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Day 2

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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DAY 2 - 12:27 AM

Now let's go do Case 2-2 since there are no open calls. Head over to the Palisades Mall right outside of Bagged!.

Once downstairs you get a cutscene and then have to fight 3 Mercs. These are normal one hit kills like the looters and are not hard. After that you're back on the bike and chasing down a train. Simply move to the left or right of the train and when you get to a ramp angle so you go over the train. The landing is automatic. Now there are a few more Mercs, still easy, and food everywhere. So just work your way forward killing all the Mercs to end the Case.

DAY 2 - 1:35 AM

Case 2-2: Ticket To Ride
Industrial Fashion - 055 Terri Glass & 061 Willa Harris
Wait underground where you are until 3 AM. Yeah that's a lot of waiting but there are no other open calls right now so that's what we have to do. Close the maintenance doors behind you for worry free waiting. Once the call comes in head up the stairs to the South Plaza. Climb the scaffolding and speak to Willa and then Terri for both to join.

Rock Heroes - 056 Allen Ash, 057 Jenna Slick & 100 Floyd Stone
Head to the Fortune City Hotel.Wait at the Platinum Strip for the call for Rock Heroes just after 4 AM. Then head out and up through Fortune Park to the stage on the right of Silver Strip by the Pub O' Gold. Talk to Jenna and then escort all 5 back to the safe house via Slot Ranch.

For finishing Rock Heroes you will receive Combo Card:
Power Guitar = Electric Guitar Amp

Killing time portion again. We need to wait it out for giving Katey her Zombrex and then wait until 10 AM for Case 3-1 to come up. This is a LONG WAIT. Feel free to go make some weapons or get food or do whatever. If you really want to be safe about spawns and cases and call though, just wait it out. If you are in the security room the next case will start automatically.

DAY 2 - 10:00 AM

No Call - 060 Bessie Kent, 095 Rosa Collins & 096 Erica Mayes
As you exit the area Queens will show up for the first time. Make a quick trip to the Americana Casino and then back to Royal Flush. The Queen cutscene seems to mess with the spawn of the next ground. Once back head to the 2nd floor to Kathy's Space and talk to Bessie. They will join you but you have to carry their big box of shopping bags back to the safe house for them. Escort them back.

DAY 2 - 10:55 AM

Case 3-2: Run For The Money
Head into the Americana Casino and make your way to the money cage which is just to the left as you enter the casino. More mercs to kill and then destroy the Drill with your weapons. Now head to Slot Ranch via Royal Flush Plaza and do it again. Then the Yucatan Casino. Once those three are done you be called to tell you they are also drilling from outside the Atlantica so head to Fortune Park. Stop by the Silver Strip maintenance room to make a lightsword if you want. Kill all the mercs and then destroy the Van from either direct damage or shoot the tanks to the side of the Van.

Everyone Knows Slappy: PSYCHO - Brent Ernst
Head into the Atlantica Casino and up to the Palisades Mall. Grab a drink from the center bar on the way up to see Slappy. Slappy is at the Kids' Choice Clothing store on the second floor. Examine the mascot outside to start the battle. You can Jump Kick him to knock him down and then beat on him. If you can get the timing down for that. Head into the store and get a water gun. Hitting him with the water gun stops his flames for a while so you can beat on him.
COMBO CARD: Flamethrower = Water Gun Gasoline Canister

Psycho - Brent Ernst

Wilted Flower - 058 Linette Watkins
If you used the drink you got from the bar or didn't get one grab something from Leigh's Fine Liquor right next to where you finished off Slappy. Then go to The Venus Touch's backroom and get Linette by giving her a drink. She knows a shortcut back to the safe house area so take her to the second floor store Brand New U. It takes you to the Bathroom by the Men's Store in Royal Flush Plaza. Now take Linette back to the safe house.

Day 2 - 3:26 PM

Let's plan ahead. New knife gloves, defiler and oj if you need it. Then go to the Food Court and get 2x apples in Rojo Diablos. Mix them together in the blender to get a Nectar. Now use it to get yourself a Queen. Head into the Yucatan and get the shotgun from the zombie that is always on the dice slots. We're going to wait one in a bit. Now head to the Silver Strip entrance in the Slot Ranch and wait for the next call at 5 PM.

Here Comes The Groom: PSYCHO - 005 Randy Tugman & 073 Danni Bodine

UNIQUE WEAPON: Giant Pink Chainsaw

Head to Swept Away on the Silver Strip to find Randy. Randy is F-A-S-T. Use both side of the chapel to keep space between you and Randy. If you need to heal, draw Randy to one side then hop both aisles and do it quickly on the opposite side. Because if I failed to mention it, for a massively overweight guy with a chainsaw he's FAST. Finish up with the knife gloves and then talk to Danni. Before you leave use Giant Pink Chainsaw on the zombie bride as its a unique weapon and this is your only chance to use it. Escort her to the safe house.

Psycho - Randy Tugman

Day 2 - 6:00 PM

Par For The Course - 034 Luz Palmer
Head to the bar in the Slot Ranch by the Silver Strip entrance and grab the handgun. Wait behind the bar until the case Par For The Course comes up and then go to Sportrance in the Royal Flush Plaza. Luz won't come with you until you kill the zombies. You kept the queen we got earlier right? Use it and then take Luz back to the safe house.

No Call - 049 Janus Razo
Head to the Atlantica Casino entrance and get Janus. You have to have the gun with you for him to join. Wait at the duct for the safe house until you get call Stuarts Scheme.

Stuarts Scheme
Go inside the safe house and talked to Stuart. If you don't he will convince people to defect. He's just at the top of the stairs and you just need to keep talking to him to calm him down.

DAY 2 - 10:00 PM

Case 4-1: The Source
PSYCHOS - 001 Crystal Bailey & 002 Amber Bailey
New defiler, knife gloves and orange juice if needed on the way to the Food Court. Make yourself a Painkiller with the BBQ Chicken and BBQ Ribs then into the Yucatan. Grab the shotgun from the zombie on the dice slots and save your game. Then go up to the Shaol Nightclub. This battle is very easy. Pop the Painkiller and chase down ONE of the sisters and just keep going to town with the knife gloves. Once one goes down the other is automatic.

Psycho - Crystal & Amber Bailey

Mail Order Zombrex: PYSCHO - 008 Carl Schliff
Head to the Royal Flush Plaza and examine the mail cart that is just outside of The Man's Sport. Carl is pretty simple. Just keep on him and watch for the explosive packages. He'll go down in no time. Then SAVE at the bathroom right in the area.

Psycho - Carl Schliff

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