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3: The Return

Portal 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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CHAPTER 3: The Return

Puzzle 9


Puzzle 9


Stand on the Faith Plate and you'll get scolded by GLaDOS for being so fat. Eventually she'll lower the roof and you can place a ORANGE on the ceiling above the platform and a BLUE on the ceiling above the Faith Plate and launch yourself up.

The back area with the Beam place a ORANGE on the right angled wall. The color that is NOT above the Faith Plate. Jump through, down to the Faith Plate and get sprung back up through the BLUE to the new platform. Hit the button there to drop a Cube across the way.

Now put a BLUE on the angled wall facing the Cube and fling yourself up there with help from the Faith Plate. Grab the Cube and drop down. Redirect the Beam to the Portalable Wall.

Now use a BLUE on the angled wall near the Exit to fling yourself up there. Now simply put a BLUE on one side of the wall blocking the beam and a ORANGE on the other. Exit open.

Puzzle 10


Puzzle 10


-- 30 -- Complete Test Chamber 10 in 70 seconds

Save right as you get off the elevator if you want to go for Overclocker. 70 Seconds is very fast on this level and you have to get everything perfect so you'll be re-loading once you've got it figured out to go for your best time.

Immediately place a BLUE on the ground in front of you and then a ORANGE on the high wall behind you as you come in. Drop through the BLUE and out the ORANGE and then back into the BLUE to fling yourself across to the Cube.

Drop a ORANGE on the bottom of the pit and grab the Cube and drop down and through. Then hit the Faith Plate and launch to the left ledge. Use the Cube on the far right to block the beam.

Place a BLUE on the wall near the Faith Plate and then drop down and launch yourself with the Plate. You'll go farther this time because of the beam being blocked. Hit the switch and then place a ORANGE on the wall. Look back the way you came and grab the Redirection Cube out of the air. Drop down to the first ledge and place the Redirection so that it goes through the BLUE and out the ORANGE on top to get the receptacle.

Now grab the original cube and drop down for yet another trip on the Faith Plate. This one gets you to the exit and drop the cube on the switch and get your achievement.

If you missed it reload your save and try until it pops.

Puzzle 11


Puzzle 11


Light Bridges! You can walk on them and you can portal them from one wall to the other. Let's get started.

Put your BLUE at the end of the bridge and then the ORANGE at the far side across the gap. You can walk but it's easier to get go through BLUE to get to ORANGE. Hit the button and that starts a never ending stream of Cube falling so we need to get below the chute to grab one.

Walk out on the bridge and put a ORANGE portal in the middle of the 4 squares to the right. This will drop you down to the next bridge. Go inside and put a ORANGE portal to the left, dropping you down again. Finally put another ORANGE portal to the right at the end to drop you down a final time and grab the Cube. Then walk through the ORANGE to get back to the begining.

Place the ORANGE high and to the right to make a bridge to the left platform. Go through the BLUE and walk over to the platform. Drop down and place the Cube on the switch.

Place an ORANGE below you and walk through to the starting area again. Now just make a ORANGE on the far side and walk to the Exit.

Bridge Over Troubling Water
-- 10 -- Complete the first Hard Light Bridge test

You'll get this achievement for completing the Puzzle.

Puzzle 12


Puzzle 12


Start by throwing a BLUE portal right in front of you. Then the ORANGE in the upper left corner over the Light Bridge so you can get on the bridge. Move the BLUE to the opposite end of the Bridge and then the ORANGE on the far left in the middle. Go through the BLUE to get down to the button. Hit it and a Cube will fall. If you placed the ORANGE right there will be a Cube on the Bridge. Go back through the portal and back on top move the ORANGE to the lower front so that you can walk over to the switch and you are done.

Puzzle 13


Puzzle 13


Turrets! You start off with a Turret facing away from you. Simply pick it up and drop it to destroy it. Creep around the corner and fire a ORANGE portal behind the next turret before it has time to lock onto you. Then put a BLUE on the wall at the start and safely walk through behind the turret.

Move around the next corner and fire a ORANGE portal below the turret on the ground to send him back to the starting area.

The next area has several Cubes and 2 turrets facing each other. Put a ORANGE portal on the ceiling above 1 of the turrets and then a BLUE underneath one of the Cubes to get it to fall and destroy the turret. Repeat for the second turret.

Finally head around to the next area and put a ORANGE under the one turret on portable flooring and then grab a Cube and just ram the other 2. Place the Cube on the switch and move on to the next puzzle.

Puzzle 14


Puzzle 14


Very simple room to introduce you to relays. You need to redirect the beam so that it lights up all 3 relays.

Grab the Cube and redirect the beam so that it paces through 2 of the relays. Then place a ORANGE portal at the end of the beam and a BLUE portal so that the beam comes out and passes through the 3rd and final relay. Easy peasy.

Puzzle 15


Puzzle 15


Start by placing a ORANGE portal to the far right of this sideways light bridge. Then go around the corner and place a BLUE on the wall so that the light bridge comes out and blocks the next turret.

Pturretdactyl -- 5 -- Use an Aerial Faith Plate to launch a turret

Walk through the ORANGE and pick up the Turret. DON'T DROP IT. Carry it quickly past the next line of turrets to the far end of the room and drop it on the Faith Plate. Achievement unlocked.

Now place a BLUE portal on the high left 4 squares so the bridge extends out. Now step on the Faith Plate and the bridge will stop you and leave you on the top platform. Now carefully move back to the right where the 4 turrets surround a Cube. Drop down and eliminate the 4 turrets and grab the Cube. Place it on the switch in the middle of the floor.

Move left quickly as a set of turrets will now appears as the walls move. Fire a ORANGE portal behind the turrets and a BLUE near you and walk through to move on.

Puzzle 16


Puzzle 16


Walk into the room and step on the switch to activate the beam. A BLUE under the beam and a ORANGE on the far right wall behind the glass so that the beam hits and destroys the 3 turrets back there. Then pass through to get  the standard Cube. Place it on the switch so the beam is on and then use the Redirection Cube to destroy the next set of turrets. Finally aim it at the receptacle to make a path to exit the area.

Puzzle 17


Puzzle 17


Place a ORANGE at the end of the bridge and then a BLUE down with you so you can walk through and get the Cube. Place the BLUE now on the far right so that the bridge extends under the receptacle. Block the beam with the Cube making sure that it is above the switch and then drop down and get on the movable platform. Now move the BLUE so the Cube drops and your platform rises. Done and Done.

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