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4: The Surprise

Portal 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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CHAPTER 4: The Surprise

Puzzle 18

Puzzle 18

When you come out into the puzzle chamber you'll be looking at a light bridge pointing to the ceiling. Put a ORANGE portal on the far back right and a BLUE underneath yourself so that you can jump over there. Now we need to place a ORANGE on the top of the Light Bridge and a BLUE on the top of the far left ceiling. This is to create a wall for when the Cube falls. Now hit the button and if you placed the portals right the Cube will hit the wall and land into the main area somewhere.

Place a ORANGE on the far wall by the cubes and a BLUE near you and travel back to the starting side. Watch out for the turret and grab one of the cubes. If its traveled too far to get safely simply put a portal underneath it and one near you to bring it you you. With the cube in hand go to the far back side near the entrance. Again, use portals to move if you have to stay away from the turret. First use the Cube to redirect the beam into the turret and destroy it and then redirect the beam through the two right relays.

Now go grab the other Cube and place it at the far end to redirect the beam one last time into the last relay. Finally put a ORANGE on the top of the bridge and a BLUE to get you over to the Exit.

Puzzle 19

Puzzle 19

So we have a LOT of relays to light up in this puzzle. Start by looking to the high right and you'll see a Cube up on a single platform with a portalable ceiling. Throw an ORANGE up there and the drop down and put a BLUE on the floor and drop through getting the Cube.

Now we need to take the the Cube to the back right from the perspective of starting the level. So place a ORANGE up there and drop through the BLUE with the Cube. Now line up the beam to the first relay across the way.

Now we have to fling the next Cube, which is located right on the ground floor, over to this first relay area. Leave the BLUE on the ground and place the ORANGE in the far straight middle above a Faith Plate. Drop the Cube into the BLUE and then look hard right and place a ORANGE so that the Cube will fling over to the first relay area. Repeat the process to get yourself over there also. Now line up the Cube with the next relay which is located in the starting area.

Drop down again and we are going to do another double move fling to get the final Cube which is high to the right of the starting area from our current point of view. So leave the BLUE and again place the ORANGE over the Faith Plate. As you come back through the BLUE place a new ORANGE on the top right corner so that it flings you into the Cube.

Put a ORANGE on the ceiling at the starting area and take the Cube with you to and redirect it to blow up all the turrets at the Exit and then aim it at the receptacle.

Now one final fling from the ORANGE above the Faith Plate to a ORANGE on the top right wall and you'll be at the Exit.

Puzzle 20

Puzzle 20

This is a small room where you need to use Redirection Cube and Portals to light up 3 receptacles from 3 beams.

Start by placing a ORANGE portal on the wall where the far left beam hits the wall. Now place the BLUE on the small column in front of the 3 receptacles and that will light up number 1.

Go grab the Cube that is currently reflecting a beam and place it in the stream of the next beam to go through the ORANGE and hit another receptacle.

Finally grab the last CUBE and redirect the stream that is going down from the ceiling to the ORANGE and that will hit the last receptacle.

Puzzle 21

Puzzle 21

Place a BLUE at the end of the Light Bridge and then an ORANGE on the top left by the button. Walk through the BLUE to get up there and hit the button. A Cube will fall, but so will you as the test chamber is shut down. Wheatley will come out and open a panel so that you can escape the room.

-- 10 -- Make a break for it

You'll get this achievement for starting to escape.

Good Listener -- 5 -- Take GLaDOS' escape advice

As you are running through the interior of the building GLaDOS will tell you to come back to one final test chamber. It will be a wide open area on the left. Go over there and frankly she will kill you but you'll get the achievement and will respawn just before this area so no problems.

After doing that follow Wheatley to a small room with some turrets. Take them out and then portal your way past the room by using a small opening on the panels to see a far portable wall. Then just follow the walkway to end the chapter.

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