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Mafia 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 20 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Mafia 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC

You can also ask your question on our Mafia 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Easy Money

Check out the following video if you are in need of some quick and easy money.

Watch the video

How to get 'The Professional Achievement'

The following video shows you how you sneak about and get this Achievement.

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Easy Money

Go to any store and spend money, then pull out a gun and rob the store. You will receive more money doing this than if you just robbed the store. If you are in desperate need of money do this trick in a gun store.

Removing Wanted Level

If you go to the closest phone and make a call you will be given the option to bribe the police. If you select to bribe them a policeman will pick up and you will no longer be wanted after the call.

How to get the 'Get Rich or Die Flyin' Achievement

Check out the following video to see how you get this Achievement.

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Playboy Magazine Locations

The following is a list of how many Playboy magazines are in each chapter. There are 50 magazines in total to find. Check out the videos found elsewhere on this page to see their exact locations.

Chapter 2:

2 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 3:

5 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 4:

4 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 5:

3 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 6:

3 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 7:

3 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 8:

4 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 9:

4 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 10:

4 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 11:

5 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 12:

3 Pl..

How to get the 'A Real Gentleman' Achievement

The following video shows you what you must do to get this Achievement.

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Mafia 2 cheat xbox 360


Playboy Magazines

Check out the following videos to find the location of Playboy magazines and see the naked girls inside.

Chapter 2

Watch the video

Chapter 3

Watch the video

Chapter 4

Watch the video

Chapter 5

Watch the video

Chapter 6

Watch the video

Chapter 7

Avoid Dying Near Cars

If you use a car as cover during a gunfight make sure you do not hide behind it's engine because if the engine is facing the enemy their gunfire can cause it to explode and kill you.

Easy money

Dont make the loop around mikes junkyard just run behind the car crusher down to the railroad tracks and then back to the car crusher and the car will be there you can do this over and over

How to get the help leo out of a tricky situation without being

go through the firt door straight ahead and then turn left and go through that door and go neer the bucket of dirty sheets and press x to get this achivement.

Easy To Miss Achievement

This is a very easy achievement that a lot of people seem to miss.

In Chapter 1, when you are going to Joe's apartment, you will see a husband and a wife if front of a car on the sidewalk. The husband is fixing the car and the wife is bitching to her husband about it. Wait a little while so that the husband leaves, then approach the engine of the car and an option to fix the car will come up. Press (X) and Vito will fix the car. This only takes a few seconds and your reward will be 5 Gamerscore.

Hope I helped.

Helping achivment

Find a women that is needing help push a bloke out the way and fix her car to get this achivment

Getting a shotgun early in the game

Ok I know it's kinda dumb but when you're a shotgun fan like me it comes in handy.when you are on mike bruskie's first mission to get the car from the gang "bombers" once you are in the gate and killed all of the gang members go into the backdoor to the lone star bar and there is a shelf right in front of you when you walk in there is a shotgun there

How to get the help leo out of a tricky situation without being

go through the firt door straight ahead and then turn left and go through that door and go neer the bucket of dirty sheets and press x to get this achivement.

Assault to the Worst Degree

When you get to a certain "Wanted" level, the police want you dead. If you kill a gangster, they all want you dead. Here's a hint , but don't do it unless you have guts and are ready for the consequences. This goes for any enemy holding a gun. You can come up to them and hit them with a light-punch combo or a hard-punch combo. It only takes one, and boom.....they're dead. It's risky and could get you killed, but it conserves bullets. Good luck, guys!!!


[color=red]to get the achivment help!!! Find a lady that has a car that is broken down push the bloke out the way and fix the car to get the achivment

No Cops/Police

Chapter 14/Stairway To Heaven...

Meet Joe Outside,after talking,don't go inside the car n there will no police ... By HAZMI KHAN,puas2 th main

Free stuff

Are you sick and tired of buying things from shops? if yes then you can beet it. all you have to do is walk in to the store and go to the counter brows the shop if you want to. when your done pull out a gun and drop the person behinde the counter and eney resestance rob the till if you whan to and then take what you want. you have to be quick and get the hell out of there befor the cops arive. ore ur fubar.

it would help to have a get away car out side for a quick smash and grab.

hope this helped HAPPY HUNTING and dont get BUSTED. thanks!!!!

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