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Day 1

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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DAY 1 - 03:00 AM


Grab the Fire Axe from outside the control room. Get the Orange Juice from the break room then head through the Ductwork at the bottom of the stairs to get to the main area.

Royal Flush Plaza

Grab the Sledge Hammer from around the corner past the maintenance room. Then go back to the maintenance room and combine:
Sledge Hammer Fire Axe = Defiler

After head into the main area of the Royal Flush Plaza and head to the center kiosk - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. Grab the Magazine Health 1 and then climb on top of the Kiosk to get the Bowie Knife.

Head into The Man's Sport and grab the Boxing Gloves. Then go to Tunemakers and use their maintenance room.
Boxing Gloves Bowie Knife = Knife Gloves

Case 1-1 : 111 Denyce Calloway
Grab the Wheel Chair from the front of the store and drive it around to Roy's Mart. Take out the 3 looters and escort 111 Denyce Calloway. Go into the side office to get Zombrex and an Orange Juice. Go back to the Safe House to drop off survivors.

DAY 1 - 04:07 AM

Head from the Royal Flush Plaza through Slot Ranch to get to the Food Court. Go into Wild West Grill House and get the x3 Steaks in the back kitchen. Then continue to Yucatan Casino.

No call : PSYCHO - 004 Ted Smith & 112 Snowflake

Ted is very easy. First drop all 3 of your Steaks on the ground. This will work towards taming Snowflake and keep him/her out of the battle between you and Ted. Ted is a pushover. Just keep beating him and he will go down fast. After Ted is disposed you need to finish taming Snowflake. There are 3 more Steaks in the glassed in mountain area. 2 on the top left and 1 on the small boulder. Just drop these also and keep them between you and Snowflake. Don't hit Snowflake. After he/she eats 3 bites Snowflake will join your group.


Psycho - Tim


No Call - 043 Lenny Monney
Lenny is in the chip cage near the Silver Strip entrance. Go into the back room and he'll take you on a trip near to the service room near the bathrooms. Throw the switch in there and he'll join up.

Escort Snowflake and Lenny back to the Safe House the same way you came. Food Court to Slot Ranch to Royal Flush Casino.
Snowflake counts as a gift for Katey so Examine Snowflake in the security room for the gift to register.

Give Katey Zombrex #1

Grab a new Fire Axe and Sledge Hammer and create a new Defiler. It's always a good call or replace weapons whenever possible since they degrade so fast.

DAY 1 - 09:02 AM

No Call - 046 Gordan Dawkins & 035 Lashawndra Dawkins
Head out of the Safe House and go right to Casual Girl and talk to Gordan. Then escort him to Lashawndra at the Dark Bean.

Take them back to the Safe House

No Call - 037 Chad Elchart &  Lost... - 072 Doris Elchart
Head through the Americana Casino to the Platinum Strip and to Dining at Davey's. Help Gordan kill zombies and then he'll join up. Then head down to the Kiosk at the bottom of the area by the Fortune City Arena entrance. Pick up Doris and head up the Strip. Stop by Moe's Maginations to unlock the Pawnshops. (Call: One Man's Trash)

Go up to the Fortune City Hotel for Case 1-2: Alive On Location. Follow Rebecca Chang to the security room (Case 1-3: Insecurity). Then take Gordan and Doris back to the Safe House via American Casino and the Royal Flush Plaza for Case 1-4: Alliance.

DAY 1 - 11:57 AM
Open Calls: Welcome to the Family & Short Sighted

Short Sighted - 032 Ester Alwin
Head to the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza to the Children's Castle to get Ester. You need to talk to her many many times but eventually she will join you. Pick her up as she is a SLOW old lady and carry her back to the Safe House.

DAY 1 - 12:55 PM

Welcome to the Family - 029 Kenneth Walsh & Jack Ellis
Royal Flush Plaza to Fortune Park to Atlantica Casino to Palisades Mall. They are in Shank's at the very top of the mall's first floor. You have to kill all the zombies in the store making sure not to injure the two men. Then they will join you. Head back via the Yucatan Casino.

FREE ZOMBREX 1 - Climb the Dice Slot Machine in the middle of the casino to get a free Zombrex and a LMG.


Zombrex - Yucatan Casino


Now to the Silver Strip and stop in One Little Duck Bingo to get the Leadership Magazine. Then head through Slot Ranch to Royal Flush Plaza and back to the safe house.

DAY 1 - 2:50 PM
Open Calls
: Workers Compensation, Lush-ious Lady & Meet the Contestants

Head to the American Casino.

FREE ZOMBREX 2 - Head into Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack and take the stairs to the second floor. Jump off to the left and jump from lighting fixture to fixture until you get to the small ledge. The Zombrex is there.


Zombrex - Americana Casino


Workers Compensation - 101 Stuart Holmes & 054 Brittany Beck
They have barricaded themselves into a bank of slots. You have to hit Stuart a couple times to get him in line.

Lush-ious Lady - 066 Kristen Harris
Kristen is in the security room between the Royal Flush Plaza and Bennies. She's blitzed drunk so carry her. Take all 3 back to the safe house.

