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Sky Station Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Sky Station Galaxy

(World 1)

Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum

As you learn the basics of spinning and jumping head left and enter the green pipe. This puts you right at a 1UP. Then back through the pipe and time to take the red pipe. This leads you to the other side of the planet. Head up the hill to the large crystal and spin attack it to bust it open. Then jump into the hole. This will lead you to the roof of the building on the opposite side. Work your way around until you get to the Luma who turns into a Launch Star.

Jump your way through the next section watching out for the disappearing platforms. Grab the large coin to start a musical note path. If you can get all the notes you'll receive 3 1UPs at the end. Head to the teleporter in the back right to see your first challenge. If you can clear all the enemies in time you'll get 3 1UPs. Then climb the disappearing platforms to get to the next Launch Star.

Peewee Opening

Jump onto the first moving platform and ride it around to get a 1UP. They are giving these things away at the start of the game here. Then ride the second platform around to get the first Comet Medal. Then go through the Launch Star.

Peewee Comet Medal

Jump around the small planetoids to get to the next Launch Star. Grab the Life Mushroom to get an extra 3 slots of health and then head through the Launch Star to get to your first boss battle.

Pretty straight forward battle. Mario needs to spin attack the end of Peewee's tail to make it break the egg. Then Peewee will start coming at you. Do it one more time and Peewee will get MAD. Then two more times and it's all over. Just get behind Peewee and follow him close for easy attacks.

Peewee Boss Battle

Storming the Sky Fleet

Head into the green pipe just to your left. You need to spin attack the green plants into the second chain chomp on the left. This will reveal the key and allow you to move on. Run down the length of the ship making sure not to get hit by the giant Bullet Bills and drop into the interior. Go right and drop down pull back left so that you can fall through a 1UP. Work your way across the spinning platforms making sure to do the transporter challenge. This one is a lot easier since they give you Rainbow power for invincibility. Kill all the Octos and claim your 3x 1UPs.

Change all the ?s to !s as you work your way up making sure to claim the 1UP on the way. In the second section you'll get your first taste of the cosmic clones. Not much of a threat now but just wait till the end game. Now you need to work your way past the giant Bullet Bills and head down the left path. Use the green plant spin attack on the Giant Piranha Plant to get the key and then work your way back to the Star.

Storming the Sky Fleet

Peewee Piranha's Speed Run

This is exactly the same as Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum EXPECT you only have 20 seconds to complete it. Don't worry they throw little Stopwatches all over the place that add 10 seconds each. Always keep on the move and don't stray too far from the path to get Star Bits or Coins. Only get what you need to survive.

Peewee's Speed Run

Sky Station Green Stars x3

Green Star #1 is right away on the first planet. When you break open the crystal and you will see it just off the roof ledge. Just fall through it to get it.
Green Star #2 is in the section with the disappearing platforms. When you climb the final set of platforms to the Launch Star rotate the camera angle and you'll see it just over the edge. You need to jump over the fence and hit it or your dead.
Green Star #3 is inside the Sky Fleet. At the far right go slightly above the teleporter and long jump into it.

Sky Station Green Stars

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Comments for Sky Station Galaxy

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Apr 17th 2011 Guest
To get the green stars, I think you have to complete the game! YEAAAAH!
ID #38008
Mar 14th 2011 Guest
You have have all 120 regular stars and then defeat bowser again
ID #32582