- kill all the Irish mob, and just shoot random anything inside until the mission tells you it is done.  Then you need to evac to the safe zone and end the mission.  Easy peasey lemon squeezy!

Now check the map for our next mission!

19: The Red Hand Gang

You got word that the Irishman have been planning a heist of a warehouse.  Disrupt the plan by destroying their getaway trucks and leaving the Micks red-handed at the scene.  Don't allow them to finish the job and line Brodie's pockets.

Objective:  Destroy all the marked trucks.

There are guards pretty much everywhere around the trucks, so go in shooting.  Better yet throw a few grenades in first, and THEN go in shooting!  Target the gas tanks on the driver side of each truck to destroy them.  When you are done head to the icon at the train station to end the mission!

20: Jefferson Provincial Theft

Business is bad, I need to concentrate on upmarket cars.  I'm sick of people writing me off as a two-bit joke.  Get me a Jefferson Provincial please.

Objective:  Steal the Jefferson Provincial and deliver it to the garage.

There are two guards at the lot -- take them out however you like and then steal the car.  Drive it across town to the garage and turn it in to end the mission!

21: In Defense of the Prosecution

The papers are saying that Big Sal's brother Tiny got charged with drug trafficking.   Seeing that little **** go down would be hilarious, but you know how the Gravinas operate.  The only witness has no protection.  Save him from Mob killers to ensure he testifies.

Objective:  Protect the witness from Mob killers.

Basically drive like hell to rescue the witness from the first two hit men, then stand your guard and take out the wave after wave of other hit men until you are prompted to head to the safe zone.  Remember, there is a timer running!

22: Potomac Indian Theft.

You hear that Potomac went out of business?  Bad news for them, good news for car traders.  They only just launched the Indian -- that car's gonna be a classic, trust me.  If you could lay your hands on one, I'd make it worth your while.

Objective:  Steal the Potomac Indian and deliver it to the garage.

No guards, no gangsters, no guns -- this is strictly a race against the clock -- so grab that car and drive man!  Drive!

If you have been using the same car to do all of the missions, chances are you need to hit a gas station and fill the tank!

23: Cut the Blarney

Brodie just bought new cars for his top boys.  He's feeling the heat, trying to buy his gang's loyalty before you turn up for a showdown.  He didn't show you any loyalty when he framed you.  Trash the cars and show Brodie's crew that sticking with him is a loser's game.

Objective: Destroy all of the marked cars.

This was the toughest mission so far, but only because there are so many gangsters and they come at you from multiple directions combined with interference from the police, who also come at you from multiple directions.  The police actually make this a rather frustrating mission, really -- your best tactic is to get it done quickly then run for the marker to end the mission!

Do not forget to restock ammunition after this mission!

24: Walker Rocket Theft

Can you believe the Walker Rocket?  I wouldn't be seen dead in one of those things.  Looks like it flew right out of a stupid space movie.  Love it or hate it, I have an order here that specifies a Walker Rocket and its good money.  No accounting for taste I suppose.

Objective:  Steal the Walker Rocket and deliver it to the garage.

This is another one that is straight timer based -- no guns or gangsters involved.  I don';t know about you but I am ready to be done with the whole car stealing thing...

After you reach the garage consider saving the game as it has been a while.  If you did not restock on bullets after the last mission, you should do that now.  Really.

25: The Lobotomy

It's your lucky day!  A good friend told you where to find Gravina's consigliere, an old fart called Ettore.  Ettore is the real brains of the Gravina outfit.  The problem is that those brains are in his head.  They'd look better on a wall.  Take care of him.

Objective: Kill the consigliere.

The first thing that you need to understand is that you are not going crazy.  This mission is griefed.  Do yon know what Grief Code is?  That is where a programmer will alter the parameters of a game to make it harder for you to complete the task that is assigned to you.  They do this to make the game "more fun" but mostly because they do not know the different between the words "tedious" and "challenging" and so almost always err on the bad side. 

Put simply you have to kill the passenger of the car that you are chasing.  Unfortunately the world has turned against you, and luck is now bad.  You have to get in front and somehow manage to get out of your car and pull your gun and shoot the limo when the game is doing everything that it can to keep you from getting out of the car and pulling your gun while the limo is within range.  Yeah, it sucks, but man up!  Embrace the suck!

You will notice that the driver of the limo ignores stop signs and NEVER hits a red light, but if you follow him long enough, in the middle of a block he will turn around -- what the sub folks call doing a Crazy Ivan.  When that happens, immediately jump out, draw your SMG and let loose a clip into the car.  If you are lucky it will stop and the goons will get out and try to fight you!  Kill them then blow up the car to be prompted to go to the safe zone -- and then do that!

26: Police Bus Theft

I got something a little spicier than usual, Jimmy.  Somebody I know needs a police bus.  Don't say nothing to no one about this.  He's going to drive it right into the pen to spring a buddy of his, and it's all really hush-hush.  Dangerous job but it pays well.

Objective:  Find and steal the Police Bus and deliver it to the garage.

This had massive potential --  it could have required us to do a stealth entry into the Police parking area, or maybe hijack a moving bus... But no, it is just parked unguarded near the port.  The biggest challenge here is actually driving the bus.  Sigh.  Steal it and deliver it to the garage.

27: Capo Capping

You're getting so close to Big Sal that you can smell is pomade.  But first thing's first.  Each of the three capos in Sal's gang tried to have you killed in prison.  It's time to pay them back, with interest.

Objective:  Kill three caporegimes.

The timer is running and all three are in different locations in the city.  Look at the map to decide which makes the most sense to do first.  No matter which you pick they are all well protected and the cops make your life very difficult too.  You will burn through a LOT of ammo, so take your time and aim rather than spray and pray.

