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Joe's Adventure DLC Guide

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Mafia II Joe's Adventure DLC

Thanks to the selection of Mafia II as the Game with Gold free game for Xbox 360 LIVE Gold Members for the month of May, 2015, our guide is once again an indispensable gaming aid :)

After you complete the base game we suggest that you first buy the DLC Jimmy's Revenge and complete that before you buy Joe's Adventure and play it...

In addition to filling in the blanks on some questions that were raised in both the base game and Jimmy's Revenge, Joe's Adventure also continues some of the well-established content from the base game, including additional copies of Playboy and their racy centerfolds :)

Joe's Adventure Walkthrough

This expansion includes a number of mission sets that are connected to specific mobsters / people who are part of the main story and its off-shoots.

(1) Luca Gurino Missions

This DLC adventure kicks off with Joe being awoken by noise in the street below his flat only to look out the window to discover that his best mate Vita is being arrested by the cops!

Joe rings up Luca Gurino, an under-boss of the crew that he works with, and Luca tells him that, sad for Vito, there was a witness who ratted Vito out for selling stolen gas ration stamps - a crime that can actually get you killed in some places!

Luca reveals that the organization was aware that something was going to go down, they just did not know it would happen this fast. It seems there is a rat in the woodworks and they mean for Joe to deal with him - but not in the manner that Joe would like.

(1a) Witness - Frozen Memories

"What a perfect fuckin' day. Vito's just got picked up by the cops, some rat ******* just made a deal to send me, Henry and Luca with him, and I'm freezing' my balls off. I've gotta find this sonnavabitch and deal with him so we can all go home." Joe complains, and you are now knee-deep in Joe's Adventure! Lucky you!

Luca explains to Joe that the only options he has is to convince the witness - a gas station attendant who basically ratted Vito out to save himself - not to testify in court.

When Joe goes in search of the witness he learns that the bloke is skipping town on the 5 O'clock train at Union Station.

Joe tracks the rat down and persuades him to leave - not testify - and never show his face in Empire Bay again! In the process though, Joe discovers that Vito - and he - have an even bigger problem.

A gangster named Richie Mazzeo plans on testifying against the entire Clemente organization to save himself from getting hard time on a beef of his own!

Joe really needs to find Mazzeo and shut him up permanently!

Now that Joe knows the full story and the CS plays out showing YOU the full story - it is time to get busy! There are a couple of things you need to know - first, this mission is a flashback mission and it actually takes place not in 1962 but in 1945!

The war is not only still raging in Europe but the penalties for violating the ration laws are very very severe. So it is not just Vito that is at risk here but the entire organization and the people connected with it.

After the CS finishes and you gain control of Joe again, use the wardrobe and get dressed, then head out.

Helpful Note: Because this mission takes place in 1945 there will be all of the 1920s thru 1940 car models on the street. So if there are any models you really like, NOW is when you should steal them and store them in your garage. That way you will own them when the time skips forward to the present day, right?

(1b) Dealing with Richie 'The Rat' Mazzeo

After you get (steal) any cars you want and store them in your garage, jump in your ride of choice and head to the Gas Station - follow the path to the marker on your radar map - where another CS will play out and you will interact with the attendant who knocks you down and runs.

You chase after him, a tanker cuts him off and you catch him - and learn that Stan is the problem - and Stan is at the train station!

Heading to the train station you begin chasing Stan - and you are meant to chase him for quite a while until he gets hit by a car and starts limping, then you do finally catch him.

As you are convincing him to skip town - and court - he reveals that the family has even bigger problems - a bigger rat!

Once he can gain access to a phone - yeah that is an annoying thing - Joe rings the boss and reports this, and learns from Lucs that the rat is Richie 'The Rat' Mazzeo and Luca wants to you find out where he is being kept and shut him up!

When you reach the next marker you encounter a pair of plain clothes detectives who are talking about the rat - complaining about having to babysit him! You need to follow them - and when they get into their car you run back to yours and discretely tail them until they eventually - after quite a drive - turn off onto an unpaved road.

This is the old Country Club where the DA is keeping the Rat! What you need to do at this point is park at the gate areas and go on foot down to the water and docks, then carefully cross the ice to listen in on the cops again at the boathouse.

After the CS plays out you get control of Joe and are crouched behind some crates. You have to make a decision here - are you going to go in guns blazing or are you going to do this all stealth-like?