DAY 1 - 4:06 PM
Open Calls
: Brains over Brawn & Meet The Contestants

Meet the Contestants: PSYCHO - 017 Leon Bell
Head through the Americana Casino to the bottom of the Platinum Plaza. Once the scene is over drive the bike north to the middle mountain with the Save Bathroom. This is where Leon should be. Get off the bike and stand in front of and dodge out of the way when he comes at you. Then when he's stunned from the hit, run up and bash on him. Shotguns and the LMG can do damage also, but the best is just Knife Gloves to him when he is stunned.


Psycho - Leon Bell


DAY 1 - 6:04 PM

Brains Over Brawn - 038 Curtis Ellenton, 040 John Boog, 042 Brian Scherbey & 051 Kevin Meyers
You now have access to the Bike. Hop on and drive south to the Fortune Hotel entrance. These 4 are located in the bottom of the area in Ultimate Playhouse. Keep talking to John until he agrees to come with you. Grab the 3 2x4s in the right side of the store and the Baseball Bat in the back left by the giant head. Give them all weapons. Then head out.

Barn Burner - 047 Elrod Bumpkins & 092 Trixie-Lynn Horton
Head to the Fortune City Arena and take the first left to get to the back room. Get the Fire Axe on the ground on the way in. Grab the Fire Extinguisher on the left and put out the fire. Then talk to Elrod until they both join. Give the axe to Trixie-Lynn.

You should get the Cutscene telling the time right here.

Chuck The Role Model: PSYCHO - 007 Brandon Whittaker & 053 Vikki Taylor
Leave the Fortune City Arena to the Americana Casino and head to the first set of bathrooms on the left. Drop your group of 6 off in the Womens Bathroom with LT Y. There is no save but we don't want them getting killed by Brandon.
Brandon likes to jump into the stalls and then jump out and slash you. Wait for him to jump into a stall and then run up and down that aisle. Once he jumps back out and misses. Hit him a few times and then move out. Once he gets low you can risk calling everyone back with Y for some “final” damage. Afterwards talk to Vikki and burn rubber back to the Safe House.


Psycho - Brandon Whittaker


Go into the Security Room to finish Case 2-1 Sign of Life.

DAY 1 - 8:07 PM
Open Calls
: Once Bitten

Once Bitten - 044 Jared Davis
Head to the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza and enter Wiley Travels. On the way there make sure to stop by Yesterday and get a new Bowie Knife and OJ and the Boxing Gloves from Man's Sport to make a new Knife Gloves. Give Jared a Zombrex (Leaves us with 1 following this guide) and escort him back to the safe house.

DAY 1 - 9:02 PM

Code Blue - 033 Sven Blaaborg
Head to the Slot Ranch and wait at the exit to the Silver Strip for the call Code Blue which should come at 10 PM. You can hang out behind the bar to the left of the exit if you don't want to worry about those pesky zombies getting at you. Then head out and go to the One Little Duck Bingo and get Sven. Get the flashlight outside the Bingo hall and head up to the maintenance room. Grab the flashlight outside here and enter. Grab the 2x gems and combine them.
Gems Flashlight = Lightsword

Head to the top and enter the Yucatan Casino. You can save at the bathrooms at the back if you want. Then head into the Food Court. Grab BBQ Ribs and a BBQ Chicken from the Wild West Grill House and combine them in Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant to get a Painkiller.

BBQ Ribs BBQ Chicken = Painkiller

Tastes Like Chicken: PSYCHO - 003 Antonie Thomas, 023 Cinda Smith & 089 Jasper Sanford
Leave Sven in the Rojo back room with a weapon and head to Cucina Donnacci. Antonie will throw plates at you so dodge those. Wait for him to start eating some food at the tables and hit him hard and fast with the knife gloves to easily outpace anything he is gaining from the food. Afterwards talk to Cinda in the freezer. She won't leave until you go get Jasper. Call Sven over with Y and place him next to Cinda with LT Y. You need to climb on top of the vending machines by the Yucatan entrance and work over to the roof of the Hamburger Fiefdom to get Jasper. Then go back and grab Sven and get Cinda and go back to the safe house.


Psycho - Antonie Thomas


Sven will give you Zombrex when you get back. Zombrex: 2

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Comments for Day 1

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Jun 27th 2013 Guest
Thanks for the help on the Snowflake issue! However, on X Box Kinect, the steaks do no good to drop them before you kill Ted. Might as well hold them until you do that. Then, the steaks must be dropped all on top of each other, or Snowflake won't eat them. Finally, she will still attack you for a little while before eating the first steak, so just try to roll away from her as she leaps at you.
ID #293287
Sep 9th 2011 Guest
combine the flashlight and the gems
ID #73444
Nov 26th 2010 dabom0282
how u get the lite saber
ID #19379
Oct 25th 2010 Guest
Disappointed that you have your own site and youtube page with plenty of subscribers, but chose to do this walkthrough for here instead :/
ID #16212