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Dead Rising 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 30 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Dead Rising 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Dead Rising 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Easy Money

In the casinos find a slot machine that has a pile of money (100$) in front of it. On this slot machine you will be able to win up to five times. To win on this machine again after your fifth win go into the map (any casino, or the machines by the Sports Car in the Royal Flush Plaza). You can also get easy money by destroying ATM machines which will drop between $2,000 and $2,500. To do the following trick you need to have at least $25,000 to $50,000. Go to the Slot Ranch casino and find the Heart slot machine on the wall that has two buy in amounts ($100 and $1,000). Select $1,000. Keep playing this machine until you have $6 million (this will not take long to do), then buy as much as desired. The best combinations (hearts fill in for the third slot), 3 hearts are $100,000; 2 hearts and..

Easy 'The Skill To Survive' Achievement

To get this Achievement you have to tame Snowflake, kill her psychopath owner 'Ted' and give her something to eat. Steaks can be found in the restaurant or in the area Snowflake is waiting. Collect the steaks before entering the Yucatan casino and make sure you have a good weapon as the fight will automatically start as soon as you enter for the first time.

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Juice Combinations

Create the following juices by mixing the indicated ingredients to enable the corresponding effect. There are 9 different types of drinks you can create and ALL will give you full health. It is possible to find the necessary ingredients in the food court to make ALL 9 drinks and get the 'Look At All That Juice!' Achievement.

Energizer (Chuck cannot be injured. This effect lasts for ten seconds.):

Chili + Chili


Taco + Hamburger

Nectar (nearby Queens are attracted to Chuck and one Queen is spawned nearby. This effect lasts for 6 minutes.):

Orange Juice + Orange Juice


Jelly Beans + Beer


Onion Rings + Orange Juice

Pain Killer (Chuck takes only half physical damage. This effec..

Katey Gift Locations

Looking for gifts for Katey - We've got your back on this one. We have a page on our guide which covers the locations oof all the gifts, there is a text description of each one, a map and a video covering the whole lot.

Just follow this link to go to our guide page:

Katey Gifts, guide and map

Watch the video

Blender Locations

Search the following locations to find a blender to mix the juices.

Baron Von Brathaus (Yucatan Casino)

Juggz Bar (Platinum Strip)

Palisades Mall (grotto bar on first floor)

Pub O' Gold (Silver Strip)

Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant (Food Court)

Shots & Awe (Americana Casino)

Sipparellos (Atlantica Casino)

Slot Ranch Casino (at the bar)

Hidden Combo Card Locations

For the 'Curiously Inventive' achievement (20) / trophy you need to collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.

This page in our Dead Rising 2 Guide lists all the combo vard locations, shows you a map of where to find them and has a video showing you how it's done...

Watch the video

Combo Cards Map

Weapon Combo Cards

When you level up during the game the Scratch cards will turn into Combo cards and when the following items are combined the corresponding weapon will become available. Collect ALL the cards to unlock not just the weapons but also multiple Achievements.

Air Horn:

Traffic Cone + Aerosol Spray

Beer Hat:

Bottle of Beer + Hard Hat


Bow and Arrows + TNT


Assault Rifle + Electric Wheel Chair


Axe + Sledgehammer

Drill Bucket:

Bucket + Drill


Human Hand (or meat) + TNT

Electric Rake:

Car Battery + Rake


Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade

Fire Spitter:

Tiki Torch + Light Machine Gun


Defeating Sgt. Dwight

Use the following trick during Case 6-2 to easily kill Sgt. Dwight. To perform it enter Fortune Park and go to the red SUV which costs $2 million to unlock by purchasing the keys. Drive the SUV to the underground area and squeeze it in. At the entrance to the loading bay there are a line of large boxes blocking it off. Drive over these boxes and squeeze the SUV under the security gate. When you do this a cinematic for the Boss fight against Sgt. Dwight will be triggered. When the cinematic has completed you will be on foot again and if you look at where you entered you will see the SUV is stuck halfway in the room. Get inside the SUV and squeeze it in the rest of the way through and use it to kill Sgt. Dwight.

