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Bowser's Lava Lair

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Bowser's Lava Lair

(World 2)

Bowser's Big Lava Power Party

Start by taking out the MagiKoopa. This reveals the first Pull Star of the game. And close to the last. It's really not used much. Anyway, grab a hold of it and pull yourself to the next area. Then ground pound the springboard on the tip of this planet to get to the next planet. Watch the pattern for when they flip to keep from being dumped into the lava. Or just long jump to save even more time. Then defeat the Hammer Bros. The key is to not go straight at them. Take a curved approach to keep from getting hammered. There are some big Whomps next. Get close to them and the run away as they plop down to squish you. The jump on their backs and ground pound the weak center ring.

Lure the second Thwomp into falling under the Comet Medal. Then jump on his back and do a back flip into the Medal. Bonus points for segueing that into a ground pound for the kill.

You then need to ground pound the gold orbs into the lock in the middle. Then next section has you running past the hungry skulls that are eating your path. The path returns but some sharp jumps and long jumps will get you through this area no problem very quickly. Then just follow the pink bricks and you'll be at Bowser in no time.

Bowser's Big Lava Power Party

Keep away from Bowser's Ground Punch and wait for the 3 gold orbs to hit the surface. Then stay away from the orbs till he pounds again. If he hits the orbs they are destroyed. Once he punches the surface, the orbs it be free. Jump up to one and then ground pound it into Bowser. After doing this twice he'll start spitting fire onto the surface of the planet. So that's an extra thing you want to stay away from. 3 total hits from orbs and Bowser is defeated.

Boss: Bowser #1

Lava Lair Speed Run

You have 30 seconds to get to where Bowser was. You do not have to fight Bowser again. Collect all the Stopwatches to add time to your clock.

Lava Lair Speed Run

Bowser's Lava Lair Green Stars x2

Green Star #1 is behind a rock to the left of the Twomps. Get on the left little square and long jump to the rock to get the Green Star.
Green Star #2 is at the section with the skulls eating the floor. It is beneath the floor so wait for the skulls to eat over in and then simply drop into it.

Lava Lair Green Stars

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