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Side Quests - Luxerion

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Side Quests - Luxerion

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These are the extra missions you encounter by speaking to the citizens of Nova Chrysallia, and completing them is among the very few ways for players to power up Lightning, as she no longer gains any experience from regular battles. These quests usually require players to complete a segment of the main quest for the particular location, before they become available.

Side Quest 01 - Whither Faith
First examine the shiny red flyers on the ground near where you started at the North Station Plaza, then speak to every person who is willing to talk. The ones that you've already spoken to will be given a name instead of just the generic "???". Keep at it until the quest updates and go speak to the Inquisitor, who will be marked with a blue "!". After that talk to one more person before speaking to the Inquisitor again to complete this quest. Note that this side quest expires/fails shortly before midnight (23:50) so be quick about it,
Timeline - Day 1, 9:00 PM - 11:45 PM
Rewards - 800 Gil, Scholar's Glasses, Max HP+80, STR+6, MAG+6.

Side Quest 02 - Where are You Holmes?
The client, Thorton is just in front of the North Station just past the Canvas of Prayers. His colleague, Holmes is hiding just around the corner from the inn, by the wall next to some vending machines. Speak to Holmes and escort him back to the station, where you must talk to Thorton to complete this quest. Note that this side quest expires at 6 AM so clear it before then.
Timeline - Day 1, 9:00 PM - 6:00 AM
Rewards - 300 Gil, Railway Cap, Railway Beret, Max HP+30, STR+3.

Side Quest 03 - The Things She's Lost
The client, Dolce can be found near the Canvas of Prayers message board in Luxerion, and she needs your help to find her missing green Carbuncle Doll. There is a red version of the said doll on a crate outside the inn. Giving this to her will cause her to lose her mind, which costs you the quest. Instead, head to Old Town's Marketplace some ways past the Gate of Revelation and Temporary Route. There, check Seger's shop for crates with the correct doll on it. This quest expires at 6 AM.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-2, 9:00 PM - 6:00 AM
Rewards - 100 Gil, Carbuncle Figurine, Max HP+30, MAG+3.

Side Quest 04 - Dying Wish
You'll find Blythe sitting alone on the Gallery Steps near the Commercial District/Residences and she needs Lightning's assistance in obtaining a Spectral Elixir for her father. The concoction requires three ingredients - the Shaolong Gui Shell, the Mandragora Root and the Thunderclap Cap. You can buy the shell from Seger at the Old Town for 600 gil; the root is sold by the female Grocer for 400 Gil at the South Station; and the mushroom is in the Warehouse District between two buildings. With all three items in hand, go to the Chocobo Emporium in the Commercial District anytime between 11 AM to 5 PM, and give the items to the person clad in a chocobo outfit.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-2, 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Rewards - Tonberry’s Lantern, Max HP+80, STR+8. MAG+4.

Side Quest 05 - Faster Than Lightning
At 12 PM, the kid Lamont is seen running around with a big flag at the Residences. His challenge will be to beat him in a race either to the North Station or the Forsaken Graveyard (where the Children of Etro phone booth is at). Nothing too hard here. Just make sure yo don't lose sight of him.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-2, 10::00 AM - 3:00 PM
Rewards - 200 Gil, Gold Medal, Max HP+10, STR+4. MAG+4

Side Quest 06 - Suspicious Spheres
The client Virgil is at the Residences Plaza of Prayers. He needs you to locate and inspect three stolen treasure spheres. The objects of interest will be surrounded by a red glow, which you can open with the passcode he gives you. Plus whatever you in there is yours to keep. The first one is right next to Virgil; the second is at the South Station near the Canvas of Prayers message board; and the last one is in the Warehouse District's Back Alleys.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-2, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Rewards - 300 Gil, Millionaire’s Mustache, Max HP+40, STR+4. MAG+2.

Side Quest 07 - Soul Seeds
The client Baird is at the North-South Corridor at the Arcade. You must first buy the Membership Card he offers for 2000 Gil before you can start this side quest. He wants you to bring him a Soul Seed, an item that can only be obtained inside chaos zones. Fortunately there is one nearby so turn around and run towards the path leading to the Warehouse District in the distance to enter the zone and grab a seed amidst all the aggressive monsters and take it back to Baird.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-2
Rewards - 400 Gil, Black Tattoo, Max HP+40, STR+2. MAG+4.

Side Quest 08 - Stuck in a Gem
The client is actually a not quite cat who is walking around on the gardens of the Pilgrim's Passage. Talk to him at 3 PM to start this quest. First. you need the Starlit Spice which you can get from Rubrio at the Wall of Joy. You must pass through the gate north of the Old Town to get. Give him two Niblet Hairballs so he can cook up what you need. Next, you must find Ronan's body so head to the Marketplace in Old Town and find a boy surrounded by cats. Avoid the cats, spice on Ronan.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-2, 3:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Rewards - 1600 Gil, Black Cat Ears, Max HP+80, MAG+12.

Side Quest 09 - Born from Chaos
The client for this quest will be Solandra, who can be seen chilling near the Chocobo Express section of the Warehouse District. You will be tasked with defeating a beast known as Zomok, which you be able to spot directly behind your client. It's weakness is lightning spells so take the time to edit your schema accordingly before charging in to do battle. Boost you defenses against Wind too.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-2.
Rewards - Pendragon Shield, Brigand’s Tricorne Max HP+120, STR+12, MAG+10.