Hidden Zombrex Locations

Check out the following video to find the locations of ALL 4 hidden Zombrex stashes in Fortune City. There is no Achievement for collecting Zombrex but it is needed to keep katey alive and reach the Overtime mode.

Watch the video

Easy 'Look At All That Juice!' Achievement

The following video shows you how the juices can be made easily.

Watch the video

Unlock Ghosts 'n Goblins Knight Armour

Collect ALL 4 pieces of the knight armor to get half damage. If you lose more than 50% health the armour will break and you will take normal damage in your underwear. Search the following locations to find the corresponding piece of armour.


At Royal Flush Plaza in the rear of the 'Wave of Style' hairdresser's shop.

Knight's Helmet:

Rescue Jack in 'Meet the Family' and defeat him in a poker game in the 'Ante Up' case.

Knight's Boots:

At the Platinum Strip purchased for $2 million from 'Moe's Migitations'.

Knight's Armour:

Complete the game with an 'S' rank.

Quicker Start in New Game+ Mode

Complete the game and start a New Game+ session and skip the opening cinematic to advance past the 'Terror Is Reality' section until your arrival at the emergency bunker.

Unlock Special Items

The following items become available when you complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Champion's Jacket:

Win a TIR Online episode.

Unlock TIR Helmet:

Earn $1,000,000 in TIR Online.

Unlock TIR Outfit:

Earn $5,000,000 in TIR Online.

Unlock Convicts:

Kill 10 psychopaths.

Unlock Hockey Mask:

Use every melee weapon to make a kill.

Unlock Tattered Clothes:

Kill 1,000 zombies with hand-to-hand.

Improper Behaviour Achivement

To get the 'Improper Behaviour' achivement (20) / trophy you need to spraypaint all the Zombrex posters.

Our Dead Rising 2 Guide covers this with a map and description of all 33 Zombrex posters:

Also check out our videos which shows you how to do it:

Watch the video All Zombrex Posters Part 1

Watch the video All Zombrex Posters Part2

Easy Money Grinding

The following process can be repeated as many times as you desire. Save your game and go to 'Quit Game' and restart the story anytime during gameplay after you have first made it to the safe house. If you do not press 'Start' to skip the cut-scene when the game starts you will be able to do do the opening 'Slicecycles' sequence again and gain $10,000 for coming in 1st place.

Easy 'Tape It Or Die' Achievement

The Wingman secret combo card is created and you get the 'Tape It Or DIE!' Achievement when you combine Queen and Nectar. To do this find a zombie (usually in a crowd) with his hands in the air and kill him to release the queen in a bottle. To create nectar get a beer and jelly beans from the candy store and combine them. It is possible to create Nectar with other food and drinks but this combination seems to be the easiest and quickest.

Unlock Dead Rising: Case Zero Bonus Costumes

When you start a game by importing a Dead Rising: Case Zero file you will unlock the Waitress Oufit, Bowling Shirt, Hunting Jacket, and Overalls. These bonus costumes are ALL X360 exclusives.

Unlock Dealer Outfit

When you change into ALL the available pieces of clothing in the safe-house (except the locker items) the Dealer outfit will become available. You can also find the Dealer costume in the room Lenny is hiding in the Yucatan.


Use wheelchairs to take survivors to the safehouse instead of using your arms or your back. Just push a wheelchair up to the survivor and wait for them to sit down (they don't have to be injured). When you run the wheelchair to the safehouse you can use it as a weapon hitting zombies but don't hit too many or crash into too many walls or the wheelchair will break and you will dump the survivor. The wheelchair can also be armed with weapons and used like a tank as shown in the video below.

Watch the video

Easy 'Masquerade' Achievement

Go to the store which is near the area you start the story to find an infinite amount of lizzard masks which makes getting this Achievement fast and easy.

Watch the video

Defeating Leon

Find the motorbike at the front of the arena and ride it to the fireworks store at Silver Strip. Get rockets from there and ride the bike to the alley with the maintenance room. Get a metal pipe and then ride the bike to the rock canyon. Enter the maintenance room in the rocks and create a rocket launcher. Exit the door of the maintenance room and stand in the left side corner and save the game. When Leon appears from the left side he will run into the wall. Use the rocket launcher you created and keep shooting at him until he has been killed.

