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Main Quest - Yusnaan

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Main Quest - Yusnaan

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As soon as the opening scene ends, exit the station and check Chocolina's message board for new quests, before moving to explore this bustling city. Grab a Blitz Lv.2 from the treasure sphere and continue further down Central Avenue, where you'll see a Schrodinger monster waiting to be killed.

Defeat this enemy now to score the Civet Musk item which you will be needing for a side quest later. The rest of the hostiles are mostly guards and Flanitors in which the latter drops the Clear Ooze item, a requirement in one of the Canvas of Prayers missions. If you came to this city late in the morning, Morris will be some ways further down Central Avenue and he'll have a job for you.

Side Quest - Play It For Me
The client, Morris will be at Armor Alley in Central Avenue from 1 PM. He asks Lightning to retrieve three musical scores housed in special treasure spheres. The target will have notes floating out of them and will be playing music so they won't be hard to identify. For the first score climb the ladder by a wall near the Cactuar Statue in Central Avenue; the next one is behind a building at the Coliseum Square, which is found in the Champions Quarter; and the last one is in a small alcove west of the Canvas of Prayers message board.
Rewards - 1500 Gil, Crown of Youth, Max HP+80, STR+8, MAG+4.

Chat with the locals as you go to gather information about an alternate route into Snow's palace, and once you reach the Fountain Square, Olga will be there to welcome you with a side quest.

Side Quest - Songless Diva
The client, Olga appears in the Fountain Square at 12 PM. First you must find Berdy. He is the man wearing a purple shirt and mask. Chase him down as he flees and talk to him. Turns out some monsters stole his satchel which contains the song he'd written for Olga. Head all the way north to the end of Central Avenue and head down the stairs to the Lower City, where you must crash the big Gremlin party. Kill them and take the satchel back to Berdy.
Rewards - 1400 Gil, Queens Mask, Max HP+80, STR+6, MAG+6.

Baird's colleague Ramira has set up shop on the stairs leading don to the Lower City so hand over there to trade the Soul Seeds you're carrying if any. You'll be passing through here while doing Olga's quest anyway so you're bound to find the spot yourself. Back at the Fountain Square, keep an eye out for a group of alchemists clad in white robes. One of them will hand out a mission.

Side Quest - Free Will
There is a group of alchemists clad white cloaks in the Fountain Square, and they'll tell Lightning to come speak to them when "the sun is at its highest point in the sky", so visit them again at 12 noon. Note that while this quest can be started anytime, it is imperative that you show up at their location at exactly 12 PM the next day. Otherwise, they'll tell you off for being a no-show and this one fails.
Rewards - 4500 gil, Blue Mage Garb, Summoner's Mask, Max HP+140, STR+8, MAG+12

There's a treasure sphere with a Mage Gloves in the Fountain Square, Promised Necklace at Hawker's Row. as well as a Wolf's Emblem at the Aromatic Market. The one other thing worth looking into are the Chocobo Girls who appear in various locations in the city from 5 PM to 3 AM. They will give Lightning some Fireworks in return for her silliness much to Hope's amusement.

Side Quest - Stolen Things
If you speak to Gregory at Central Avenue, he'll tell you to watch out for pickpockets. When night falls, pass through Central Avenue again and Lightning will get some gil stolen. Speak to Gregory at this point to start the quest. You'll find Pickett in the wider alley at the south side of Reveler's Quarters. Go after him to get your loose change back, then leave and return waiting for Pickett to steal from you again. This time he'll swipe the letter so run him down, talk to him and you're done.
Rewards - 400 Gil, Formal Silk Hat, Max HP+50, STR+4, MAG+2.

You won't actually be needing the Fireworks yet. They are for the second part of the main quest for this location, but I might as well cover them here: The first Chocobo Girl is in the alley south of Reveler's Quarter. The magic words are printed in a poster on the wall here as well so read that first. The second Chocobo Girl is at the Aromatic Market, while the third is seen hanging around Hawker's Row. Finally the last Chocobo Girl is at the entrance of the Slaughterhouse in Champions Quarter. Finding all four Chocobo Girls will reward Lightning with a rare garb, the Miqo'te Dress.

Side Quest - Family Food
Seedy's food stall is located at the southwest corner of Glutton's Quarters. Eat some Fried Niblet Hairball and the man will ask you to find someone called Gordon Gourmet. The person you want is chilling at the Banquet of the Lord. Talk to him and he'll send you on a little culinary adventure which involves sampling a dish from all 6 restaurants (excluding Seedy's of course) in Glutton's Quarters. What you taste doesn't really matter so always go for the cheapest dish. Report back to Gordon who then sends you to try and find a Civet Musk. This is dropped by the Schrodinger found in Central Avenue. Return to Gordon then to Seedy's and back to Gordon. The exchange between Hope and Lightning here is amusing too so its worth the effort.
Rewards - 1500 Gil, Chef's Hat, Max HP+120, STR+8, MAG+4.

Return to the Revelers Quarter and jump down the hole there to reach the Underground Route, where you'll find two items -- the Oath of Merchants Guild and Desert Flame. Climb back up, look for a tour guide clad in pink and purchase a ticket for 2000 gil. The gate leading to the Industrial District does not open until 6 PM so kill time until then. There are some new enemies worth fighting at the Lower City, one of which drops the invaluable Evade ability (the monster with floppy wings).

