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Side Quests - Yusnaan

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Side Quests - Yusnaan

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These are the extra missions you encounter by speaking to the citizens of Nova Chrysallia, and completing them is among the very few ways for players to power up Lightning, as she no longer gains any experience from regular battles. These quests usually require players to complete a segment of the main quest for the particular location, before they become available.

Side Quest 01 - Play It For Me
The client, Morris will be at Armor Alley in Central Avenue from 1 PM. He asks Lightning to retrieve three musical scores housed in special treasure spheres. The target will have notes floating out of them and will be playing music so they won't be hard to identify. For the first score climb the ladder by a wall near the Cactuar Statue in Central Avenue; the next one is behind a building at the Coliseum Square, which is found in the Champions Quarter; and the last one is in a small alcove west of the Canvas of Prayers message board.
Timeline - After starting Main Quest 2-1, 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Rewards - 1500 Gil, Crown of Youth, Max HP+80, STR+8, MAG+4.

Side Quest 02 - Songless Diva
The client, Olga appears in the Fountain Square at 12 PM. First you must find Berdy. He is the man wearing a purple shirt and mask. Chase him down as he flees and talk to him. Turns out some monsters stole his satchel which contains the song he'd written for Olga. Head all the way north to the end of Central Avenue and head down the stairs to the Lower City, where you must crash the big Gremlin party. Kill them and take the satchel back to Berdy.
Timeline - After starting Main Quest 2-1, 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Rewards - 1400 Gil, Queens Mask, Max HP+80, STR+6, MAG+6.

Side Quest 03 - Free Will
There is a group of alchemists clad white cloaks in the Fountain Square, and they'll tell Lightning to come speak to them when "the sun is at its highest point in the sky", so visit them again at 12 noon. Desert Flames can be acquired from the locals of Yusnaan and from a treasure sphere in the Underground Route. Next, you'll be tasked with slaying Niblet Omega so kill every Niblet you see until a pink Niblet (this is your mark) appears, Kill it and return to the seers to complete the quest.
Timeline - After starting Main Quest 2-1. Visit again by 12 PM the next day.
Rewards - 4500 gil, Blue Mage Garb, Summoner's Mask, Max HP+140, STR+8, MAG+12

Side Quest 04 - Stolen Things
If you speak to Gregory at Central Avenue, he'll tell you to watch out for pickpockets. When night falls, pass through Central Avenue again and Lightning will get some gil stolen. Speak to Gregory at this point to start the quest. You'll find Pickett in the wider alley at the south side of Reveler's Quarters. Go after him to get your loose change back, then leave and return waiting for Pickett to steal from you again. This time he'll swipe the letter so run him down, talk to him and you're done.
Timeline - After starting Main Quest 2-1, 12:00 PM - 4:00 AM
Rewards - 400 Gil, Formal Silk Hat, Max HP+50, STR+4, MAG+2.

Side Quest 05 - Family Food
Seedy's food stall is located at the southwest corner of Glutton's Quarters. Eat some Fried Niblet Hairball and the man will ask you to find someone called Gordon Gourmet. The person you want is chilling at the Banquet of the Lord. Talk to him and he'll send you on a little culinary adventure which involves sampling a dish from all 6 restaurants (excluding Seedy's of course) in Glutton's Quarters. What you taste doesn't really matter so always go for the cheapest dish. Report back to Gordon who then sends you to try and find a Civet Musk. This is dropped by the Schrodinger found in Central Avenue. Return to Gordon then to Seedy's and back to Gordon. The exchange between Hope and Lightning here is amusing too so its worth the effort.
Timeline - After starting Main Quest 2-1.
Rewards - 1500 Gil, Chef's Hat, Max HP+120, STR+8, MAG+4.

Side Quest 06 - Adoring Adornments
Candice is found at the Statue of God in Augur's Quarter. This quest will take time to complete as the client requires you to gather a significant number of adornments. You can buy the stuff from Outfitters all over Nova Chrysalia. Or if you started this job late and took the time to complete most of the other side quests, you should have plenty in your collection without having to spend much.
Timeline - After completing Main Quest 2-1, 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM
Rewards - 5000 Gil, Carnival Mask, Max HP+140, STR+8, MAG+12.

Side Quest 07 - Fireworks in a Bottle
As soon as Lightning is tasked to gather Fireworks in Main Quest 2-2, you'll find this drunk pyrotechnician in Central Avenue. His location is pointed out with a blue marker so you can't really not see him. He wants a bottle of Bacchus's Brew in exchange for 4 Fireworks. So go to the Banquet of the Lords and buy some from the owner for 1000 Gil. Take the booze back to the drunk.
Timeline - Available during Main Quest 2-2 only, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Rewards - 300 Gil, Ceremonial Headdress, Max HP+40, STR+2, MAG+4

Side Quest 08 - Fireworks for a Steal
As soon as Lightning is tasked to gather Fireworks in Main Quest 2-2, you'll find the client, Funicula at the Hawker's Row, right next to the exit leading to Road to War. All you need to do is defeat the Skata'ne in the tunnel and it'll drop 5 Fireworks. Return these to Funicula then follow him when he runs off. Talk to him again and he'll hand you 7 Fireworks. That will be all for this quest.
Timeline - Available during Main Quest 2-2 only, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Rewards - 1300 Gil, Vanguard Headdress, Max HP+80, STR+8, MAG+4.

