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Mafia 2 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Mafia 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PC

You can also ask your question on our Mafia 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Removing Wanted Level

Make a call from the closest phone when you are wanted and you will be given the choice to bribe the police. If you select to bribe them a policeman will pick up and you will no longer be wanted after the call.

Playboy Magazine Locations

Below is a list of how many Playboy magazines are in each chapter. There are 50 magazines in total to find. Check out the videos found elsewhere on this page to see exactly where they are in the chapters.

Chapter 2:

2 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 3:

5 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 4:

4 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 5:

3 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 6:

3 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 7:

3 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 8:

4 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 9:

4 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 10:

4 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 11:

5 Playboy magazines.

Chapter 12:

Avoid Dying Near Cars

When you are in a gun fight and are using a car as cover make a point of not hiding behind it's engine because if the engine is facing the enemy their gunfire can cause it to explode and kill you.

Playboy Magazines

Check out the following videos if you want to know the location of the Playboy magazines.

Chapter 2

Watch the video

Chapter 3

Watch the video

Chapter 4

Watch the video

Chapter 5

Watch the video

Chapter 6

Watch the video

Chapter 7

How to get 'The Professional' Trophy

The following video shows you how to get this Trophy.

Watch the video

Easy Money Guide

If you want to get some quick and easy money then check out the following video.

Watch the video

How to get the 'A Real Gentleman' Trophy

The following video shows you what you must do to get this Trophy.

Watch the video

How to get the 'Get Rich or Die Flyin' Trophy

Check out the following video to see how you get this Trophy.

Watch the video

Easy Money

Spend money at any store, then pull out a gun and rob the store. If you do this you will receive more money than if you just robbed the store. Do this trick in a gun store if you are in desperate need of money.

More money

go to the junkyard, crush a car, it will be around 400 dollors, repeat this process as many times as you want

How to get leo out of the house on chapter 11

To get leo out safely go to the balcony and leo will tell you to get some sheets. Go through the room with the pool table and go in the first door on the left. There is a barrel of clothes. Walk up to the barrel and push take sheets.

Go in the forest

Find a house that is very old and find a phone by the door and dial 78452718

How to get the three best cars

1st,the Smith Thunderbolt, they are spawned in random places, but you can find one in the begining of chapter 14.(it's the car that joe takes to pick you up.)

2nd, the Alcot Bailey, you don't often find it spawned around town but you can find it in the drive way of leos house.(it's the convertible.)

3rd, the Walter Rocket, it is not often spawned. Very hard to come by. You can find it on chapter 11, when you go to warn leo it in the same general area as the restrant you leave from.(it's is the fastest car in the game when super tuned.)

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