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Main Quest - The Wild Lands

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Main Quest - The Wild Lands

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The locals at the station say that Dr. Gysahl lives at the Canopus Farms so that's where you're headed next. But first, do check what Chocolina has to offer and work on some of those quest items on your way to the farm. At the destination, speak to the doctor and also everybody else before heading to the City Ruins, where you'll find the injured White Chocobo fighting the Chocobo Eater.

It appears that the chocobo has already done most of the damage so all you need to do is finish the job. But that doesn't mean he is no longer dangerous. The creature's attacks are particularly brutal so always leave enough ATB to defend after a combo, The Evade ability also comes in handy here as the Chocobo Eater doesn't have much to show in terms of range, so a back step or two is usually (but not always) enough to avoid his attacks. The Mediguard ability is also great to have so you can recover HP while defending. Follow everyone else back to the farm after the encounter.

Side Quest - Saving an Angel
Speak to Dr. Gysahl upon returning to the farm after defeating the Chocobo Eater to start this quest. Lightning needs to feed the chocobo until it recovers enough for her to ride. First, talk to Serala for the last piece of Gysahl Green, the Hunter Chief has some Chocobull. Complete the side quest The Right Stuff for the Mystical Meal, and finally visit the Jagd village in the Jagd Woods and talk to Cardesia so she can mix another bottle of Chocobull. You can find Chocoborels (orange mushrooms) growing in the Jagd Woods while Slug Sweets are dropped by the Rafflesia monster. Give 8 of each item to Cardesia. Finally, feed all of these to the chocobo to complete the quest.
Rewards - 1200 Gil, White Chocobo Chick, Max HP+80, STR+8, MAG+8.

While some side quests yield food for the chocobo, the best source are still the people in the farm. Talk to them and they will almost always give you something. In fact even the farm's sign post loves the bird enough to pitch in and help with some Sheep's Milk. Keep feeding him until he is on his feet again, at which point you can ride your new friend to explore the vast plains and he will also be around to assist Lightning in battle. On that note, you might want to consider giving him a name.

Side Quest - A Father's Request
Serala is the girl with glasses and she asks that you find her father in the forest. Go to Jagd Woods and explore until you find the Wandering Man deep in the forest. He will then tell you to bring him some Forest Fertilizers. The locations of the fertilizers (5 total) will be marked with a shovel. Stomp through the area again until you find them. Note that while the man only needs one, try to find all five to be used for your own gysahl greens patches back at the farm. Deliver the message to Serala.
Rewards - 800 Gil, Girlish Glasses, Max HP+80, STR+4, MAG+8.

Also note that even though the Dr. Gysahl's quest completes as soon as the chocobo can stand, you must continue feeding him even after the bandages come off. This improves his bond with Lightning and also unlocks new abilities. Anyway, pay a visit to the Jagd Woods (located southwest from the farm) to find the Hunter Hopeful on a chocobo at the entrance who has a favor to ask.

Side Quest - The Right Stuff
The Hunter Hopeful is seen riding a chocobo at the entrance to Jagd Woods. Simply harvest 6 Vibrant Ooze from Miniflans which are more than plentiful in the Grasslands. Give him the items.
Rewards - 300 Gil, Chocobo Feather Pin, Max HP+40, STR+4, MAG+2

Now if you spoke to the Produce Buyer at the farm, you should be aware of there being a village in the woods, so go ahead and stop by. There are shops and people there that would be of help to you, Also make sure that you grab all the Forest Fertilizers that you find (the locations for them are marked with a shovel) so you can use them later for your Gysahl Greens patch back at the farm.

Side Quest - Chocobo Cheer
Nadia is standing next to a chocobo in Jagd Village. Take your chocobo to graze on Yeul Flowers in the Ruined City once he's better then take him to Nadia.
Rewards - 300 Gil, Golden Flower, Chocobo Chick, Max HP+80, MAG+6.

Nadia mentions the Yeul Flowers at the City Ruins which are supposedly good for chocobos, heed this advice and take your friend there later, examining the shiny red spot to find the said flower.

Side Quest - A Final Cure
Cardesia runs the apothecary in Jagd Village and she gives you this side quest after successfully brewing a Chocobull. For this concoction she needs: 4 Chocoborel (Jagd Woods 6 AM to 6 PM); Luminous Mushroom (Jagd Woods 6 PM to 6 AM); Crimm Mushroom (Moogle Village, found northwest of Jagd Village). Take all the stuff to Cardesia so she can make the medicine.
Rewards - 1600 Gil, Suspicious Mushroom, Toxic Mushroom, Max HP+80, MAG+12

Some side quests (and areas) in the Wild Lands are only open at night so do come back and stop by the Jagd Village for a challenge from the Hunter Chief. Plus the vines that lead to the Moogle Village only opens at night (7:00 PM to 7 AM). The village is located on the clearing northwest of the Jagd Village. You'll obviously meet moogles there (including Mog) and find some unique quest items (like the Crimm Mushroom and the Moogle Dust. There are also some quests from the moogles.

