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8: The Itch

Portal 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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CHAPTER 8: The Itch

Wheatley Puzzle 0

Puzzle 0

You'll come to a small office overlooking the “first” puzzle. There is a broken vent that you can look through to place a portal to the next area. Just follow the catwalk and pick up the Turret Cube and place it on the switch. Easiest puzzle ever.

Wheatley Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1

You Made Your Point -- 10 -- Refuse to solve the first test in Chapter 8

When you get to the button don't do anything for awhile. Just listen to Wheatley and eventually you will get the achievement.

All you have to do is press the button and portal over. Easy.

Dual Pit Experiment -- 15 -- Do the same test twice

Wheatley will want you to do it again so do back and press the button and portal over. Done and done achievement unlocked.

Wheatley Puzzle 1.5

Puzzle 1.5

Smash TV
-- 75 -- Break 11 test chamber monitors

There are one or two monitors in each of the Wheatley levels from here on out. You need to smash ALL of them. If you die or restart make sure that the TV is smashed still or you won't get the achievement.

TV #1 - Put a BLUE at the top of the rising spiral and a ORANGE on the ground floor near the Monitor and rise until you are on the ceiling on the main room. Place the BLUE on the wall high and opposite the Monitor. It will drop you through and fling you into the Monitor. Listen to all the Wheatley conversations as they are hilarious.

Now back to the puzzle. Put a BLUE on top of the tunnel again and then a ORANGE to the left so it takes you over to the Turret Cube. Grab the Cube and take it down to the floor. Now place a ORANGE portal on the checkered part on the floor and then drop the Cube into the tunnel and it will rise through to the switch and open the Exit.

Wheatley Puzzle 2

Puzzle 2

Drop into the tunnel and place a BLUE at the end and a ORANGE at the far right. As you come to the next wall move the ORANGE to drop you into this new tunnel which will take you the end. Look down and place a new ORANGE and that will rise you to a high platform that you need to walk out of.

TV #2 - Place the ORANGE on the across section of wall and hit the button. That will bring the Cube to you, but you still need a ORANGE on the floor to rise it up to you. Now place the BLUE on the top right across from the Monitor and the Cube will be flung into it.

OK. Get yourself a new Cube and pull it from the stream.  Place the ORANGE on the floor here with the Cube and it will rise up and hit the switch and you can Exit.

Wheatley Puzzle 3

Puzzle 3

TV #3 - Drop yourself into the stream again. Place BLUE at the end and ORANGE at the top right. This will move you along the roof. Place the BLUE above and across from the Monitor and then the ORANGE quickly on the floor as you fall and you'll get flung into the Monitor.

Place a ORANGE on the back right corner and then BLUE on the end of the stream so you can travel to the far side.

Put a ORANGE on the left side wall and hit the button. The Cube will drop into the stream and take it to the left. Now place the ORANGE on the far right again to bring the Cube to you.

Place a ORANGE on the far back left and then Faith Plate into the stream with the Cube in hand and then drop out into the main area. Place the ORANGE on the floor and then move the ORANGE to the lower middle area across from the Exit again, with the Cube. It will hit the switch and you can move on.

Wheatley Puzzle 4

Puzzle 4

TV #4 - You have to get behind the Turret and grab it. Then move it out in front of the Monitor and carefully put it down so it stays up. It will shot the monitor and then you can drop it off into the void.

Now place a BLUE to the left of the far cube and the ORANGE on the opposite of the tunnel. Then step on the switch and stay there until the Cube is at the far left and let it get all the way to the start. Move the BLUE to the far wall and the Cube will comes to you. Place it on the switch and drift back to the opposite side. Place the ORANGE behind the cube so that it pushes the cube off the switch. Now place the ORANGE on the floor in front of the Exit and climb up to the Exit.

Wheatley Puzzle 5

Puzzle 5

Put a BLUE at the end of the tunnel and then a ORANGE on the middle so the stream is going straight up. Then use the Faith Plate to fling yourself into the stream. Move the BLUE to the far angled wall and you'll drop down and fling to the right.

TV #5 - Now that you are by the button restart the stream in the middle of the chamber. Hit the button to drop the Cube into the stream and then move the BLUE to the far right angled wall again and the Cube will fling into the TV.

Then just place the the Cube on the switch and move on to the next area.

Wheatley Puzzle 6

Puzzle 6

TV #6 - Just step onto the Faith Plate and it will fling you into the Monitor. Easy peasy.

Put a BLUE on the end of the Force Field and then the ORANGE on the left wall about halfway down so that it faces you. Hit the button and the cube will be flung into field and hopefully drop to safety. Portal down to get it. Don't just drop down as there are Turrets covering that area.

Now put the Force Field across the face of the Monitor so and Fling yourself with the Cube up hitting the field so that you land on the catwalk. Now move the BLUE down into the Turret area to cover yourself. Drop down the back area with the Cube, careful not to hit the field or the Cube goes bye bye, and place it on the switch. Then portal out.

Place the field across the monitor again and Faith Plate up there and Exit.

Wheatley Puzzle 11

Puzzle 11

As always with the Wheatley puzzles you need to fire a BLUE at the stream. Now fire an ORANGE at the floor square and rise yourself to the ceiling. Look for a small square on the wall and fire the BLUE there so you drop into the ORANGE and are flung across to the Cube.

Drop down with the Cube and take it all the way to the lowest level and use the Cube to block the beam. Then portla your way back to the main level.

