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11: A Friend of Ours

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Chapter 11: A Friend of Ours - Saving Leo

The Chapter opens with the phone ringing... Just kidding.  No, this time it is the door bell, and not the phone, but you believed me there for a second, I know you did!  

Get dressed and open the door to find Henry outside.  Henry!  He wants to join your gang -- so jump in his car and drive to the bar to introduce hom to the Capo d'Tuti Capo. 

When you arrive and go inside you get a CS that has a surprise in it.  You get paid, then you introduce Henry to the man, and then the shocker -- Eddie pumps Henry for information, and then tells Henry that if he wants in to the gang he needs to go kill Leo.

Now the thing is, Leo is a friend, and your loyalty belongs with your friends.  What you decide to do is drive like hell to get to Leo's house and get him safely out!  Go outside and grab the fastest car that you can find and then get to Leo's before Henry does.

Note: Yes, it is unfair.  Yes, the game is rigged to make this as difficult as it can, and yes, it is luck that gets you there with the sliver of time that you need to make the door.  Yes it sucks, but hey, embrace the suck!  Man up!

When you arrive run to the door for a CS with a very slow Leo -- then Henry arrives.  Now here is the thing -- you cannot get Leo out and get the Achievement while getting the magazines.  As much as I hate to say this, you hare going to have to do two plays of this mission to do all of that.

The first time through, head into the bedroom, then the changing room, and finally the bathroom and grab the Playboy Magazine (Issue 1 of 5 and Playboy 33 of 50), then head back into the hallway and look on the window sill to grab the Playboy Magazine (Issue 2 of 5 for the chapter and Playboy 34 of 50 overall).

On your second run-through, when the CS ends, run through the black door into the pool room, run through the open French doors and to the left through another door into a small room with a mop and bucket in it -- open the door on the other side and then turn to face the bucket and hit X to initiate a CS in which you take the sheets there and tie them into a rope, then you use the sheet rope for you and Leo to have you an escape! 

The Achievement / Trophy "Wake Up Call" unlocks, and you are witting at the corner in a nice sports car, chatting with a live Leo.

Henry did not ID you, Leo is not dead, and so you have upheld your personal code of honor!  Good on ya, mate! 

Now just drive Leo to the train station that is not too far away, and he will get out and leave you.  Excellent!  You rescued Leo and you have a spiffy Ascot Bailey to park in your garage at home!  In fact let's do that now!

-- Post Leo --

Head to the destination marked on the map -- your house -- and park that spiffy new Ascot Bailey in your garage!  When you head towards your front door you trigger a CS in which you find your sister on the steps -- she has run away from her husband, who drinks, cheats on her, and beats her. 

You tell her that you will take care of everything, and then you grab a car and head to the marker on the map!

As you enter the flat open the door ahead of you and you will see a bloke passed out on the floor, and near his legs is a Playboy Magazine (Issue 3 of 5 for the chapter and Playboy 35 of 50 overall), so pick that up now. 

Head back into the flat and go to the kitchen, where you find your worthless brother-in-law having sex with a girl on the counter!   You talk to initiate a CS, then you have a good old fashioned fistfight! 

Drive home and go inside to answer the ringing phone -- it is your sister -- and she says everything is all better.  The conversation does not go well from there, and it was a relief to hang up, I have to admit.    It has been a long day and you are tired, so why not go to bed?

As you are sleeping the Irish Gang shows up and torches your house!  You need to escape!  

Run into bathroom and dive out the window, run around towards the front of the house and disarm that punk!  Take his pistol and then grab a car and drive!  You are wiped out -- all of your money is gone, your guns, even your clothes!  All you can do is drive to Joe's for help.

You have to ring the doorbell several times to get Joe to answer, but eventually he does.  When you get in you see that Joe has redecorated!  Woosh! 

Joe tells you to grab some clothes while he makes a call --  while he is doing that walk over to the bed and grab the Playboy Magazine (Issue 4 of 5 for the chapter and Playboy 36 of 50 overall) then get some clothes -- Joe has some strange taste in clothing, whew!

Joe knows where the Mick's are, so head to the car and then to the destination on the map.  When you arrive enter the bar for a CS, and then go right at them! 

After you shoot them head into the rear hall and grab the Playboy Magazine (Issue 5 of 5 and Playboy 37 of 50 overall), then head outside to join Joe, where you will need to grab a car and give chase!

Basically you need to chase the car and kill everyone in it -- if they bail, run them down.  Once you do that and escape from the cops, Joe gives you the keys to Marty's flat -- I guess he does not want you in his new place after all!

Head back to Joes to drop him off and then head over to your new temporary place.  It is something of a pit, to be sure. 

I thought that Joe's old place was bad, but this?  Yeah, this is bad...  When you took out the last of the Mick's you unlocked the Achievement / Trophy "End of the Rainbow" for finally settling the score with the Irish, and when you use the bed here, you unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Our Good Friend" for completing Chapter 11.

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