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5: The Escape

Portal 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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CHAPTER 5: The Escape

The Turret Lines

Turret Lines

The door won't quite open all the way at the start of the area so portal on your side and portal on the far side equals moving on.

Continue along the path listening to Wheatley until you get to a turret construction line. Don't go down the stairs, instead go left and jump over the to the construction line.

Continue along the line dodging some moving panels and the lasers that are creating new turrets to shoot bullets at you.

You'll get to a series of tubes that are moving Cubes. At this point look up and there will be a portalable area behind a railing. So ORANGE and BLUE your way up there. Now you are going to be going back and forth across the gap as Wheatley shows you where the next portables walls area.

Finally you'll come to a lighted area with a big tube in the middle. Simply drop down box to box until you land on the tube and then walk that around in circles until you get to the bottom.

The Scanning Area

The Scanning Area

When you get to the next turret conveyor area put a ORANGE above in and a BLUE right behind you to jump onto the line.  At the other end hop on to the vents until you get back to the next conveyor line.

No Hard Feelings -- 10 -- Save a turret from redemption

This second line will have a good cream colored turret in with all the junk. Just pick it up to get the achievements.

Now at the end of the line jump down the series of boxes on the left to get to another walkway.

Continue around to a turret test area. Put a ORANGE at the end of the hall and then a BLUE inside the room to drop in behind the protective wall. Wait for a defective turret to come by and then place a new ORANGE on the far safe area and a BLUE on the wall the turrets are aiming at (which is why we wait for a defective one to come) and walk through to safety.

Scanned Alone -- 5 -- Stand in a defective turret detector

You'll work your way around to a control room and Wheatley will tell you to remove the current turret. Once you do, take it's place and you'll get the achievement.

Now go back out into the main area and catch one of the bad turrets being throw from the line. Take that back to the scan area and then Wheatley will open the door and you can move on.

End Section

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