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Canvas of Prayers - The Wild Lands

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Canvas of Prayers - The Wild Lands

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These are the extra missions posted on the Canvas of Prayers message boards which are found in various locations throughout the game. To take up a quest, simply find Chocolina and speak to her to open up the list of available quests to complete. Here are all 25 quests in The Wild Lands.

Quest Title Rewards
01. Sun Flower 250 Gil, Crimson Flower, Max HP+10, STR+1.
02. Moon Flower 400 Gil, Blue Flower, Frost Tree, Max HP+10, MAG+1.
03. Secret of the Chocoborel 600 Gil, Red Chocobo Figurine, Blue Chocobo Figurine, Max HP+20, MAG+2.
04. Wildlands in Danger! 300 gil, Flower Pattern, Frying Pan, Max HP+10, MAG+1.
05. Hunting the Hunter 1300 Gil, Red Chocobo Chick, Blue Chocobo Chick, Max HP+30, STR+4, MAG+2.
06. Forget Me Not 120 Gil, Sunny Butterfly, Twilight Butterfly, Max HP+10, MAG+1.
07. A Word of Thanks 240 Gil, Aqua Ribbon, Pink Ribbon, Max HP+10, MAG+2.
08. Fresh Fertilizer 200 Gil, Tropical Tree, Scholar's Beard, Max HP+10, MAG+2.
09. For the Future 700 Gil, PSICOM Officer Epaulets, Mobile Guard's Badge, Max HP+20, STR+1, MAG+1.
10. Dumpling Cook-Off 600 Gil, Silvered Insignia, Bronzed Medal, Max HP+20, STR+2, MAG+1.
11. Brain Over Brawn 650 Gil, Shogun's Mustache, Politician's Beard, Max HP+20, STR+3.
12. Hunter's Challenge 800 Gil, Black Chocobo Figurine, Purple Chocobo Figurine, Max HP+20, STR+2, MAG+1.
13. A Secret Wish 700 Gil, Summery Parasol, Pink Tattoo, Max HP+20, STR+2, MAG+1.
14. Moghan's Plea 300 Gil, Green NORA Symbol, Sky Blue NORA Symbol, Max HP+10, STR+1, MAG+1.
15. What's in a Brew? 1500 Gil, Purple Chocobo Chick, Black Chocobo Chick, Ether, Max HP+30, STR+3, MAG+5.
16. A Prayer to a Goddess 1600 Gil, Cie'th Wings, Behemoth Crest, Max HP+30, STR+4, MAG+2.
17. Gatekeeper's Curiosity 120 Gil, Medic Guard's Badge, Max HP+10, STR+1.
18. Echoes of a Drum 180 Gil, Gadot's Red Emblem, Seadog's Beard, Max HP+10, STR+1.
19. A Voice from Below 200 Gil, Thrilling Party Hat, Love-struck Party Hat, Max HP+10, STR+2.
20. Chocobo Chow 500 Gil, Gold Chocobo Figurine, Silver Chocobo Figurine, Max HP+10, STR+2
21. Sylkis Secrets 900 Gil, Dusk Feather Pin, Dragon Hide Backpack, Max HP+10, MAG+2
22. Digging Mole 800 Gil, Youthful Parasol, Unicorn Mart Logo, Max HP+10, STR+2.
23. Two Together 750 Gil, White Flower, Pink Flower, Max HP+10, MAG+2.
24. Emergency Treatment 1000 Gil, Afro & Black Chick, Afro & Purple Chick, Max HP+20, STR+2, MAG+1.
25. Moogle Gourmand 850 Gil, Pink Rucksack, Afro & White Chick, Max HP+20, STR+1, MAG+2.

Info on how to complete each request, organized according to the numbers before the quest titles.

01 - Need: 3x Dayring Blossom. The flower grows all over the Grasslands from 6 AM to 6 PM.
02 - Need: 5x Moonsoul Bloom. The flower grows all over the Grasslands from 6 PM to 6 AM.
03 - Need: 10x Chocoborel. The mushroom grows all over Jagd Woods from 6 AM to 6 PM.
04 - Need: 10x Vegetable Seed. Buy from Adventurer Essentials in Canopus Farms.
05 - The requested item is 8x Green Monster Moss. Dropped by Chocobo Eater when defeated.
06 - The requested item is 8x Vibrant Ooze which are dropped by Miniflan when defeated.
07 - The requested item is 3x Wonder Gel which are dropped by Ectopudding when defeated.
08 - The requested item is 5x Goopy Goo which are dropped by Triffid when defeated.
09 - The requested item is 1x AMP Chip which are dropped by Aster Protoflorian when defeated.
10 - Need: 15x Monster Mince, 15x Green Leather. Dropped by Vali/Hanuman and Goblin.
11 - The requested item is 1x Sinister Fang which are dropped by Reaver when defeated.
12 - The requested item is 2x Green Monster Moss. Dropped by Chocobo Eater when defeated.
13 - Need: 20x Vibrant Ooze, 10x Wonder Gel. Dropped by Miniflans and Ectopudding respectively.
14 - The requested item is 10x Arboreal Spore which are dropped by Dryad when defeated.
15 - Need: 10x Arboreal Spore, 20x Goopy Goo, 50x Slug Sweet. Dropped: Dryad, Triffid, Rafflesia.
16 - Need: 5x Sinister Fang, 5x AMP Chip. Dropped by Reaver and Aster Protoflorian.
17 - The requested item is 12x Slug Sweet which are dropped by Rafflesia when defeated.
18 - The requested item is 6x Green Leather which are dropped by Goblins when defeated.
19 - The requested item is 10x Monster Mince which are dropped by Vali/Hanuman when defeated.
20 - Need: 5x Gysahl Greens. You can't buy this anywhere so plant it yourself in Canopus Farms.
21 - Need:3x Gysahl, 2x Tantal, 1x Sylkis. Harvest from Farms, Eremite Plains, Moogle Village.
22 - Need: 1x Rocky Crag Mole, 3x Chocoborel, 2x Luminous Mushroom. Mole found in Rocky Crag.
23 - Need: 8x Dayring Blossom, 6x Moonsoul Bloom. Grows in Grasslands by day and night
24 - Need: 1x Chocobull, 1x Animal Potion. Chocobull: Cardesia, Potion: Dog, Doctor and Assistant
25 - Need: 1x Mystical Meal. Clear side quest A Taste of the Past from chef in Aryas Village.
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