Guns Blazing

If you choose guns blazing as soon as you start shooting a timer will kick in - try not to worry about that too much, because as long as you do not take a lot of time it will not matter.

You need to eliminate the cops here and outside the barn - then make your way into the next building (Collect Playboy Magazine 1 of 19) and once they are all dead, you head to the building where the rat is and pick the lock on the door - this will trigger a CS in which Joe shoots it out with the last pair of cops and the rat runs.

Stealth Style

For this approach you basically sneak up and ninja-kill the first two cops here, then the rest as you encounter them if there are any on the way to the barn.

At the barn you need to carefully identify the locations of each of the cops and take them out ninja-style. Mind the direction of their arrows.

Using the crates in the barn you climb to the level above and make your way across, and make your way towards where the rat is being held.

Head into the next building and collect the magazine here (Collect Playboy Magazine 1 of 19) .

At this point one of the cops will exit the building - you need to ninja-kill him - then you can pick the lock on the door and you get a different CS in which Joe takes out the two cops with no resistance, and the rat runs.

Back to the Story

Regardless of which path you took they join up here and, after this CS ends Joe is in his car and you begin to chase the rat out onto the frozen lake.

The main objective is to kill him, so you can either run him off the road into something and shoot him or you can run his car into the thin ice and drown him in the water, which will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Arctic Grave" as a consequence of you pushing him into the water.

Completing this kill and mission also unlocks the Achievement / Trophy "What Witness?"

(2) Antonio Balsamo Missions

As the new mission set starts you are in court and you watch Vita being sentenced to ten years in federal prison... Yikes! The boss you ****** off is now ****** off at YOU.

In a CS you get a warning from a friend - you need to get out of town and lay low - maybe for a long time... Like five YEARS.

After five years you return to town a slicker, greasier Joe - and are met at the station by your mate Tony who reassures you that your flat and cars are fine. Now that you are back - and ready to earn - you can basically pick up where you left off.

Actually you may want to go ahead and make some scratch - some bank - some money first! You are immediately thrust into the next mission - Tutorial - before you can think about that...

(2a) Tutorial

The mission marker for this mission is directly in front of you - and when you hit you are instructed to use the car that Tony left for you to drive around town to see hat has changed.

You are shown the instructions for the bonus timer - you want to finish the missions before the timer runs out for the bonus and, if the timer runs out completely you fail the mission.

As you exit the station you get accosted by a pair of thugs and go through the new melee tutorial. Lucky you! Actually pay attention, this is useful information.

After you teach the pair a lesson grab your car and follow the route on the radar map to your old apartment building! Use the icon outside to complete the mission and collect your bonus - well done you!

Settling In

At this point you have some things to do... Make a little money stealing cars maybe, go get a new wardrobe, and guns - yeah, you want to get new guns and ammunition including special ones and that takes money!

Perhaps you want some new cars as well? Either way get all that done BEFORE you start in on the next mission, right?

(2b) Going Out of Business

The Icon for this job is in the parking lot of your apartment building and, when you flag it you discover that the boys want you to go to Millville and deal with some punks who have set up an auto-theft ring in direct competition with the little thing that Derek has going at the docks...

The idea is simple enough - head down to their place and light them up so that they understand the magnitude of the mistake that they have made... After all trying to muscle in on a mob owned and funded operation? Not very smart...

As always the timer is running so drive quickly to the marker, get out and start shooting the place up! Take out the cars and if you can, the gang of thugs as well!

After you take out the cars you then drive to the safe marker on the map and end the mission - hopefully with a decent bonus score!

(2c) Limo Movin'

Head down to the docks to find the marker for the next mission - Limo Movin' -- which once you flag is to go out and steal a limousine - which you need to steal and deliver undamaged, or you don't get paid. There is also the matter of the bonus timer don't forget.

When you arrive at the location you will find three armed guards near the limo. You could shoot them yourself but there is a better way... Wait until a cop car is approaching on the road and run over one of the guards with your car - they will start shooting at you - which will cause the cops to come screaming up with siren blaring and, naturally, they will shoot and kill the guards FOR you!

After the police depart you can take your time picking the lock, then carefully drive the limo to the dock and park it on the lift plate.

The crane will load it aboard the ship - and you use the safety icon to end the mission and collect your reward!

(2d) Smugglers' Luck

The icon for the next mission is located in the industrial area to the north of the docks - head there and flag the mission to learn that some smugglers are moving some goods through the port without paying the fee to the mob - and that will never do!