Side Quest - Peace and Quiet, Kupo
In the Moogle Village, speak to the two moogles tending to the earth patch. This will lead to an event that eventually triggers this quest. Just defeat all the Dryads and report back to the moogles. Mog arrives but runs off after seeing Lightning. Chase Mog and talk to him.
Rewards - 1555 Gil, Mog Figurine, Max HP+60, STR+7, MAG+7, Item Slot+1.

In any case, your next main objective is to visit Poltae, a small village accessed via the Rocky Crag. Also stop by the Aryas Village at the Aryas Climb and the Research Camp in the Emerite Plains. Both these areas have side quests that you can pick up if you want to Plus right across from the Research Camp is the Crash Site, where Sazh now lives. I recommend going to check on him as doing so opens a new main quest for the Wild Lands. Grab the Broken Gyroscope before climbing the ladder up to his house. Anyway, speak to Sazh to find out what's going on and start your search for the 5 fragments that make up Dajh soul after being subjected to more of Lumina's creepiness:

Fragment of Mischief. This piece is found in a treasure sphere outside the Katzroy home.
Fragment of Smiles. Speak to Chocolina and she'll give you a special Canvas of Prayer quest, Key to Her Heart. The Beloved's Gift that she's after is at the end of the bridge connecting the Wild Lands and Dead Dunes (found near Aryas Village). Clear the quest and she hands this piece over.
Fragment of Radiance.Speak to any one of the four Soul Seed traders and they'll give you this piece after giving up some Soul Seeds as well as your Moogle Fragment. The Moogle Fragment is obtained as part of the reward for completing the Moogle Village side quest Peace and Quiet, Kupo.
Fragment of Kindness. This one is dropped by a special species of cacti monster, the Cactair, who has taken residence behind a sandstorm at the Oasis Lighthouse in the Dead Dunes. Use a Pilgrim's Crux on the nearby stone there to remove the sandstorm so you can go defeat the Cactair.
Fragment of Courage. Compete in the special match at Yusnaan's Slaughterhouse. Registration starts from 7 PM to 3 AM. Just defeat the Zaltys Brimstone there and this fragment will be yours.

Side Quest - Mercy of a Goddess
Apart from the timeline, you must also complete A Final Cure to unlock this quest. You'll find Taleb lying on the ground in Poltae. Speak to him then Cardesia and hear her side of things. Now take her cure and rush back to Taleb in 45 minutes (that's in-game time, which would be 45 seconds in reality). Use Chronostasis to freeze the clock and ride back to Poltae to hand Taleb the concoction.
Rewards - 1600 Gil, Delicious Mushroom, Max HP+80, STR+8

Once you feel you've done enough side trips for the moment, take your fully recovered chocobo to Poltae and circle around the path behind the general store, gliding from one platform to the next until you reach the temple. There is a Beggar's Bead nearby as well so don't forget to grab it. Once inside the temple, Lightning's HP will gradually (very slowly) drop as you stay within its walls. One way to offset the HP loss is to equip Mediguard and defend for a while in battles to regain health. This method should keep you in good fighting shape without expending precious EP and items.

Move along and pick up all the treasures you find including: Ruinga Lv.2, Firaga Lv.2, Prophecy of Rebirth and Aeroga Lv.2. Speak to the many Yeuls in here and they will open up new paths so Lightning can proceed. Keep going until you reach the top of the temple where you battle Caius.

Caius has far less health (230,000) compared to most bosses in this game, but he more than makes up for it in the power of his attacks which are mostly the same as the ones he had in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Evade is not very effective either since most of the moves hit a very wide area. One thing you can do to quickly end this fight if you're at Day 7 and up is to use Lightning's Army of One during Overclock. Enter the battle with a full EP gauge and damage him to about 60% of his HP. Make sure you stick Deprotect before triggering an Overclock to be followed through with Army of One. With this method, he'll most likely die before he gets a chance to heal saving you a lot of grief.

Once all the cutscenes are over, Lightning will be taken back outside the temple. Be sure to grab the Chaos's Revenge from the floor before moving on. An Appetite for Chaos trophy unlocked.
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