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Zombrex Posters

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Zombrex posters

To get the 'Improper Behaviour' achivement (20) / trophy you need to spraypaint all the Zombrex posters.

This page in our guide will tell you where all 33 Zombrex posters are, using a map and text description. And as an added bonus if you shoot towards the bottom of this page you'll see two videos showing you how it's done

Location of all Zombrex Posters, click the image for a larger version

1 - Americana Casino - In the back right bathroom
2 - Americana Casino - Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack - In the booth to the left of the stairs going up
3 - Royal Flush Plaza - In the back right near the entrance to the Americana
4 - Royal Flush Plaza - On the triangle ad stand in the middle just to the right of the Safe House entrance
5 - Royal Flush Plaza - Second floor right up the curved stairs on a ad sign between the two landings
6 - Royal Flush Plaza - Roy's Mart - Inside and to the right
7 - Slot Ranch - On the right as you enter the bathrooms
8 - Slot Ranch - On the wall to the left of a bank of slots
9 - Fortune Park - On the right near a maintenance room
10 - Fortune Park - Near the bottom on an information kiosk
11 - South Plaza - On the right across from the bathrooms. (There are spray paints can on the floor around here if you need them)
12 - Fortune City Arena - In front of you as you leave the security room
13 - Fortune City Arena - Hostile Zone - In the small shop
14 - South Plaza - Against the wall
15 - South Plaza - You need to jump up two levels of scaffolding
16 - Platinum Strip - On the wall by the maintenance room
17 - Platinum Strip - On the wall by the maintenance room
18 - Platinum Strip - At the bottom of the stairs. This area is always COVERED in zombies. Come with some weapons. You can grab a gardening cart or a wheelchair and it will definitely help
19 - Silver Strip - Right outside the Slot Ranch casino entrance
20 - Food Court - On the right as you enter from the Slot Ranch
21 - Food Court - On the right before you leave for the Yucatan Casino
22 - Food Court - Right by the maintenance room
23 - Silver Strip - Right by the maintenance room near the Yucatan Casino
24 - Yucatan Casino - On the right tucked behind the escalator
25 - Yucatan Casino - Back right of the bathrooms
26 - Palisades Mall - Second floor in the bathrooms
27 - Palisades Mall - Second floor by Under the Sea Travels
28 - Palisades Mall - In the back room of The Venus Touch
29 - Palisades Mall - On the back of the escalator
30 - Palisades Mall - At the way way back of the maintenance hallway that goes on and on forever
31 - Atlantica Casino - On the left as you enter from the Mall
32 - Atlantica Casino - In the back left of the band shell
33 - Atlantica Casino - In the small security office

There are 33 Posters in the game. You actually have to carry spray paint cans with you to use and the zombies are not going to stand by while you do this. Because of all of this I would suggest you do the posters as part of a separate collectible run.

As soon as you leave the Safe House head right to the Americana Casino. Inside is a gift shop called the The American Historium that has as much spray paint as you want. I don't know why but they do.  You need 6 total cans to get the job done. I laid out the numbers of these posters in the order you should get them. I didn't really do the game except for the first set of Cases to get the first Zombrex for Katey and to get the Fortune City Arena gate opened. This is 1-1 through 1-3. The only other thing you are not going to be able to avoid is the Tim / Snowflake Psycho battle, but you actually want to do this.


All Zombrex Posters - Part 1



All Zombrex Posters - Part 2


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