Side Quest 10 - Angel Tears
The client, Luka appears at Idol Avenue in front of the South Station during nighttime (6 PM). Talk to her and buy some of her tears for 10 gil. Although you won't really get what you paid for since she decides to tell you the story of her life instead. Come back for more over the course of a few nights.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-2, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Rewards - 2400 gil, Crystal Tear, Max HP+80, STR+4, MAG+8

Side Quest 11 - The Saint's Stone
The client, Aremiah appears at Pilgrim's Passage just outside the Cathedral Plaza from 10 PM to 6 AM, after you've cleared the main quest 1-5. She asks that you to retrieve the saint's missing Crystal Shard. Head over to the Back Alleys of the Warehouse District and you should see a man standing in front of a group of crates. Talk to him then destroy the boxes to get the item. Give it to Aremiah who waits at the same location within the same time frame to finish this mission.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5, 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM
Rewards - 500 Gil, Paladin Garb, Fragment Crystal, Max HP+40, MAG+6.

Side Quest 12 - Get the Girl
The client, Lackley is in the highest section of the Wall of Wealth in the Warren. Take his ring to the man in Yusnaan's Banquet of the Lord restaurant to find out what he knows. Next, head back to where Lackley is so you can follow his friend to the Forsaken Graveyard where the scene that completes this quest plays.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5.
Rewards - 1500 Gil, Exotic Shades, Max HP+80. STR+4, MAG+8.

Side Quest 13 - Voices From The Grave
Talk to all these NPCs: the sentry at the Clock Tower, the resident with black jacket standing next to the sentry at the Clock Tower, the woman with a black dress at the Residences Plaza of Prayers, and the female resident with a green jacket at the North Station. Now for the three ghosts who only appear at midnight: Zandra is behind the large building in the Clock Tower, Myka is at the monument in Sinners Corner just north of the Residences, and Carla is at the statue in the North Station where you met the Inquisitor. Myka gives you the Phantom Rose (an item for another quest). by the way.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5.
Rewards - 400 Gil, Halo, Max HP+40, STR+6

Side Quest 14 - The Girl Who Cried Wolf
Approach the ringing phone booth at North Station and answer it to meet Louise. She tells you of her location which is the outside the Forsaken Graveyard (the area that the heretics lead you to before), answer the phone there too. The next phone booth is in front of the South Station, go there and answer again. Next, speak to the Resident at the Old Theater (near Old Town). You'll learn that Louise was taken to the Warren, Wait until midnight and head to the Wall of Wealth where a group of heretics are gathered. Speak to Louise after they've fled to put an end to her little game.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5.
Rewards - 500 Gil, Leather Rucksack, Max HP+40. STR+2, MAG+4.

Side Quest 15 - Treasured Ball
The client, Talbot appears in 1st Avenue near the South Station at 10 AM. All you need to do here is use the stairs and jump across to the scaffold and retrieve the Rubber Ball. Give it back to the boy.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Rewards - Salvage Pilot's Badge, Max HP+30. STR+3.

Side Quest 16 - A Rose by Any Other Name
The client Alrick is in the Warren's Wall of Wealth. He is asking for the Phantom Rose, which is given by Myka's ghost during the Voices from the Grave quest. Finish that first if you haven't yet done so and give the flower to Alrick to complete this quest.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5.
Rewards - Crystal Rose, Red Bow Tie, Purple Lightning Garb, Max HP+120. STR+10, MAG+12.

Side Quest 17 - Like Clockwork
The client Armena is in the North Station Plaza and she gives you the rather time consuming task of examining all 13 clocks scattered throughout Luxerion. It is recommended that you maintain Chronostasis for as long as possible while working on this as it really takes time.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Rewards - 1200 Gil, Brass Gear, Max HP+120. STR+4, MAG+8.

Side Quest 18 - Buried Passion
The client Armena is in Luxerion Hills and once you've spoken to him, you'll have to return within the given time frame for the next couple of days. He then asks for the Quill Pen during your final visit. This item is found buried under a batch of destructible crates in Old Town's Marketplace.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5, 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Rewards - 1300 gil, Black-rimmed glasses, Max HP+80, STR+8, MAG+4

Side Quest 19 - The Avid Reader
The client Ranulph is sitting near the cafe in Pilgrim's Passage. The process of recovering his journal begins with a chat with Mitka who is in the Commercial District. There's a woman at the cafe who will tell you about her. She then sends you to a nameless man in the Warren which as you know is inaccessible until midnight, Once the gate opens speak to the ??? man who waits at the Wall of Joy and ask about the journal. Turns out the man's name is Reddick and he gives a letter for Erine. This last person is at the Banquet of Lord restaurant in Yusnaan. Talk to her to get the Journal. Now you must decide whether or not to read it. Reading it fails this quest but unlocks another.
Timeline - After Main Quest 1-5, 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Rewards - 900 Gil, Dull Grudge Knife, Max HP+60. STR+6, MAG+4.

Side Quest 20 - Save the Sinless
This one only becomes available if you read Ranulph's journal and fail The Avid Reader side quest. For starters you need to complete the quests Buried Passion and Born from Chaos first. Then head to the Warren to chat with Reddick before finally reporting back to Ranulph
Timeline - After The Avid Reader is failed, 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Rewards - 4500 gil, garb Dark Knight Garb, Max HP+120, STR+12, MAG+10.

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