Joe needs to find out what the cargo is, and bring it to the garage in Chinatown...

As you reach the dock you will spot the car with the goods in it leaving - follow the marked car and find a good spot to ambush it by blocking the road. Use your car as cover and take out the driver and guard, and the guards form the car following it.

Then jump in the driver's seat and race to the warehouse - avoiding the cops as you go. When you get there pull into the "P" symbol and beep the horn to end the mission by delivering the car...

(2e) Connection

"Tony got word from Derek that some fuckers are trying to move some heavy **** through the docks without coughing up their share. This ain't the usual stuff, we're talking army grade **** here, enough to make a fortune on the street. Tony pulled some favors, looks like it's me and him on this job. We gotta take 'em for all they got. I pull this off, could be the break I need to get back inside."

This is a story mission - so the timer and bonus points do not apply. This is a fairly complicated mission and a long one - so you should be sure that you have full health and you should re-supply your ammunition before you start it.

Tony will be helping you with this one - and as it starts, he instructs you that this one you need to do on the quiet. Unfortunately there really is no way to do this ninja style. So you may as well accept that fact and start shooting!

After you take out the fist bloke take cover and take out the army of thugs that flow in from there, then move forward from cover to cover to take out the remaining thugs who took cover. A new group will arrive in cars and you must take them out. Watch out for any thugs who are higher than you on buildings or vehicles as they do not appear on the radar map!

When you have cleared the way, go to the warehouse, open the door, and TAKE COVER.

You will need to again clear out the enemy here, and then carefully ease in using cover so you can take the ones out above.

Once the warehouse is cleared meet Tony at the train and follow his instructions to move it out. TO open the door you have to use the switch on the catwalk - but be aware that you still have enemy to deal with...

Before you open the gate/door using the switch, pick up the Playboy Magazine that is on the floor by the switch.

Once you open the door they will attack so quickly run down below, take cover and deal with them! Just like before you will need to work your way from cover to cover, taking out the thugs as you go while trying not to get hit too much yourself.

Once you have cleared out the attackers you don't have to go to the marker on the map - the CS automatically kicks in - and you and Tony end up in a club somewhere, celebrating.

From the conversation that you have about a pass it seems like Joe is in far more trouble than he realized...

After the CS ends you should head to the Army/Navy store and gunship to re-load your ammunition for the special and regular weapons, then return to your flat to save the game.

Completing this mission will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Dockyard Discord" (20g) Finish the Connection level in Joe's Adventure.

(3) Marty Missions

The next mission set for us to do is in Oyster Bay - so once you have squared away getting your ammo supply and heal if you need to - get some gas, fix your car, whatever - head down to the garage there to flag the next mission!

(3a) Skunk in the Trunk

"Joe, I'm in big ******* trouble here! I hit some guy - I mean some crazy **** just jumped in front of my cab this morning! He came outta nowhere, he had to be like drunk or something! The ******'s dead Joe! The cops will never believe it was an accident! You gotta help me! I didn't think nobody was looking so I shoved his body in the trunk, You gotta do something with it fast!"

Yeah, what are friends for right? You need to take care of the body in Marty's cab before he gets arrested....

This is a timed bonus mission so pay attention to the timer. That said, try not to get in an accident or pulled over either... The thing is the cab has a Wanted flag on it - so when you drive over to where Marty parked it and get in you have to be very careful to avoid the cops!

Okay strategy wise here is the deal - you can NOT afford to delay at all - you have to go - but you also want to try to avoid the cops seeing you long enough to lock on because if they DO, they will shoot at you as well as chase you. So the trick here is go rapidly getto the cab then get in and DRIVE.

If you are fast enough and you follow the red line you can get quite a ways without being seen long enough for them to lock on, but we would be totally lying if we did not admit that this is mostly luck.

You ultimate destination is the car crusher at the salvage yard, and of course that is all the way at the top of the map!

There is a Playboy Magazine next to the crusher but you can collect that any time.

Once you have crushed the cab run over and steal the car nearby then drive to the safe marker and use it and voila! Mission accomplished!

(3b) Saving Marty

Your next mission in this series is on a parking lot not too far from where you crushed the cab...

