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8: The Wild Ones

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Chapter 8: The Wild Ones - The Trouble with Greasers

This is the Chapter that was featured as the preview play at PAX East, though honestly I do not think it represents the spirit of this game as well as some of the other Chapters. 

Still  it was an eye-popping display of the immersion quality in this game, and it set the tone for half a year of anticipation that got us through the Summer.

As the Chapter begins you are rudely awoken by Joe's little buddy, and discover that Joe is in the street below with a truckload of stolen cigarettes, and he wants you to come help him sell them! 

Get dressed, head down, and then drive the truck to the location on the map -- you know, driving in the Summer is a LOT different than it was in the Winter, I am just saying.  There is a special condition to this mission -- do not damage the cargo!

When you reach the destination your clients are already waiting for you, so you  help Joe fill the orders for a bit, and then after a few hours of selling smokes the cops show up -- but not to bust you! 

After the officer gets his smokes it is time for you to head to the next destination -- Millville.  As you drive there  you and Joe chat, and when you arrive, it is more of the same as before...  Until some punks in hot rods show up to run you off of their turf that is!

Before you can say Ducktail, the battle begins, with the punks trying to shake you down and you trying to explain to them that well, that is not how this works.  They torch the truck and Joe shoots the leader, but the others take off in their hot rods and easily lose you.  Joe tells you to find a phone, so get off the highway and do that.

You report what happened to Eddie and he rips you a new ******* -- he does not really care what happened or whose fault it was, he just wants his money! 

He tells you to meet up and you get a new destination in your map.  Head there now -- the destination turns out to be an old run-down diner.  This was the scenario that was featured at PAX, so from here on you are now playing the section of the game that the media got early access to.  Isn't that special? 

Use your Tommy Gun to shoot up the diner, and then torch the place.  Evidently this is where the greasers call home, so we are sending a message of sorts...

Jump in your car and head over to the Foundry for a nice shoot-out. 

Work your way along the road taking out the greasers until you reach the yellow hot rod, where you will get a brief CS change.  Now as you round the first corner you will see a shed ahead and on the left -- go inside and grab the Playboy Magazine (Issue 1 of 3 for the chapter and Playboy 22 of 50 overall)

As you progress in the fight be sure to pick up ammo from fallen enemies, and look out for weapons you do not have yet -- one of the greasers drops a MP-40 Grease Gun (SMG) so make sure that you pick that up! 

Fight your way along and you will turn another corner -- ahead of you is a narrow tunnel that you have to walk through -- and before that tunnel on the ground to the left near some barrels is the next Playboy Magazine (Issue 2 of 3 for the chapter and Playboy 23 of 50 overall) so pick that up! 

Continue through the narrow tunnel and you will see the other guys standing around -- you get a CS in which Steve tells you the way that things are and then leaves. 

Before you head over to the hot rod to leave, go to the left past the stairs to the shed near the fire and pick up the Playboy Magazine (Issue 3 of 3 and Playboy 24 of 50) -- it is on the ground near the mattress in the shack. 

All that is left is for you to grab that hot rod and head towards the marker on the map!

-- Short Side-Quest --

Up until now we have not had access to a car that was really fast in the game, but now we do! 

Before you head to the marker on the map, open your map and find the nearest Body Shop and head to it, then drive inside and have the mechanic there apply the Basic Tuning Option, and then the Sports Tuning Package -- this will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Dream Handling" for upgrading a car to the maximum performance settings.

Now look on your map again and you will see that you are close to the entrance to the freeway at this end of it -- the red line already leads there, so just follow it. 

Once you are on the freeway, floor it!  You want to run the speed up to and past 125 mph, which you can easily do in this car now that it is properly tuned! 

Note: if the red line path changes, look on the map and place a marker on the entrance to the freeway just above the yellow bridge that crosses the river. 

You will quickly unlock the Trophy / Achievement "Pedal to the Metal" when the speed hits 125, at which point you can go ahead and follow the red line to the destination on the map!

-- Back on the Story --

Follow the red line to your destination -- the docks -- and drive the hot rod onto the crane lift then get out and head towards the marker to trigger the crane to lift, and for you to get paid!  Sweet! 

Now  the destination changes to Eddie, who you need to go an pay $2K to.  So let's do that now, shall we?

There is a Potomac Indian over by the corner of the building you can steal to make getting to Eddie easier. 

When you arrive at the bar you unlock the Trophy / Achievement "The Wild Ones" for completing Chapter 8!  Eddie is happy, Joe is happy, why is that we are the only ones that are not happy?  Could it be the $2K we just paid?

-- Some Achievement / Trophy Closure --

This is one of the best Chapters to unlock many of the optional Achievements, since you pretty much have completed the Chapter with the meeting at the bar, which is also a save point. 