Side Quest 09 - Death Safari
The client for this one is Wedge who happens to be the guard at the Industrial District gate. Talk to him and head in to start playing his little game. Your task is to obtain 30 Niblet Defeater Emblems which is dropped each time you kill a Niblet. Now if you've already defeated the Niblet Omega before starting this quest, you'll automatically receive 30 emblems at the door, so turn them in right away.
Timeline - After completing Main Quest 2-1.
Rewards - Dark Devil Ears, Dazzling Devil Ears Pure Angel Ears, Max HP+80, STR+8, MAG+4

Side Quest 10 - Death Game
After completing Wedge's Death Safari, you can show the Death Game Ticket to Biggs who is the Warehouse District guard (He should be just south of where Wedge is). Once you agree to his game, the entire warehouse turns into a chaos zone and you'll have to defeat 30 chaos-enhanced monsters to meet his 30 point quota. Note that this quest has a 4-hour time limit and item use is forbidden. Fortunately, EP is of no issue so keep using Chronostasis to freeze the clock.
Timeline - After completing Main Quest 2-1.
Rewards - 3800 Gil, Dragoon Garb, Emergency Beacon, Max HP+120, STR+12, MAG+6.

Side Quest 11 - The Fighting Actress
This side quest is a part of the story and cannot be missed. The play director tells Lightning to find herself a costume, which is offered as a prize in a special match at the Coliseum. Go to the Coliseum Square at Champions Quarter and speak to Slaughterhouse Zoe. Win all 3 matches to get the garb.
Timeline - Available during Main Quest 2-2 only, 7:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Rewards - 1500 gil, Midnight Muave Garb, Crown of Splendor, Max HP+80, STR+6, MAG+6

Side Quest 12 - Last Date
The client Lennet is found in Gluttons Quarter by stairs to Banquet of the Lord. After talking to him during the day, make sure you show up between 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM of the same day you accepted the quest, otherwise this will be marked as failed. Also equip Lightning with the Midnight Muave garb when you meet Lennet.
Timeline - After completing Main Quest 2-3, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Rewards - 500 Gil, Crystal Heart, Max HP+50, STR+3, MAG+5.

Side Quest 13 - Friends Forever
Primrose is in Pleasure Alley (Revelers Quarter) near the stairs leading up to Augurs Quarter. She asks Lightning's help in finding her six chocobo chick friends. Hope's list pretty much tells you exactly where they are and the chicks will be shown as a yellow dot on the map, which appears when you enter the general area of where a chick is supposed to be at:

- Yusnaan Palace. A kindly sentry stationed in the garden.
- Augurs Quarter. A hardworking man rebuilding the stage.
- Revelers Quarter. A young woman waiting for her date by the cactuar statue.
- Gluttons Quarter. A friendly clerk at the Aromatic Market
- Gluttons Quarter. A lady of leisure enjoying tea.
- Yusnaan Station. A diligent stationmaster by the side door
Timeline - After completing Main Quest 2-3, 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM.
Rewards - 1800 Gil, Chocoberet, Chocobo Figurine, Max HP+80, STR+8, MAG+10.

Side Quest 14 - Adoring Candice
Tomasso is also in Pleasure Alley (Revelers Quarter) near the stairs leading up to Augurs Quarter. Apart from the timeline you must also complete Adoring Adornments to unlock this quest. The shop where you can buy the Gift Glasses the client needs only opens between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Visit the shop at the Champions Quarter in that time and pay 4000 Gil for the item. Give it to Tomasso.
Timeline - After completing Main Quest 2-3, 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM.
Rewards - 1400 Gil, Heart Glasses, Onion Knight's Helm, Max HP+80, STR+8, MAG+4.

Side Quest 15 - Tanbam's Taboo
Tanbam is at the battle arena in Champions Quarter and he asks Lightning to kill a monster he had created. Accept the challenge and he'll hand over Desmond's Notes. Participate in the special match and defeat Desmond, a powered up version of the Desdemona. Nothing too difficult here,
Timeline - After completing Main Quest 2-3, 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM.
Rewards - 4200 gil, Nickel Gear, Max HP+140, STR+12, MAG+8

Side Quest 16 - A Testing Proposition
Here we have another time consuming request. Alchemist Velno is also in the battle arena and he requests Lightning to be the test subject of his dubious potions. Bascially, what you need to do is let yourself be debuffed on purpose in battle then use the client's special potion and see what happens. Report back to Velno each time after. The best monster to do this quest with is the Earth Eater at the Dead Dunes as it inflicts most of the ailments required to complete this.
Timeline - After completing Main Quest 2-3.
Rewards - 3500 Gil, Scholar's Mortarboard, Max HP+120, STR+8, MAG+12.

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