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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Guide
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Guide
Every star, every green star and every boss is tackled level by level in this superb video guide with over 150 individual videos.

We have 42 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario Galaxy 2 please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Super Mario Galaxy 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Luigi gives out Star Bits

If you see Luigi at the beginning of a galaxy make Player 2 point to him and then press A. When Player 2 now spins Luigi will give out Star Bits.

Save Yourself Glitch

When you know you are definately going to die (wherever you are) you can save yourself by pressing the + button on the remote and going back to the World Map or Starship Mario. This does not work when you are in the process of dying and you have more of a chance of this glitch working if you have 0 remaining lives. Unless you have passed a nearby Bowser Flag it is advised to only do this under extreme circumstances. One of the best times to save yourself is when your life circle is blinking rapidly with a '1' and you are on a very hard to beat level.

Coconuts turn into Watermelons

Just like in the first Super Mario Galaxy game if you collect 9999 Star Bits ALL the coconuts will turn into watermelons.

Unlock ALL Luigi Ghosts

When you have collected 9,999 coins ALL the Luigi ghosts will become unlocked and you won't have to complete each level with Luigi.

Bank Rewards

The following items become available when you deposit the indicated amount of Star Bits with the toad at the bank.
Unlock Glasses:
Depoit 1,000 Star Bits.
Unlock Spear and Shield:
Depoit 2,000 Star Bits
Unlock Pickaxe:
Depoit 4,000 Star Bits.

Secret Star of Hot and Cold Galaxy

When you have burnt the goombla statue fly to the next planet and grab the fireflower. Then walk straight through the way that is marked and burn down the second snow tree. When you do this you will see a pipe with a monkey inside that will challenge you. When you complete the challenge you will win a star.

Infinite 99 Extra Lives

Check out the video below to see how you can get 99 extra lives in less than 2 minutes in Supermassive Galaxy which is the first galaxy of World 4.
Watch the video

Yoshi Infinite Flutters

To do this jump holding A but before you finish Fluttering and while still holding A press Z and quickly release A and press A again. Then Rinse and repeat the procedure as many times as desired.

Saved Game Profile Icons

Collect the indicated amount of stars to mark that saved game profile with the corresponding icon.
Silver Crown Icon:
Collect 120 stars.
Gold Crown Icon:
Collect 240 stars.
Platinum and Jewel Crown Icon
Collect 242 stars and become the 'Master of Galaxies'.

Get 99 Lives

Perform the following cheat with 2 players to get 99 lives. Go to SuperMassive Galaxy in World 4 and continue until you reach the 3 giant koopas walking around in a circle. Take the Spin Drill and kill two of the kooplas. Then have player 2 hold the last remaining koopla while player one runs and jumps on the kooplas back from behind. Use the Wiimote to stay on the kooplas back so you don't jump off and you will start getting 1 ups until you reach 99 lives. Unfortunately when you switch off the game you will not retain your lives and the cheat must be performed again to get them back.

Unlock Grandmaster Galaxy

When you have collected 120 gold stars and 120 green stars the Grandmaster Galaxy in World S will become unlocked. This is a 2D level with a Comet Medal and a one star to collect.

Unlock Co-Op Mode Sound Effects

On controller two press Up, Down, Left, or Right to make sound effects on player one's Wiimote. Press Minus, Plus, 1, and 2 on controller one to make sound effects on player two's Wiimote.

Death Count

When you have collected the final star in The Grandmaster Galaxy (The Perfect Run) you will be able to see the number of deaths you accumulated on your saved game file.

Make Comets Appear

When you have grabbed 15 comet coins the prankster comets will start appearing in some of the levels you have previously played. The more comet coins you get, the more prankster comets will appear.

Play as Luigi in ALL Levels

Luigi becomes a playable character wehen you defeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator for the first time. When you have done this check the Mail Toad for a message from him. Then search for and enter the L on the Spaceship to become Luigi.

Unlock World S

When you have completed World 6, World S will be available after the ending sequence.

Defeating the Boomerang Bros.

When battling the Boomerang Bros. press Z to crouch so you avoid their boomerangs. Then staying crouched walk over to them and spin to kill them.

Easter Eggs and Glitches

Collected in the video below are Easter Eggs and useful glitches which you can take advantage of to help you progress in the game.
Watch the video

Long Yoshi Tongue

Get on Yoshi on mario's 'Faceship' and go to the teleporter that leads to the toad brigade's mushroom ship. Then immediately as you walk into the teleporter press B. To undo this effect press B again.

'Super' Ground Pound

To perform the 'Super' ground pound which will track enemies below you like a heat-seeking missile simply jump up, shake the wii-mote to spin, and quickly press the Z button.

Unlock Characters

Passnegers become unlocked and on board the Starship Mario as you progress through the game completing the corresponding tasks.
Unlock The Star Bunny:
Beat the level 'Think Before you Shake' On the Flip Swap Galaxy. (World 1)
Unlock Whittle:
Beat the Level 'Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide' On the Tall Trunk Galaxy. (World 3)
Unlock Bob-Omb Buddy:
Bet the Level 'Return of the Whomp King' On the Throwback Galaxy. (World 6)
Unlock The Penguin (I don't know the name):
Beat The Level 'Exploring the Cosmic Cove' On the Cosic Cove Galaxy. (World 2)
Unlock JibberJay:
Beat the Level 'Fluzzards Jungle Race' On the Wild Glide Galaxy. (World 2)
Gearmo (Yellow):
Beat the Level 'C'mere Goomba' On the Boulder..