"Joe! I'm in deep **** here! Went back to work this morning, and this hotrod just comes right at me! I didn't get hurt or nothing, but these guys showed up outta nowhere and want me to pay for it! I told those *****, next time they better watch where they park their ride. Next thing I know they're shooting at me! I ran down some subway station over near Kingston. These ******** are getting closer Joe, and they're gonna find me! I don't want to die down here!"

Your task is to get to the subway station and save Marty - but I am starting to wonder whether being mates with Marty is really a good thing? Ah well, head to the subway station - and mind the timer!

When you get there you run down the stairs into a fire fight - take out the guys you find there then you start dragging Marty to the car - note that there is a Playboy Magazine at the far end behind the staircase you should collect.

but MORE thugs show up! Drop Marty and start shooting! Once you take them out, it is drag and rinse and repeat as you encounter more thugs along the way. The other thing you need to be aware of is that you now have a Wanted Flag on you!

Once you get Marty out of the subway and to your car (the marker) the game will automatically load you and Marty in the car, at which point you need to make it to the next marker hopefully without drawing the attention of the cops. Though the chances of that considering they will likely be waiting in the tunnel is pretty slim...

The good news is even if the cops chase you ALL the way to El Grecos, as long as you can get to the Safe Marker at his door you will complete the mission. And unlock a new flat. The flat is Marty's place down at the bottom of the map.

That wraps up the missions for Marty - but you still have a Wanted Flag so head to the nearest clothing store to get rid of that, then resupply your ammunition and health, and save the game.

(4) Mike Bruski Missions

For this one there is only the one mission that is sort of in the center area of the map. So after you resupply and heal if need be, save yoru game and then head to the marker.

(4a) Wheels of Evidence

The location for the marker to flag the mission is the hospital - and when you get there you learn the details.

"Some little shitbag that bought a Kingfisher from me, ****** up but good., The ******* used the car in a ******* job, and then runs when the goddamn cops show up. Joe, the cops got that car in holding right now. They start looking around and it's gonna make a lot of people we know nervous. You find that car and make it disappear, or it'll be both our asses!"

Right so we need to locate the red Berkley Kingfisher and get it back from the cops, then bring it to Bruski. Should be simple enough, right?

This is actually pretty simple. In fact all you really need to do is drive to the impound, walk to the car, smash the window and steal it then drive like mad to the scrap yard. Even if the cops chase you all you need to do is park it and use the Safety Marker there to end the mission and the cops will be gone!

That is the only mission Mike needs us to do for him..

(5) Giuseppe Missions

Now we are working for Giuseppe - and if you did not know this, he is who you can get the Molotovs and special ammunition from...

(5a) Old Man's Perils

"Joe, thank god you are here. Three of my best customers pulled a big job that went bad. I just found out the cops are looking for them and I worry they will catch them soon. It is very risky for me to be on the streets right now. Can you warn them? Joe, I've known these customers for years. They are like family to me. Do this favor for me, please."

This is actually dead simple really - but you are going to need a very fast car that you can drive well for it due to the short timer.

Jump in your rocket and drive as fast as you can to the three markers. At each one you jump out and warn the bloke there - use the action button - then jump in your car and head to the next one. After you warn all three head back to G's and hit the Safe Icon and the mission is done!

Note: there is a Playboy Magazine in the Dragstrip Bar, but if the timer is too tight you can come back later to get it.

(5b) Charlie's Car

"Joe, thank god you are here. Three of my best customers pulled a big job that went bad. I just found out the cops are looking for them and I worry they will catch them soon. It is very risky for me to be on the streets right now. Can you warn them? Joe, I've known these customers for years. They are like family to me. Do this favor for me, please."

This mission does not necessarily include gunfire - in fact you are better off avoiding it if you can manage it.

When you get to the marker and flag the mission then head to the marker at the dam. Ideally you want to avoid dealing with the thugs in the tower who fire at you - or you can take them out - your call.

Either way you need to get to the car at the marker - it will help you a lot of you use the car you arrived in to block the path because when you get the car you are after another car of thugs spawns to give chase.

You have to lose them in order to continue with the mission - once you DO lose them, you head to a garage to change the plates on the car, and then deliver it to Charlie.

There is a Playboy Magazine at the southern end of the dam by the tower that you can get - but you can get that any time so don't bother with it during the mission...

(5c) Bomb Under the Seat

"Joe, a customer came in today and offered me a good deal on his car. Cars are usually not my thing, but this deal is too good to pass and the guy desperately needs the cash. Can you take the car to Charlie and sell it? You know cars better than I do and I trust you will get us a fair deal. Of course, you will get a good cut from the profits. Be careful, Joe. There's something... funny about this guy. He was anxious to give me the car."

