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Dead Rising 2 PC Cheats and Tips

We have 19 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Dead Rising 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360 : Xbox One

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Easy Money Grinding

To be able to perform this trick you must have reached the safehouse at least once. Anytime during gameplay after that save your game and go to 'Quit Game' and restart the story. If you do not press 'Start' to skip the cut-scene when the game starts you will be able to do do the opening 'Slicecycles' sequence again and gain $10,000 for coming in 1st place. This process can be repeated as many times as you desire.

Free Zombrex Locations

When you search the following locations during the game you will get free Zombrex.

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Americana Casino:

On the second floor of the BBQ restaurant, follow the right side at the fork. Jump on the balcony and over to the closest light then continue across the rest of the lights.

Underground Access:

Go directly under the Atlantica Casino (the underground path overlaps the upper edge of the casino). The Zombrex is near an access ladder on a raised walkway.

Slot Ranch Casino:

Go backstage behind the curtain and climb up the stack of boxes and speakers. Jump on a smaller stack of boxes and speakers.

Code Blue miss..

Easy Money

Find a slot machine in the casinos that has a pile of money (100$) in front of it. You will be able to play on this slot machine and win up to five times. To win on this machine again after your fifth win go into the map (any casino, or the machines by the Sports Car in the Royal Flush Plaza). You can also get easy money by destroying ATM machines which will drop between $2,000 and $2,500. To do the following trick you need to have at least $25,000 to $50,000. Go to the Slot Ranch casino and find the Heart slot machine on the wall that has two buy in amounts ($100 and $1,000). Select $1,000. Keep playing this machine until you have $6 million (this will not take long to do), then buy as much as desired. The best combinations (hearts fill in for the third slot), 3 hearts are $100,000; 2 h..

Blender Locations

If you need a blender to mix the juices then search the following locations.

Baron Von Brathaus (Yucatan Casino)

Juggz Bar (Platinum Strip)

Palisades Mall (grotto bar on first floor)

Pub O' Gold (Silver Strip)

Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant (Food Court)

Shots & Awe (Americana Casino)

Sipparellos (Atlantica Casino)

Slot Ranch Casino (at the bar)


As you level up during the game the Scratch cards will turn into Combo cards and when the following combo cards are combined the corresponding weapon will become available.

Air Horn:

Combine Pylon + Spray Paint


Combine Pitchfork + Drill Motor

Beer Hat:

Combine Beer + Construction Hat


Combine Bow and Arrow + Dynamite (search the movie poster on the south side of Cucina Donnacci)

Blazing Aces:

Combine Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch (Rescue Left Hand Lance for the 'Tape It Or Die 2' side mission)


Combine Electric Chair + LMG or Merc Assault Rifle


Combine Shotgun + Pitchfork

Burning Skull:

Combine Bull Skull + Motor Oil (pay..

Hidden Combo Card Locations

Check out the following video to find the location of ALL 9 secret combo cards which are needed to get the 'Curiously Inventive' Achievement.

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Unlock Ghosts 'n Goblins Knight Armour

When you collect ALL 4 pieces of the knight armour you will get half damage. Losing more than 50% health will cause the armour to break and you will take normal damage in your underwear. The pieces of armour are at the following locations.


At Royal Flush Plaza in the rear of the 'Wave of Style' hairdresser's shop.

Knight's Helmet:

Rescue Jack in 'Meet the Family' and defeat him in a poker game in the 'Ante Up' case.

Knight's Boots:

At the Platinum Strip purchased for $2 million from 'Moe's Migitations'.

Knight's Armour:

Complete the game with an 'S' rank.

Easy 'Father Of The Year' Achievement

The following video shows you the locations of ALL 11 gifts for Katey which you need to find and take back to her (Katey is always sitting in the office of the safe house). Doing this will earn you Prestige Points which will level you up faster.

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Robot bear

Bag of marbles

Beach ball

Stick pony

Giant stuffed donkey

Giant stuffed elephant

Giant stuffed bull

Water gun

Giant Stuffed Rabbit

Tiger (give it steak or ribs to tame it)

Funny painting (obtained on the case 4 mission 'Art Appreciation')

Unlock Special Items

Below is a list of items that can be obtained by completing the corresponding task.