Once you kill the first one, rinse and repeat on the other two.  This is by far the hardest mission so far!

This is not a war -- you need to concentrate on killing the capo and them bailing for the next target!  If you stay to take on the guards you will end up in a fight with the police, and that will suck away your time on the timer.  If you get a Wanted Level -- and you will -- hit a Clothing Store and change between the capo's.  If your car gets a Wanted Level either pay the ticket or change rides, but do NOT drag the cops to your next hit!

Once you snipe the one at the Church (should be the last one) RUN.  Do not wait around, there are dozens of goons there!  Head hack to the park and end the mission.

28: Revolution

Brodie is losing his grip on his protection racket.  One shopkeeper is refusing to pay the fees.  Protect this shopkeeper and his shop, and surely more of Tom's victims will stop paying too.  When Tom's income starts drying up, his gang will evaporate.

Objective: Meet the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper is cowering next to a dumpster in an alley by the harbor waiting for you.  When you arrive several waves of thugs will arrive to kill him -- you kill them until you are promoted to head for the safe zone, after which you do so and end the mission!

Since you are on the right side of town anyway, after this mission be sure you restock your ammunition!

29: Ascot Bailey Theft

I don't know what I'd do without you, Jimmy.  You really are one in a million.  I got some information today on where to find an Ascot Bailey.  That's a really classy car.  Go take it my friend and keep it for yourself, you earned it.

Objective: Steal the Ascot Bailey and deliver it to the garage.

This is another straight steal and turn in mission - -but it is also the FINAL car theft mission!  Yay!  When you drop it off at your garage and then exit the mission results screen you unlock the Achievement "Carnapper" that is worth a whopping 50 GP!  (or a Bronze Trophy).  I think that the XBox/PC players got the better end of that reward, but hey, that's me.

You may as well hit your apartment here and save, just to get that out of the way, right?

30: Account Closed

Sweet Frederico is Big Sal's accountant and the only man who understands the Mob finances.  He runs a healthy sideline blackmailing fellow gangsters when their books don't balance.  Take him out before finishing Gravina, just to make sure that none of those dumbfuck guidos can pick up the pieces.

Objective: Kill Sweet Frederico.

The accountant is in an ally and is fairly well protected -- you will need to take out his guards and then quickly run around the corner and shoot him before he gets into his car and drives away.  This is not all that challenging and should go quickly.

When you are finished you may want to restock your ammunition and then save before the next mission!

31: To Trap a Trapper

Brodie's gang is falling apart.  There are three hardcore members that will never quit, though -- Brodie's cousins Sean, James, and Bill.  They invited you to a meeting at the scrapyard.  You know that it's a trap.  What the Brodies don't know, however, is that you are the trapper.

Objective: Visit the junkyard and kill Brodie's cousins.

This one sounds harder than it is, but with all the cover in the junkyard you should have no trouble taking out the cousins -- use the rifles and shoot from a distance.  Once they are dead you can pick off their goons if you like to boost your enemy count or head for the icon to end the mission.

When you are done be sure that you restock your ammo and save your game, as you are getting to the point now where dying between missions would suck.

32: The Don

You got Big Sal just where you want him.  Of course he's called his ***-kissers in for one last smooch.  No matter, you'd have to deal with them eventually.  Kill them all and finish the Gravina family for good.

Objective: Kill Big Sal.

This is the last mission in the Italian line -- and it requires you to fight your way through the port area past a lot of fuel trucks that will blow up at the worse moment unless you make sure you detonate them before you approach.  There is a large force of loyal goons defending the boss -- and he is actually at the lighthouse at the end of the port area, so after you kill all of his goons you have to take him out -- but he has much higher HP than the others so he takes some killing.

Once you have killed him, head to the icon to end the mission, and then restock your ammunition then save prior to starting the next mission!

33: Tam in a Jam

The time has come to pay Tom a visit.  You have terrorized him, wiped out his gang, destroyed his livelihood.  Now all that remains is to kill the stupid ****.  He should have known better than to cross you...

Objective: Kill Tom Brodie.

They are dug in pretty good in the factory area, so be patient and use cover!  Stick to the right side going in, and then move from cover to cover once you eliminate the main body of the defense force.  Once you have them down to the last few move in slow -- there is plenty of time on the timer.

After you kill Tom you learn that both of the "bosses" were not the true power behind OC in the city -- a man named Judge Hillwood holds the actual power -- and you need to terminate him!

First though restock your ammo and save!

34: The Big Boss

You have reached the end of the blood trail.  Now to take on the dirtiest ******* of them all: Judge Hillwood, the biggest crook in Empire Bay.  He controls the police, the courts...  even the gangs.  You'll never forget the moment he sent you to jail.  Do him justice and send him to hell!

Objective:  Kill Judge Hillwood and his three associates.

Drive up the private road to the Judge's estate, where you will find a formidable force of private security goons defending the place!  Ramming your way inside the gate is not the way to go -- they will quickly kill you if you do that.  The best method is to keep some distance and pick them off sniper-style, though there is not much in the way of cover for you to use!

Work your way around and flank the outside guards and once you have them thinned out to four or five head inside the house and take out the rest inside, then the Judge for a very hot and consuming ending!

Once you set fire to the house that ends the DLC -- Congratulations mate!  You have done it!  The Achievement / Trophy "Revenged" now unlocks for a massive 100 GP (Silver Trophy if you are on PS3) and that is that!

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Jul 29th 2012 Guest
beat "The Lobotomy" first try, just follow closely behind them until they turned around at your original save point, there should be a traffic jam, and his bodyguards will jump, ignore them and he will try to run away, kill him and book it to the save point!
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