This is sort of a homage to speed - you need to keep the car above 35mph the whole way from G's to Charlies - otherwise it will explode!

Once you take the car totally ignore the suggested route on the radar map - all that is there for is to cause you to fail the mission! Instead go right up on the highway here and use it to go ALL the way to Southport. DO NOT get off when it tells you to in Chinatown!! Just stay on all the way to Southport.

Once you get to Southport follow the GPS off the highway and to your destination, but when you do get there DO NOT STOP. Just drive into the Safe Icon. You know why!

This wraps up the mission series.

(6) Eddie Scarpa Missions

Depending on whether you had to shoot it out you may need to resupply ammunition - heal, and maybe fix your car. Either way once you do all that, and save your game, head for the next mission marker.

(6a) A Lesson in Manners

"Joe, got a little situation here. Seems some **** got a little too hands on with my number one girl at the cathouse last night. Scared her so bad she's refusin' to go to work. I ain't got time for this domestic ****, Joe. I want ya' to head to this ****'s place today, and make sure he understands the rules. Don't go doing nothin' too crazy, guys one of our best customers."

Just get in your car and drive to the location, obeying the speed limit the whole time so you don't drag any cops along with you.

When you get to the destination pick the lock to get in, then beat up the bodyguard, then go out on the balcony and beat down the target. There is a Playboy Magazine here to be collected.

(6b) Send a Message

"Joe, looks like the DA is getting fuckin' greedy again. Sonnavabitch turned down this month's payoff, has the balls to say it ain't enough. That ******* just bought a new car with our fuckin' money and this is what I get. I want you to find the little ****'s ride and leave a message under the hood. Harry'll set you up. Just remember Joe, I want him scared, not dead. And I want it done now!"

Right - this is a simple bomb planting mission - so head to the marker, flag the mission, then head to Harry's go get the bomb. There is a Playboy Magazine at Harry's for you to collect.

After you get the magazine and the bomb, head to the next marker and park a little ways away so that the bomb does not take out your car too! Plant the bomb and then RUN! It only has a 5 second timer!

Once it blows you will get a Wanted Level - so jump in your car and head to the Safe Marker to end the mission. You may then need to go buy some clothes.

(6c) Gunrunning

"Just got my hands on a big score of guns I gotta move on, and I could use another guy. Tony's been right about you so far, so I'm thinkin' of cuttin' you in. There's a delivery of guns waitin' in Riverside that I need you to take care of fast. You get the goods, then sell 'em quick to the local dealers. Don't **** this up, and there'll be a nice cut in it for ya'."

This mission is dead simple - but of course on the timer. You need to head to the marker and flag the mission, then pick up the guns and sell them to any of the marked gun stores.

Once you sell the guns tho you get ambushed by a car load of thugs. They are pretty good at killing you so you need to be proactive about both running!

The meter shows you delivered to one of the three gun shops - so choose the next one, deliver, rinse and repeat, and then hit the Safe Marker!

Note: Some players suggest using a gun shop that is off the road so the thugs get stuck - we have tried that but the game will re spawn the thugs at the next shop so you can try this but don't be upset if ti does not work...

(6d) Stolen Goods

"Joe, some **** just hit one of our armored trucks before we got a chance to unload the guns. Had to be an inside job. I don't need this bullshit right now. I don't care what you do or who you gotta kill, but get our guns back, now!"

This is another dead easy mission - just flag the quest, approach the location where the armored car is, and take out the guards. They grab it and head for the Safe Marker. Easey-peasy!

(6e) Supermarket

"Eddie got a line on some big money coming out of one of those, what the **** are they called again... supermarkets. You know, the big delis the girl's hang out in. These girls musta spent a shitload there 'cause he said there's gonna be a big cash transfer, biggest he's seen all year. Tony and me gotta get down there and grab it. I figure this is gotta be easy money. Couple of ****** off broads and screaming kids, how hard can it be?"

So welcome to the second story mission with Tony - which means no timer, and you can take as long as you like with it!

As is generally the case when you do missions with Tony, things go pear-shaped right off the bat. Take out the guards, work your way into the store, and take out the rest of the guards. You then go upstairs, a CS plays out, and Tony sets to work convincing the manager to open the safe while YOU go hold the cops off.