What that means is that if you get killed, you have not lost any of your progress -- you will simply restart after the meeting!  That being the case, this is the best place in the game to temporarily pause from your work on the story and get some closure on the outstanding optional Achievements!

- Exporter Achievement -

Let's just grab four more cars to load on the boat, shall we? 

It pays way better than the Junk Yard Crusher, that is for sure!   The dock stolen car export operation only deals in high-end cars though, so if you have a low-end model your only option is the Junk Yard. 

If you steal any of the following list of cars, you can sell them at the docks:

  • Ascot Bailey S200

  • Berkely Kingfisher

  • ISW 508

  • Jefferson Provincial

  • Lassiter Series 69

  • Lassiter Series 75

  • Shubert Frigate

  • Smith Thunderbolt

Simply deliver 5 cars from the list to the lift at the docks to unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Exporter."  

You will find that the Lassiter cars are the most easy to spot and find on the streets of downtown, and to get the sporty cars you will need to head into the suburbs and the wealthier estate section of town. 

You get between $2k and $3k for these cars, so just the four you need to unlock the Trophy will set you up nicely for money!

- Petrol Head Achievement -

By this time you should be close to having driven 30 different cars -- check the game stat's page from the pause menu to see how many you have driven.  If the number is above 25 then this is a good time for you to finish that off and get your 30th ride! 

While the game does keep track of which cars you have driven and which you have not, there is no mechanism for you to be able to look that information up.  Still, if you already have 25 cars on the stat, you should have a pretty good idea at this point of what you have not driven, right?  So start looking for the last few vehicles then!

Helpful Hints:

Variations Count! You may have already driven the Hank 8 Standard Heavy Truck, but now you are in the 1950's and the Hank 8 Tanker Truck can be easily found.  That counts as a different vehicle (it is a variation) so find one of those to drive for a few seconds to add that to your list!

The same holds true with other variations -- a Smith Custom 200 Police Special, Walter Quicksilver Taxi, and the like should be on your list of cars yet to drive, so go find them!  Look for variations of the trucks, you get the idea. 

Neighborhoods have specific cars in them!  If you are looking for sports cars, the best place to look is in the affluent suburbs.  Looking for industrial vehicles means looking in an industrial area, and finding light duty and commercial vehicles (pickups, panel vans, taxies, etc.) works best in the business district around downtown.

If you see a car being driven that you know you do not have, follow it until the driver stops at a light and then jack the car! Once you have driven the 30th unique car you will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Petrol Head".

- Hard to Kill Achievement -

If you turn right on the main road after exiting the port you will see an Armored Car (Truck) parked on the side of the road a few blocks ahead. 

Grab that and drive until you spot a police car, and hit the police car to engage them.  That should get you two stars. 

Do an OJ Simpson runner (drive slow) until at least one more but preferably two more police cars join in the pursuit, then stop and quickly get out, shoot a cop, and get back in to up your Wanted Level to 4-stars. 

Now continue your OJ Simpson runner, being sure that the the 4-Star Wanted Level icon remains on the screen (this means not getting far enough away from the cops that the blue border on your radar menu goes away). 

After 10 minutes of game-time (around 3 minutes of real time I think) you will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Hard to Kill" for surviving for 10 minutes with a 4-Star Wanted Level!

- Stuck Up Achievement -

You unlock this by robbing 5 businesses within 5 minutes total time. 

This is not as difficult as it may seem, mostly because the businesses you can rob appear on the map, so all you need to do is look for an area on the map with a cluster of businesses. 

You should avoid robbing Gun Shops simply because you are more likely to get shot doing that. 

Do not use your guns to rob places -- if you do anyone with a gun in the vicinity will shoot you.  Instead melee the counter person (B-Button) then empty the cash register and head to the next place. 

This is no guarantee that you will not get shot but it significantly reduces the chance. Once you rob the 5th place the Achievement / Trophy "Stuck Up" will unlock.

- Sharp Suiter Achievement -

Now that you have completed Chapter 8 there is a special clothing store you can access to purchase tailored suits. 

To find it open the map and look in Midtown for the large square park (Central Park) and then place a marker on the block directly southeast of the park (the next street down from the one bordering the park).  Go there and you will see a new shop appear on your map.  

This is a high-end fashion shop, and while it also has some of the items that you can purchase in the other Clothing Stores, it also has  the Tailored Suit for $115, or the Tailored Suit with Overcoat for $145.  They both come in three different colors for variety.

As soon as you buy one of these you unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Sharp Suiter."

If you have been following this walkthrough that was the last strictly optional Achievement / Trophy save for the two associated with the collections -- everything else is either story-related or is Chapter-specific, so good on ya mate!  You are well on your way to racking up a clean 1000/1000 for this game!

Now head back to your flat and go to bed to officially end this Chapter!

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