Now place a ORANGE on the angled piece by the Monitor and the BLUE on the angled piece in front of the Faith Plate and launch yourself through.

TV #7 - Grab the redirection Cube and take it all the way down to the lowest level with the beam. Redirect the beam to the wall and then put a BLUE portal at the beam's end. Now get back to the main floor and put the ORANGE put at the Monitor's level. You may need to tweak positioning at the lowest level until it hits the Monitor and destroys it.

Once the Monitor is destroyed move the Cube onto the square below the switch on the main floor area and then put the BLUE opposite the receptacle on the ground in the back and redirect the beam so that it hits the receptacle. Go stand on the platform below the Exit and move the BLUE so the beam doesn't hit the target anymore. Then put the BLUE under the redirect so that it falls out and the stream starts again. Then put the BLUE under the stream and the ORANGE under the Cube so it raises and hits the switch.

Move to the back platform and cut the stream to drop the Cube and raise yourself to the Exit.

Wheatley Puzzle 12

Puzzle 12

So this puzzle is all about starting and stopping the beam. Put a ORANGE at the place the beam hits the wall. Then put the BLUE on the wall in the starting area across from the receptacle. This will move the platform. When the platform is at the far left side, remove a portal so the platform stops. Then portal yourself over to the platform.

Re-establish the  link until you hit the wall and part of the platform is through. Then move the ORANGE to the top middle to hit the other receptacle that opens the wall. Now move over the the other half past the wall and connect the lower receptacle again by moving the ORANGE.

At the end drop down and move the platform all the way back to the other side and hit the button to drop a Cube. Now portal yourself over to the platform with the Cube.

TV #8 - Move the Cube and yourself back above the button. Move the ORANGE to the square that is on your level on the left so that a beam is coming at you and you can use the redirect to hit the Monitor.

Then angle the beam to the receptacle on the opening area wall. Portal over and re-establish the beam so the the Exit opens. Jump into the tunnel and Wheatley will give you a quick tour.

Wheatley Puzzle 15

Puzzle 15

Hit the button and a Cube will fall on the the glass ledge. Step on the Switch and the tunnel will start flowing. ORANGE on the top and then BLUE on the left to push the Cube to the right. Move the BLUE to under the platform on the far side so the Cube falls into the tunnel and comes back to you. Now replace yourself on the switch with the Cube.

TV #9 - Time for another fling. Put the BLUE on the ceiling and the ORANGE on the floor in front of the Monitor. When you get to the height of the ceiling, move the BLUE to across the Monitor and drop back into the ORANGE and fling across to destroy the Monitor.

Grab the Cube and move to the small hole on the back wall. Portal in and place the Cube on this new switch and then leave back to the main area.

In the main area again step on the switch to make the tunnel work. BLUE on the roof and ORANGE on the back square so that the Propulsion Gel is brought into the tunnel. Wait until it is over the entire area step off the switch so that it falls down and covers the entire path and the ramp.

Then back into the small area to get the Cube and place it back on the main outside switch. Place a ORANGE on the ceiling and then look past the ramp to the far right and place a BLUE so that the tunnel moves from right to left across the middle. Now run up the full length of the ramp and into the tunnel and to the Exit.

Tunnel of Funnel -- 15 -- Master the Excursion Funnel

Wheatley Puzzle 16

Puzzle 16

So Wheatley has lost it. The chamber is ripped apart in front of you but there is White Gel on your floor and the far ceiling so portal over to the entrance.

Move yourself to the far side with the button. Put a ORANGE at the end of the tunnel, then the BLUE in the back behind the pipe. Hit the button and Repulsion Gel will fill the tube. Move the BLUE right away so that the Repulsion falls on the small front area on the bottom where you are.

Redo the whole thing again only this time use the Repulsion Gel to jump into the stream ahead of the Repulsion Gel. Now drop out at the starting area and get on the Switch. This will reverse the stream. Wait for it to get back to the main section of the tunnel.

Now get off the switch and quickly move the BLUE to the back section where the turrets are. Now SAVE! You need to move the BLUE so that the Gel falls and hits 2 of the 3 turrets. We need one left to destroy the Monitor.

 TV #10 - This is a little tricky. Place the ORANGE at the end of the tunnel but do it to one side so that the tunnel doesn't actually go through. Put the BLUE on the ground and drop into the tunnel. Now look to the far right and put the BLUE over there, then move the ORANGE to the middle so that you actually move on now. Then drop out the tunnel and quickly grab the Turret. Take it out to the main area and put it down to fire on the Monitor.

Smash TV
-- 75 -- Break 11 test chamber monitors

If you've done them all correctly the achievement will pop.

Now hit the button it will angle a wall piece in the main area. Put the BLUE on the end of the tunnel and a ORANGE beneath you to rise you to the ceiling. Then move the BLUE to the angled wall piece and it will fling you over to the Exit.

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Feb 22nd 2015 Guest
On puzzle 5 there are 2,but did not list the first one
ID #519928
Jul 9th 2014 Guest
Hey Guest 1: what actually happened is the otherwise perfect reviewer forgot one. He did indeed mention in but forgot the video for it. In what he calls puzzle 5 there are two monitors after you hit the first like he shows you also have to use the same strategy and shoot a portal under where the light bridge initially hits to hit the monitor that appears as you walk in. Best of Luck Smile
ID #415312
Oct 26th 2013 Guest
There's only 10 monitors listed here. Where's the 11th?
ID #316467
Nov 9th 2012 Guest
[color=red][/color] I found it a lot hard[strike][/strike]
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