Basically all you need to do is buy some time - and you do that by killing cops!

About the time that Tony gets the safe open the 50's version of SWAT show up - and they are a lot harder to kill. This is when you and Tony begin the escape sequence (and get a checkpoint save) heading through the office (where there is a Playboy Magazine) and down to open a door where you face more SWAT.

Use head shots with these guys - the body armor they wear will just soak up your bullets!

Once you clear them out jump in the waiting car - watch the CS - then carefully run thru the roadblocks and make your way to the Safe Marker, where you quickly jump out and trigger it. That will make the cops go away.

Bear this in mind - you are GOING to get shot up by the cops - and you WILL get flat tyres. Once that happens you have to be very careful with how you drive the car, especially in taking corners.

After the CS ends you will unlock the Trophy / Achievement Five Fingered Discount (30g) for finishing the Supermarket Level of Joe's Adventures.

(6f) Cathouse

"The last couple of jobs have been a real pain in the ***. Somethin' ain't addin' up. I need to get down to the cathouse, have a talk with Rocco and Eddie. Plus, I'm dyin' for a drink."

Couple of things before we begin there are some things we should cover. This is a long mission - it is the last full story mission of the expansion and it is also one of the most intense. Make absolutely certain you have re-supplied your weapons and ammunition, and your car is in good shape and gassed up.

Now head to the marker to flag the mission, then Garden of Eden - there is a Playboy Magazine here to collect, and a second Playboy Magazine in the Construction Area.... You get the opening CS.

At that point you learn a rival crew means to take over the operation and you have to fight them off. This is standard gunfight time, so just use cover and kill the thugs. Work your way through the club (there is food at the bar if you need it) until you reach the exit.

At this point you should unlock the Achievement / Trophy Mind the Goods (40g) for completing the Cathouse portion of Joe's Adventure.

Now you need to do the Construction Area phase of the mission - which is basically you clearing out all of the areas until you finally reach the end and the CS in which you dispatch Rocco.

Note that the final two areas some (most ) of the thugs will be wearing vests, so head shots? Really good idea.

Once you complete the mission you will unlock the Trophy / Achievement Same Shirt Different Day (50G) for finishing Joe's Adventure.

(7) Charlie Missions

Bearing in mind that you are probably confused by the order here, we organized the missions this way because they sort of appear this way and we wanted them all lumped in the same group they belong to... But after Stolen Goods this is the next mission you will do - and it is an Arcade Mission.

So flag it and then get going!

(7a) Can't Stop Me Now

"Got a little situation here Joe. Did a little extra body work on a car as a special order. Rigged the brakes so they would give out after a few days. Problem is some dumb grease monkey here gave the car to the wrong guy. But there's some folks we know that ain't gonna be happy if that car ain't here when they need it. I need you to get it back. If you're lucky, the brakes will still work fine. But hey, the way you drive, it's not like you use the things anyway."

Great - you have to retrieve a car that has no brakes! And a tight timer! Well there is nothing for it - get the car and drive as well as you can to the marker and complete the delivery.

(7b) Greaseballs' Arena

"Joe! Some ***** broke in here last night and ran off with a roadster. Had to be that prick greaser I just ****-canned. I've seen what those fuckers do to these things, Joe. When they're done racin'it, car won't even be good for parts. That car ain't mine Joe. Belongs to someone with a lot more juice than me and you. You get it back for me in one piece and I'll take care of you big time. But Joe, I ain't lookin' for a bloodbath here, I just want my car back. Try not to kill someone for a change then."

After you flag the mission head to the marker where the Greasers are holding a competition for the car that they stole from Charlie -- you join in the competition - which is a three round prize fight - and hopefully you win.

When the third fight is over you get the car - and you carefully drive it back to Charlies garage. It is wicked important that you DO NOT damage it.

Note: There is a Playboy Magazine to collect at the arena area,

(7c) Highway Racing

"Joe, I hear you're lookin' to pick up some extra cash. I got an easy job for ya'. Built a sweet ride for a guy who thinks he's a racer. Problem is the little ******* don't think the car's as good as I say. From what I see, you ain't so bad behind the wheel. You take the car for a little ride, show him what my baby's made of, and I know he'll bite. I get paid, you get paid."

This is a straight up checkpoint race. Simply flag the mission, pick up the car, and race the route.

