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7: The Reunion

Portal 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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CHAPTER 7: The Reunion

Beta Puzzle 1

Beta Puzzle 1

As we come into the room we want to get to the high left. So place a ORANGE on the ceiling above it and a BLUE on the ground floor and walk on trough. BEFORE hitting the button place a BLUE beneath the pipe and a ORANGE to the starting area low so that when you push the button the Propulsion Gel makes a long path. Now just drop down and run forward on the Gel to get to the far side.

Place a BLUE on the next target just around the corner to the left. Now place a ORANGE above the button area. Walk through and move the ORANGE to below the pipe again and push the button. Now the far area will be coated. Run over the both tracks of Gel.

Now place a BLUE inside with the Cube and a ORANGE on the outside and walk in and get the Cube. Now move the BLUE to the previous section and walk through with the Cube to get back there. Now one more BLUE all the way back and take the portal and place it on the switch. That will raise the ramp and now you can run to the Exit area.

Place a ORANGE so that it is across from the button. Now back to the start and run from the top of the ramp through the BLUE and hit the Button up high. Now you can exit.

Portrait of a Lady -- 10 -- Find a hidden portrait

Before enter the next area look for a portalable wall up high and throw a portal in there. Use one on the ground level to get up and and then check out the picture on the wall for the achievement.

Now you can move on.

Beta Puzzle 2

Beta Puzzle 2

Look out and place a BLUE on the middle of the column. Then a ORANGE under where the gel will fall. Hit the button and coat the area in Propulsion Gel. Now look up and move the BLUE to the one ceiling tile, place a the ORANGE under the Repulsion and hit that button. Now run jump to the center column.

Go around the other side and place a BLUE down low and a ORANGE up high and move out onto the top catwalk. Place a BLUE as high as you can on here and then a BLUE back at the start and go through. Now move the BLUE to the center of the column so that when you hit it you will fling out the far side.

Beta Puzzle 3

Beta Puzzle 3

Move through the area until you get to the main puzzle area. ORANGE under the Blue Gel and then place the BLUE on the far top right angled piece. Now move the BLUE to the Propulsion Gel and move the ORANGE to the below the angle to coat the flat part. Now move through.

Keep the ORANGE on the flat bottom but put the BLUE on the top angled and run through from the far side to fling over to a new area.

You can just see it from here but put a ORANGE on the floor of the far left area and a BLUE under the Repulsion Gel. Pick up the Cube and drop down a level and then portal over the that left area and place the Cube on the switch to rotate the plate. Now portal back to the main area and look to the high left. Place a ORANGE portal up there behind the angled piece and then the BLUE on the Propulsion Gel to coat the ramp. Now get yourself back to the Propulsion Runway you made at the beginning. Look up to the left and replace the BLUE up by the angled piece and a ORANGE down below and run through to the Exit.

Stranger Than Friction
-- 15 -- Master the Propulsion Gel

You get this achievement for finishing the puzzle.

Gamma Entrance

Gamma Entrance

Just keep moving through the areas using some very basic portals to get from your low location to some high locations until you get to a control room. Throw all 3 switches and then to keep from getting smashed throw a portal after the catwalk and one by you to get through.

So this new White Gel that is covering everything allows you to place portals on previously non-portal walls. Start by placing a BLUE on the ground in the white and the ORANGE up high on the broken catwalk. Now jump into the Repulsion Gel to get to the other side.

Now this top room is covered in Propulsion Gel is run past the smashing bits to get to the other side and move on to the Exit.

Gamma Puzzle 1

Gamma Puzzle 1

So there is a stream of White Gel spewing everywhere. Where you want to get it is past the mesh fence area on the right. Put a BLUE under the Gel and a ORANGE just everywhere until that side is covered and move your way over there. OK now that you are on the other side you need to get the White Gel to move up between the two columns by moving the ORANGE portal back and forth until it coats the right top. Then portal yourself up to the top.

Place a BLUE on the angled piece to your bottom left and then fall off the top and ORANGE beneath you to fling over to the Exit.

White Out
-- 15 -- Complete the first Conversion Gel test

Elevator Shaft

Elevator Shaft

So this is a large elevator shaft filled with white walls. We want to cut off as much as we can so zoom into the highest point you can see and place your portal. Then one by you and walk on through. Keep moving up until you reach the actual elevator car. Place a BLUE inside the elevator car and then fall off to place a ORANGE before you go splat. This will fling you up  to the top point. Place a BLUE on the angled piece and drop back down to the ORANGE below to get to the Exit.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces

First off place a ORANGE up high on one of the columns and a BLUE on the floor and drop on up. Look up to the top right and fire a ORANGE on the angled piece above the door and then drop BLUE into the floor to fling over.

Now we need to keep the one on the angled piece and put a BLUE under the Repulsion Gel to coat the top angled piece and do another drop from distance to the floor and through a quickly placed BLUE to launch into the Gel and back higher.

Now place a ORANGE on the ground at this new high area and do another drop. As you come out this top ORANGE straight up, fling a BLUE into the even higher area to land in there. From here you can just walk over into the Exit.

Gamma Puzzle 2

Gamma Puzzle 2

First up a BLUE under the While (Conversion) Gel and then the ORANGE on the ceiling at the far side to cover that wall in Gel. Then put the BLUE on the bottom of the column and the ORANGE under the Propulsion Gel. Move the BLUE back to the top angled part and run, then jump into the ORANGE and up out of the BLUE.

At the back of this top area put a BLUE on the bottom and the ORANGE under the White Gel to get the top pipe coated. Then Move the ORANGE to the top and the BLUE to the Repulsion Gel to make a Blue floor and run through the runway again.


The Pipe Area

As you come to a area with White Gel falling down throw a ORANGE put through the mesh to where the Gel is coming from and the BLUE on the ground and walk on through. Walk into the central pipe area and throw the ORANGE up on the angled piece behind the mesh. This will start coating the area with White Gel. Now that the whole place is coated throw a ORANGE up to the highest area you can and go through. The top is covered but of course there is a white area to drop a portal on so you can go through.

In this large area there is a white wall below a light high up. Then of course there is a place down below for you to go through. Go to the opening on the catwalk and look down. White flooring. Time for a fling. Look to the top right and place a BLUE there, then drop down and put a ORANGE underneath you. Hit the hatch override button and a platform will lower. Simply drop down and go up the stairs to exit the area.

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