Once you've stepped into the Industrial District, keep following the blue marker until you come to the second ladder that you need to climb. Check one of the corners nearby for a Bronze Pocket Watch. Keep going some ways more and you'll soon reach the Warehouse District, where a mandatory battle with a Cyclops follows. You can pick up a Jade Comb just before you step onto the combat zone so don't miss it. Defeat the Cyclops for the Single Eye, which is a request item.

In the Warehouse, start moving toward the blue marker again, and make sure you steal the ID Card from one of the remains as you go. There is a Sight's Circlet on top of the pile of red crates north of the area as well. Moving on, you'll emerge back to the city through the Underground Route once you make it out of the warehouse. Follow it out to the Reveler's Quarter and now that you have an ID, you can use it to enter Augur's Quarter where things don't go as planned. Onward to Plan B.

Grab the Corundum Pin from underneath one of the floats. Climb the stairs and you'll find Sarzhak, the man in charge on the balcony. Talk to him and then go chat with the Fireworks Boss to get a note. At this point, the locations of the pyrotechnics people will be marked on the map, but they only show up at specific times during the night. So you can either wait (if you want) or find alternative sources. There is a drunk pyrotechnician at Central Avenue who gives Fireworks for some booze.

Side Quest - Fireworks in a Bottle
As soon as Lightning is tasked to gather Fireworks in Main Quest 2-2, you'll find this drunk pyrotechnician in Central Avenue. His location is pointed out with a blue marker so you can't really not see him. He wants a bottle of Bacchus's Brew in exchange for 4 Fireworks. So go to the Banquet of the Lords and buy some from the owner for 1000 Gil. Take the booze back to the drunk.
Rewards - 300 Gil, Ceremonial Headdress, Max HP+40, STR+2, MAG+4

The other man with a request is Funicula who is at Hawker's Row near the tunnel (Road to War). He'll give you 7 Fireworks if you help him out. The Chocobo Girls will be another excellent source with 4 pieces of Fireworks if you manage to find all 4 of them. You might also want to stop by the Industrial District to meet Wedge then Biggs, as they both happen to have challenges for Lightning.

Side Quest - Death Game
After completing Wedge's Death Safari, you can show the Death Game Ticket to Biggs who is the Warehouse District guard (He should be just south of where Wedge is). Once you agree to his game, the entire warehouse turns into a chaos zone and you'll have to defeat 30 chaos-enhanced monsters to meet his 30 point quota. Note that this quest has a 4-hour time limit and item use is forbidden. Fortunately, EP is of no issue so keep using Chronostasis to freeze the clock.
Rewards - 3800 Gil, Dragoon Garb, Emergency Beacon, Max HP+120, STR+12, MAG+6.

Once you have 10 (or more) Fireworks, return to the Fireworks Boss by 12:30 AM and hand them over then go speak to the director (Sarzhak). Now you have to win yourself a costume for the play so head over to the Slaughterhouse at the Coliseum Square and join the special tournament. This automatically triggers the side quest The Fighting Actress. Win all 3 rounds and you get the Midnight Muave garb. Put it on then return to the director. The show's finale does not start until 3 AM so if you got time to spare go do other things until then. I'd suggest trying the Slaughterhouse matches some more and rack up a total of 10 wins. Doing so will reward you with the Queen of the Arena trophy.

Side Quest - The Fighting Actress
This side quest is a part of the story and cannot be missed. The play director tells Lightning to find herself a costume, which is offered as a prize in a special match at the Coliseum. Go to the Coliseum Square at Champions Quarter and speak to Slaughterhouse Zoe. Win all 3 matches to get the garb.
Rewards - 1500 gil, Midnight Muave Garb, Crown of Splendor, Max HP+80, STR+6, MAG+6

When you finally enter Snow's palace, follow the map marker through the structure. You should have quite a bit of idea where to go since you've been here before One thing to consider while you're in here however are the enemies. They are mostly of the rather powerful variety, including the Cyclops, Zaltys and Anubys. The chaos zones may also complicate things a little, but that also makes this palace a good place to farm Soul Seeds in. Anyway, keep going until you reach the point where the tutorial chapter ended and use your ID at the door. Navigate through the rest of the areas, pressing switches to open shutters and nab loot -- Heavy Guard Lv.2 and the Frostbane Choker.

There's a Supply Soldier you can buy items from near the stairs leading up to Snow's chamber. which unfortunately turns out to be frozen shut so go explore the rest of the floor for anything that may help. One of the rooms contains the Prophecy of Aspiration in it. Keep going and you'll soon come to a room (or cell) with Serah's Pendant on the table. Take that back to the frozen door by leaping down the shaft you were directed to. The meeting between old friends soon leads to a fight.

Snow's health will be on the somewhat high side at 700,000, he is weak to fire and resistant to ice so remember to put fire-based spells/attacks in all three of your active schemata. If you check the stagger conditions from his info, one of them says to attack after he uses Chaos Charge and Recharge, so lets follow that advice and throw fire attacks during those times to stagger him. Evade also works remarkably well here, which in turn makes the evade and counter tactic effective. Snow may have a lot of heath but he's nowhere as tough (and annoying) as some of the other bosses

Once all the post-battle events are over, pick the Ghostly Hood off the floor and you'll be free to go wherever you want. Go back and talk to Snow too.Hope at the Edge of Despair trophy unlocked.

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