'Super' Ground Pound

To perform the 'Super' ground pound which will track enemies below you like a heat-seeking missile simply jump up, shake the wii-mote to spin, and quickly press the Z button.

Lots of 1up's

If you need a decent sized boost (8) to the amount of lives you have in the game, then try this 1up loop.
Watch the video to see it in action or read below:
World 6 - Throwback Galaxy - Return of the Whomp King
3x - Go to the back end of the opening area and do the teleporting area. Easy one, spin to kill all the Piranha and get 3 lives
3x - Head to the opposite low side smash the crate and then follow all the notes for 3 more.
1x - On top of the first Twomp on the stairs.
1x - On top of the flag pole above the wiggler.
Watch the video
More great Super Mario Galaxy 2 stuff can be found in our

Play as Luigi in Any Level

To do this defeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator for the first time and then check the Mail Toad for a message from him. Then search for the L on the Spaceship and enter it you will become Luigi. Or alternately, collect the Flotacious Blimp Fruit star in the Tall Trunk Galaxy. When you have this item you will be able to talk to and control Luigi at the beginning of certain levels.

3 mysterious figures in Shiver burn galaxy

Go to Shiver burn galaxy. Then at the start of the level press the up arrow to go to camera mode. Look backwards and all the way up. On top of the dark blueish purple wall there should be 3 mysterious figures.*
* This is creepy!

Skating Backwards

When you're ice skating, press Z and Mario (or Luigi) will skate backwards. Press Z again, and he'll face the front.

Die during the credits!

Yes. You can die during the credits! First, you need to have all 120 yellow stars. Now beat the game and wait for the credits. If you have the 120 stars you will get a bee mushroom during the credits. Get it and then in the scene with all the snow, immediately start flying toward the camera. DO NOT hold the fly button instead use it in bursts. Hold for about a second let go for about half a second and repeat. When your fly meter runs out... TOO BAD! You have died in the credits! The screen will go dark but you will still here the page turning. In the very end you will see the "The End" screen but behind it will say "Too Bad". The End Too Bad!

Infinite star bits and 1 ups

First, you need to have defeated the final bowser. When you have, you are allowed to switch between mario and luigi on the faceship. Get all starbits possible on the ship, such as: the 6 starbits around the luma, and the island of yoshi fruits, and also, go to the starshroom. There will be a 1 up. Then change into luigi. Everyting will be in back in place, such as the starbits and the 1 up mushroom. Take the starbits, 1 up mushroom and then change back to mario. Repeat for infinite starbits and 1 ups. Hope this helps!
P.S sorry for the long cheat

Lucky Box Lumas

The lumas inside Starship Mario's head (go through the pipe next to the ear)and lumas will be inside. This is my first hint so don't be messed up.
30 Power Stars - 1st Luma (5 Mushrooms, 3 Mushrooms, and I don't know what else)
60 Powers tars - 2nd Luma (It's just like the first one, but the items are better)

how you get luigi

you get luigi by getting a amount of stars.then at some part of game,you get a letter from luigi and you need to find the L on the starship. go to the back of the deck,it's where lubba is and you will find the L.

Infinite Lives For Mario!

Make SURE you have palyer 2 with you!
Blast to the SuperMassive Galaxy in world 4. Continue on your way as normal until you reach the Turtle Island. Once you're there, have player 2 freeze the nearest one so the turtles tail is twoards Mario. Have Mario jump on the frozen turtles back. (He will keep jumping.) While keeping the turtle frozen, wait until all of the turtles are in line behind the frozen one. Every time Mario jumps he will get a "1-UP!" Once he hits 99 lives he cant gain anymore, so hop off and return to the map with 99 lives!
Also if you have another save file, that palyer will recieve free 1-UPs by mail the next time they log on.
Happy Gaming!
- LlovesCAKE0009

Smokestack Warp Pipe

For those of you who don't know, you can actually use the smokestack on Starship Mario as a warp pipe. The warp leads to the museum item area. You know, the one you can access by going through a door on Starship Mario's Head.

Unlock Green Stars

To unlock the green stars you must collect all 120 power stars and defeat the final boss.

Co-Star Applause/Boo

Ok, When you and a friend are playing in Co-Star mode, The person playing as the orange Luma(Player Two) Can press the Plus(+) Button for an in-game Applause. The person can also press the Minus(-) Button for a "Booo" Sound to play in-game.

Killing cosmic clones

To do this lose 2lives to a cosmic clone then take a coin 2 then lose another life lo a cosmic clone and they disappear

cool hint

guys I found a a hint and here's what you do: go to throwback galaxy and go to mission silver stars and get the clowd flower and do a long jump then form a cloud, then again, then again and look what you found but the start :
Watch the video


When you are playing a level P2 can press the arrow keys, 1 or 2 to make an EPIC sound.

How to unlock the third star( Master quest) on grand master gala

To unlock the level Master Quest you have to go on the level of Grand Master galaxy, the perfect run, and get three clouds at that flying cloud place and at the end, where you see Rosalina, you do a summersault on that house and do 1 summersault and right after make a cloud and do that three times upward and you will have the star there.
P.S. If takes a long time normally but don't give up!

99 lives quick and easy

So go to world 4 and then go to super massuve galaxy and go to the planat with the larg koppas and long jump on the koppas shell and wait but keep boncing and you will get 1-ups like crazy!

Yoshi and Mario VS Bowser

So,You have to have Yoshi with you for the whole level and at the end with the pole use Yoshi's infinite flutter glitch until you get to the rock.And then get off Yoshi on the rock and smash it and land on Yoshi in mid-air. Sorry But You Will Have To Figure Out How To Beat Bowser...-Seth

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