Unlock Champion's Jacket:

Win a TIR Online episode.

Unlock TIR Helmet:

Earn $1,000,000 in TIR Online.

Unlock TIR Outfit:

Earn $5,000,000 in TIR Online.

Unlock Convicts:

Kill 10 psychopaths.

Unlock Hockey Mask:

Use every melee weapon to make a kill.

Unlock Tattered Clothes:

Kill 1,000 zombies with hand-to-hand.


An easy way of getting survivors to the safehouse is to use wheelchairs instead of your arms or your back. Just push a wheelchair up to the survivor and wait for them to sit down (they don't have to be injured). When you run the wheelchair to the safehouse you can use it as a weapon knocking down zombies but don't hit too many or crash into too many walls or the wheelchair will break and you will dump the survivor. The wheelchair can also be armed with weapons and used like a tank as shown in the video below.

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Easy 'Look At All That Juice!' Achievement

Watch the following video to find out how the different juices can be made easily.

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Defeating Leon

Go to the arena and find the motorbike at the front of it. Ride it to the fireworks store at Silver Strip and get rockets from there. Then ride the bike to the alley with the maintenance room and get a metal pipe. Now ride the bike to the rock canyon and enter the maintenance room in the rocks and create a rocket launcher. When you have created a rocket launcher exit the door of the maintenance room and stand in the left side corner and save the game. When Leon appears from the left side he will run into the wall. Use the rocket launcher you created and keep shooting at him until he has been killed.

Easy 'Tape It Or Die' Achievement

Look for a zombie (usually in a crowd) with his hands in the air and Kill him to release the queen in a bottle. Get a beer and go to the candy store and take some jelly beans. Combining the beer with the jelly beans will create a nectar and if you then combine the queen with the nectar you will get the 'Tape It Or Die' achievement and the secret combo card 'The Wingman'.

Defeating Sgt. Dwight

Kill Sgt. Dwight easily by performing the following trick during Case 6-2. Enter Fortune Park and go to the red SUV which costs $2 million to unlock by purchasing the keys. Then drive it to the underground area and squeeze it in. At the entrance to the loading bay there are a line of large boxes blocking it off. Drive over these boxes and squeeze the SUV under the security gate. Doing this will trigger a cinematic for the Boss fight against Sgt. Dwight. When the cinematic has completed you will be on foot again and if you look at where you entered you will see the SUV is stuck halfway in the room. Get inside the SUV and squeeze it in the rest of the way through and then use it to kill Sgt. Dwight.

Unlock Dealer Outfit

If you change into ALL the available pieces of clothing in the safe-house (except the locker items) the Dealer outfit will become unlocked. You can also find the Dealer costume in the room Lenny is hiding in the Yucatan.


When you create the following juice by mixing the indicated ingredients the corresponding effect will become enabled. There are 9 different types of juice you can create and ALL will give you full health. It is possible to find the necessary ingredients in the food court to make ALL 9 and get the 'Look At All That Juice!' Achievement.

Energizer (cannot be injured for 10 seconds)

Combine Chili + Chili

Combine Taco + Hamburger

Nectar (attracts nearby Queens and spawns one Queen nearby for 6 minutes)

Combine Orange Juice + Orange Juice

Combine Jelly Beans + Beer

Combine Onion Rings + Orange Juice

Pain Killer (take half physical damage for 1 minute)

Combine Beer + Beer


Easy 'The Skill To Survive' Achievement

This Achievement is obtained by taming the tiger Snowflake, killing her psychopath owner 'Ted' and giving her something to eat. Steaks can be found in the restaurant or in the area Snowflake is waiting. Collect the steaks before entering the Yucatan casino and make sure you have a good weapon as the fight will automatically start as soon as you enter for the first time.

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Quicker Start in New Game+ Mode

When you start a New Game+ session skip the opening cinematic and you will advance past the 'Terror Is Reality' section until your arrival at the emergency bunker.

Easy 'Masquerade' Achievement

Near the area you start the story there is a store which has an infinite amount of lizzard masks. Go to this store to make getting this Achievement fast and easy.

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