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1: The Courtesy Call

Portal 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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CHAPTER 1: The Courtesy Call

Opening & Puzzle 01


Opening of the Game and Puzzle 01


The game will open with you in your room and you'll be greeted to a quick introduction to the very basics of moving and looking and then put right back to sleep.

You'll quickly be re-awakened to a destroyed room and introduced to your guide in Portal 2, Wheatley. I just want to say this right away, do yourself a favor and listen to everything Wheatley says. He is HILARIOUS. Wheatley will move your room to a new area and you'll be on your way to starting the game.

Wake Up Call -- 5 -- Survive the manual override

You'll get Wake Up Call just for getting started in the game. Work your way into the first puzzle area. This is a very basic intro area. Simply push the button on the right, then go back through the ORANGE portal to enter the room with the Cube. Pick up the Cube and move back through the BLUE portal to get back into the main room.

Drop the Cube and press the left switch. Now grab your Cube again and re-enter the ORANGE portal. This will move you through the BLUE portal that is now on the left side. Place the Cube on the switch and then back to the main middle area one more time. Now click the far back middle button and through the ORANGE portal one final time and you are at the exit. 1 Puzzle down.

Puzzle 02 & 03


Puzzle 02 & 03


You'll head through the area until you reach the your first Portal Gun. This one only fire BLUE portals but luckily someones already placed all the ORANGE portals you need. Only certain walls can have a portal placed on them, namely the cream colored walls that are right below you. So fire a BLUE portal on the wall and jump through.

Head up the broken down walkway and you'll come to a large open area. You can see the ORANGE portal already placed on the far side so just place your BLUE on your side and you're past the gap.

Now you can see the Exit on the side over another gap. This time throw your BLUE to the far side with the Exit and then walk through the ORANGE to get to the exit.

Drop Box
-- 20 -- Place a cube on a button without touching the cube

As you come through the door to the next area RUN forward to the pit on the right and aim straight down and throw a BLUE portal down ASAP. As the Cube falls it will go right through your hole and onto the button getting you the achievement. If you miss it, reload and try again. This is the BEST place to get this achievement period. Then just walk out the next Exit.

Puzzle 04


Puzzle 04


First throw out a BLUE portal and walk through to get on the top small platform. Then throw a new BLUE portal to the far small platform with the Cube. Walk through the ORANGE to get over to that side. Grab the Cube and drop down and place it on one of the switches.

Now look down the far back pit. Throw a BLUE portal under the cube and it will drop through the ORANGE. Place a new BLUE on your level and walk through to get the Cube and place it on the final switch and move on.

In the Exit room drop a BLUE portal on the ground and it will drop you from the ceiling and onto the glass lowering it down. At the top of the glass ramp take a hard right to see the first of Rattmann's dens. No achievements yet but its a nice hidden area to look over. Then continue on to the next room.

Puzzle 05


Puzzle 05


Just to get into the room place a BLUE portal on the ground and you'll drop into the main room. Hit the switch and then move towards the water. Look to the far right and there is a small platform that now has a Cube on it. Place a BLUE underneath it to get it to drop back behind you in the main room. Go grab the Cube and place it on the switch.

This raises the ramp near the exit. Walk up there to the next set of switches. The left switch drops another Cube. The problem is it gets thrown into the water and destroyed immediately. So right after hitting the left switch, you need to hit the right to get the wall to raise to stop the Cube in the main area. You can do this as often as you need until you get it right. Then back down the ramp and grab the Cube and place it on the second switch to open the door.

Puzzle 06


Puzzle 06 - Part 1


Place a BLUE portal on the wall to get into the room. Then go to the edge of the pit and look down. Place a BLUE portal at the bottom and fall into it flinging you to the far exit side. Now peak into the glass enclosure and place a BLUE portal underneath it and it will fall into the pit. It may launch to you automatically. If you have to go get it just grab and fling it with you to the exit. Place it on the switch and that's the end of room.


Puzzle 06 - Part 2


In the next room place a BLUE portal on the angle wall section to the left and then jump through the pre-placed ORANGE portal that is on the bottom of the pit and fling yourself to the far side. Grab the Cube and drop down 2 levels and place it on the far platform by the door.

Now move the BLUE portal to the far top left on the opposite of the angled wall. Then drop once again through the ORANGE portal in the pit and that will fling you to the exit. Pick up the Cube and place it on the switch around the broken glass.

Drop through the ORANGE one last time to fling yourself to the high exit.

Puzzle 07


Puzzle 07


Wheatley is back. Throw a BLUE portal on the far wall and drop into the ORANGE to get into the back room. Wheatley will drop off the stick and you'll have to pick him up and place him in the terminal. He'll open a door and you can move on.

Off The Grid


Off  The Grid


Carry Wheatley through the inner workings of the Test Chambers until you reach the next terminal. Place Weatley in and you'll rise out of the lower chambers to see GLaDOS. GLaDOS decides you need more testing and drops you down a tube.

You Monster -- 5 -- Reunite with GLaDOS

You'll get this achievement automatically as you drop down the tube. As you work your way through this junked out area you'll get the ORANGE/BLUE gun and now it's go time. From here on out you can use any color combo you want but I'm going to stick with what I use in the videos. Drop and ORANGE up high past where you get the gun then a BLUE on your side to move on.

This whole area is placing a portal near you and one higher and farther along. Just keep working your way forward and you'll come to the elevator and then end of the first chapter.

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Jul 25th 2011 Guest
This guide was awesome I went through it like 8 times.U rock. Umonster rocker.
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