Weapon Combos

Lead pipe + Rocket fireworks = Rocket launcher (75 shots!) Orange juice + Vodka = energizer (gives you full health). Boxing gloves + motor oil = Flaming gloves. Next there is a lmg on one of the rocks at the dark bean mix it with the wheelchair makes what I like to call rolling death. Milk + Orange = Nector (atracts Queens towards you). Goblin Mask + Car Batery = Roaring Thunder. Bow and Arrow + Dynamite = Blambow submited by Truth4none and pyrofighter258

Ok how to get a shot gun

Ok on the mision[wrong I'm in a hurry]were you follow a reporter on the way you see a cop with a shot gun hit him take it lolz ^_^

Secret Combo Card

In order to make the secret combo card, you must combine nectar (orange juice + orange juice at a blender, you can find the OJ at the kiosk between A mens sport, and The Chiefs Hut) and a queen, to make "Wingman". NOTE: The queen will not have the blue wrench as its icon, and neither will the Nectar.

MORE PP spots and such

Alright, i know in my previous PP spots post, that i said the bull was in the slot ranch casino, it is actually in the americana casino! But anyways, i found some more spots. Enjoy! P.S. If you find that some of the previously mentioned ways for PP only gets you 1,000, my zero key sticks.

1. You can find zombrex posters everywhere in DR2, and you guys might know about the achievement or trophy you get for spraying them all. i do believe there are 32 in the game, and each time you spray paint a zombrex poster, you get 1,000 PP, and if all 32 (more or less) are painted you get 10,000 PP, thats a total of 42,000 PP!(plus an achievement or trophy!)

2. I have some easy psychopaths that you can beat without health items :D and strategies for them as well:


Secret Combo Locations

When you exit the safe house, take a left at The Dark Bean, and go to the kiosk between The Mens Sport (or The Mens Place, I cant remember) and The Chiefs Hut. Climb, to the top, and you will find a safe zone and a Bowie Knife! Also, since you're right next to The Mens Place/Sport head in and grab boxing gloves and MMA gloves. Head back towards the safe house, with the bowie knife too, and go into the maintenance room, and combine the box of nails in the maintenance room with the MMA gloves to get the Tenderizers. Next, combine the Bowie Knife And the Boxing gloves to get Knife Gloves!!! happy slicing!!

PS there are 3 magazines at the Kiosk too! a combat, health, and a leadership.

PP spots and such.

As we all know DR2 is a very fun, secret filled game, it can get frustrating to half to escort survivors and kill psychopaths ALL DAY. So, me being a cheater, I went and grinded for 10 hours looking for ways to get PP, and here are my findings!

1. In the Palisades mall, go to the top of the pool and use the slide for 10,000 PP

2. Also in the Palisades, go to the gym (cant miss it) and run all on the treadmills until it says "used treadmill, 1,000 PP" then when u have ran on them all, you will get "All Treadmills! 10,000 PP" Cool, right?

3. In the Atlantica, Find the little dolphin ring, and pay some money to ride it around. If done right, EVEN MORE PP!

4. in the yucatan casino, go under the big slot machine in the middle of the room (there is ..

Close Combo

If you need a good combo weapon right off the bat, might as well grab a Defiler. Inside of the safe house, there should be an axe close to the surveillance room. Grab that and head out through the air duct. Close to the door that leads to the mall, there should be a sledge hammer. Take that as well, and head back to the maintenance room. Combine both the sledge hammer and the axe, and you'll have yourself one hell of a weapon.

LMG location1

Go outside to the diner and infront of it should be a building with a snack machine on the right side and jump on it then 2 ledges then youll find a light machine gun(LMG).

Sniper rifle location1

Go to the second floor and look for a telophone booth jump on it then jump on top of the colum then run towards the broken stair way then jump om it then turn around and jump to the platform above then jump forward then go in the window and you will find a sniper rifle.

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