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The Lost Time - Ultimate Lair

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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The Lost Time - Ultimate Lair

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The Ultimate Lair is unlocked on Day 13 if you managed to complete all 5 Main Quests (this includes the one with Sazh and Dajh) and at least 40 of the 66 side quests (excluding those from the Canvas of Prayers), at which time your trip to the final dungeon will be postponed to the 14th day and fulfilling the requirement for the Beyond Thirteen trophy. If you didn't go straight to the lair from the Ark, the red cactuar warp point in the Dead Dunes (Temple Ruins East Gate) will take you there.

In total, the special dungeon has 33 floors, with each floor inhabited by a Last One (the Omega version of a monster) . Each one of these monsters will drop an accessory or weapon upon defeat and also activate the warp point on that floor allowing you to go deeper into the ruins. Also note that any Last One that you've defeated outside the Ultimate Lair will not appear in the ruins, leaving the floor where it's supposed to be in empty. The warp points also allow you to skip up to 3 floors at a time. which is good given that the clock doesn't stop during combat nor can Chronostasis be used.

Enemy Item Effect
01 - Hoplite Omega Frostward Bangle Resist Ice Damage +25%
02 - Niblet Omega Irondragon Scale Phys Dmg Res +10%, Max HP +10%
03 - Zaltys Omega Fireseal Jewel Fire Res +90%, Phy/Mag Res -100%
04 - Gaunt Omega Stormward Bangle Resist Wind Damage +25%
05 - Gremlin Omega Devil Crest Magic +10%, Maximum HP +10%
06 - Dreadnought Omega Flameward Bangle Resist Fire Damage +25%
07 - Gorgonopsid Omega Blooming Corsage Initial ATB +50%
08 - Goblot Omega Dreamdragon Scale Mag Res +10%, Max HP +10%
09 - Gurangatch Omega Toasty Shawl TB Recovery +5, Elemental Chaser
10 - Ectopudding Omega Tenacious Ring Critical Barrier
11 - Miniflan Omega Frostseal Jewel Ice Res +90%, Phy/Mag Res -100%
12 - Aster Protoflorian Omega Sparkward Bangle Resist Lightning Damage +25%
13 - Schrodinger Omega Mage Hunter's Mask Magic +15%, Brave Thief
14 - Goblin Omega Wild Crest Strength +10%, Maximum HP +10%
15 - Reaver Omega Flesh Render Str +900, Mag +900, Auto Regen (15s)
16 - Meonekton Omega Lucky Dice Chance Reprieve
17 - Cactuar Omega Warrior's Headband Fixed Damage +10
18 - Triffid Omega Warrior Hunter's Mask Strength +15%, Brave Thief
19 - Cyclops Omega Destroyer Str +700, Mag +700, Hard Hitter Lv.2
20 - Skeleton Omega Bonecracker Str/Mag +550, Deprotect Chaser
21 - Desert Sahagin Omega Bandit Scarf ATB Recovery +10, Brave Thief
22 - Earth Eater Omega Sapping Hood Phys Dmg Res +15% Protect Thief
23 - Skata'ne Omega Enlister's Gloves Deal more damage from close range
24 - Hanuman Omega Sparkseal Jewel Ltg Res +90%, Phy/Mag Res -100%
25 - Zomok Omega Stormseal Jewel Wnd Res +90%, Phy/Mag Res -100%
26 - Dryad Omega Sniper's Gloves Deal more damage from long range.
27 - Rafflesia Omega Skeleton's Earrings Status Ailment Damage +100%
28 - Chocobo Eater Omega Crippling Hood Mag Res +15%, Protect Thief
29 - N/A Treasure: X-Potion Fully restores HP.
30 - N/A Treasure: Refresher Fully restores HP and ATB
31 - N/A Treasure: Phoenix Down Cure KO, cast Protect, Shell. Vigilance
32 - N/A Treasure: Ether Restores 3 EP.
33 - Ereshkigal Diamond Matinee Necklace Maximum HP +10,000

Ereshkigal has 7.5 million HP so do yourself a favor and hug the wall then circle around behind the creature to score a Great preemptive strike. Equip three schema with the highest ATB and ATB recovery speed. For abilities equip Thundara and Aerora across all schemata, along with Poison and also Skeleton Earrings (Rafflesia Omega, found on floor 27 of the lair drops this accessory).

This beast must be staggered 3 times before any real damage can be done so spam Thundara and Aerora until you achieve that goal. Once you do, throw Poison until it sticks. At this point, the ailment will do most of the damage and you just need to help it along by dealing all the damage you can and survive. Recast Poison right away when it fades. Bring a mix of Phoenix Downs and X-Potions too.

Defeating this special boss completes the Ultimate Lair and earns you the Monster Bane trophy. Ereshkigal also drops the Ultimatus Garb which will unlock the Holy Garb of Destruction trophy.
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7 comments, latest first.
Dec 9th 2015 Guest
I hate Ereshkigal. I always confused whenever he's about to throw a meteor smtg at me but instead he's doing a barrier to protect itself. I was just wasting my time guarding then. So there's nothing wrong to skip this Ultimate Lair right. You can just go straight to fight Bhunivelze. Unless you want to complete that Last One Standing side quest hm.
ID #632065
Aug 7th 2015 Guest
Can I return to the lair after beating the game?
ID #595204
Aug 8th 2015 Guest
After you beat the game you unlock new game+ so you would have to play through the game again to revisit the lair
ID #595306
Oct 28th 2014 Guest
Physical attacks stagger him but it takes a lot of hitting and guarding
ID #464415
Aug 12th 2014 Guest
Well... I'm Not Unlock The Day 14
Not Defeated Ereshkigal.
I Hate Caius.
ID #435124
Jul 12th 2014 Guest
How can I stagger Bhunivelze (last form)? Any tips for the battle? What r the adventages of triggering a New game+?
ID #417194
May 19th 2014 Guest
Awesome guide! Thanks for all the assistance.
ID #385544
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