Just remember not to wreck, not to make wrong turns, and to go as fast as you can safely manage as the timer is rather short on this one...

(8) Rocco Missions

We have now reached the beginning of the end - as these missions will take us back above to the ending mission and story for the expansion.

(8a) Bet on That

"Okay Barbaro, let's see if you're as good as they say. We got some two-bit bookie thinks he can run a side racket under our nose and not pay us our cut. Last mistake he'll ever make. I need you to find this **** and send a message to the rest of our guys. You find him, you kill him, then you take out his entire crew! Pull this off, come back and see me. Don't, and you'll be prayin' for Luca's gentle touch when I'm through with you."

Bug Alert

Right so while this is a simple tail mission it can also be among the most frustrating - because there is a bug in the game that can keep the police checkpoint from the Supermarket Mission IN the game -- and more often than not the bookie can not get through it and the timer runs out resulting in a forced fail.

The only option we had was to replay until the bookie actually made it through... There is also no checkpoint so if you die early in the battle at the end, you have to play through the whole mission again... If it is any comfort to you, it took us 21 tries to get this one done between him not making it through the checkpoint, and the thugs flanking us and getting lucky shots in...

They have these in every open world game like this, though normally they are not such a blatant pete. So tail the guy on foot until he gets in his car (do not get seen) and then steal a car and follow him and with luck he will get through the checkpoint and then you can follow him until he arrives at his destination.

If you are lucky you will not get hit by this bug - we hope not - in which case when you reach the underpass there will be no checkpoint and it will be smooth sailing!

When he arrives take him and his crew out, steal his car and drive it to the Safe Marker, to end the mission. Bear in mind that in addition to the thugs in the center area there are some that will come up from the back and flank you.

Note: There is a Playboy Magazine here to collect if you like.

(8b) Hit Contract

"Alright Joe, got somethin for ya' that's a little more... delicate. Got word one of our guys' is lookin' to get himself promoted. Sonnavabitch is ready to make a move on Falcone. I need this ******* dead today. Guy is well liked, don't think anyone, even Falcon will believe it. You take him out, but you make sure it don't get back to anyone, especially me. I got somethin' special for ya to pull off the job. And Joe, you better not ******* miss."

This is a basic sniper mission slash assassination! Use the marker to flag the quest then go to the next marker and you will find the rifle you are meant to use - the last thug out will be marked by an arrow - he is the target.

Take careful aim, blow him away, then run down to the Safe Marker and end the mission for an easy score!

(8c) In the Shadows

"Barbaro, looks like this ****'s thicker than I thought. It's gettin' to where I don't know who I can trust. We get this guy workin' with an outside crew, and this *******'s been skimmin' from us for months... enough to buy himself a death sentence. The prick has a run with his guys today. Steal a cab, play nice for a while, take him to his meet, then get them all! Sonavabitch has never seen you before, so it shouldn't be a problem. See me when you're through."

This is sort of another follow mission - but when you flag it the game spawns a taxi - you get in and go to the marker, where you pick up the mark. You need to safely drive from there to the next marker without getting into an accident.

Once you reach the marker you morph to a concealed spot and you need to follow the bloke and not be seen doing it. He will meet with his crew and you are immediately prompted to kill him. A hand grenade can take them all out then you run for the Safe Marker.

Or you can shoot it out, either way... But if you fail to kill him immediately he WILL run. So you will have to chase him down without being killed yourself and then hit the Safe Marker.

(8d) Piece of Cake

"Alright Joe, you done good. Looks like Balls and Eddie got it right for a change. Got a van I need picked up in the Uptown parkin' lot. This thing's got some important cargo Falcone wants delivered to him now. I need someone solid in this who ain't gonna **** up. Guess that's you. Get the van and bring it back, but make sure you don't draw any heat on us. When you're through, see me about havin' that talk with Gurino for ya'."

Before you begin this mission make sure you have full health and ammunition because this may not be as simple as the name implies.

Flag the mission then head to the marker at the parking garage (there is a Playboy Magazine here) and open the door. Drive up the van and get in but, as soon as the van starts you need to bail out and take cover!

A car of thus will show up - kill them. Drive down a level and there will be two cars and thugs there blocking the exit. Kill the thugs then move one of the cars out of the way and drive out, at which point you will be chased by more thugs.

You need to LOSE them. The mission will NOT progress until you do that. Once you DO lose them though you get the final destination marker - drive there and end the mission.

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