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Day 4

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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DAY 4 - 12:03 AM

Worlds Most Dangerous Trick: PSYCHOS - 010 Reed Wallbeck & 011 Roger Withers
Final day and a couple more psychos to take care of. They are in the theatre room of the Atlantica Casino. Painkillers will make this a much easier fight so hopefully you grabbed them when I told you to and head over there. Take a painkiller and just go to town on Reed with the launcher. Then chase down Roger with the swords. You get a Combo Card to taking them out. Hit at least one zombie with the Magicians Sword before moving on.
Rocket Launcher = Rocker Fireworks Lead Pipe


Psychos -Reed Wallbeck & Roger Withers


Family Feud - 031 Lillian Payne & 063 Camille Payne
Head to the Fortune City Hotel and wait by the elevators for the call to come in. Then go to the Rooftop and talk to Lillian. Then head to the Atlantica Casino to find Camille and bring her back to the Lillian. Then you can escort them both back to the safe house duct but don't enter until you get the next call.

Fortune City Botany Club
Give Vikki the Peace Art planet we've been saving since we saved Randolph. Now we should have a ton of time before we need to give Katey another Zombrex.

Ante Up
Ante up is a strip poker game you do not have to play if you don't want to. It is located down the left stairs and then back up the next set of stairs to a small poker table. This game is with a few survivors.

Once ready give Katey the Zombrex.
Zombrex: 1
Then wait in the security room for Case 6-1 to pass. Now head out to the Royal Flush Plaza and get the latest call to go save the Tape It Or Die! guys.

DAY 4 - 9:05 AM

Tape It Or DIE! - 104 Wallace Hertzog, 105 Johnny Kilpatrick, 106 Left Hand Lance & 110 Gretchen Peregrine
KokoNutz Sports Town in the Palasades Mall. Use the shortcut to get there and take them back to the safe house. They will give you the last 2 Combo Cards:
Exsanguinator = Vacuum Cleaner Saw Blade
Blazing Aces = Tennis Raquet Tiki Torch

Case 6-2: Last Stand - PSYCHO - 006 Sgt. Dwight Boykin
Shortcut to the Palisades Mall and enter the underground near Bagged!. Head down the ramp and past the humvee to get the start of the battle. Take a painkiller when you regain control and roll dive away from the bullets and the grenades. When he says Reloading run up melee him. Repeat.


Psycho - Sgt Dwight Boykin


Case 6-3: Lean on Me
Escort Rebecca back to the safe house via the shortcut.

Case 6-4: Secure Safe House
Get the Generator, Spool of Wire and Gas Barrel and place them by the door controls on the left. Once all three are down, hack the panel with a LONG A bashing session.

CASE 7-2: The Only Lead
First off go and give TK the Zombrex to unlock overtime mode. We are now at 0. Then head out to the rock formation in Fortune Park.

No Call - 048 Michael Woo & 097 Matthew Kuss
Make sure not to have any firearms when you approach them. Then escort both back to the safe house.

DAY 4 - 1:40 PM

Through the shortcut and into the tunnels again. Get in the cart and drive it down to the secret lab room. Once there watch the scene and then climb up and kill the 4 mercs. Then go around the the back room and kill the 2 scientists. They are slightly tougher then the mercs but not a real battle.

CASE 7-3: What Lies Beneath
Take the lift right outside this final lab to get back up to the mall. Then shortcut your way over to the safe house.

The Facts
Go to the Yucatan Casino via Royal Flush and the Silver Strip and use the lift that is near the bathrooms to get to the roof.

PSYCHO - 094 Raymond Sullivan
He will hit normal weapons out of your hands so use the knife gloves. The Double Leg Drop Kick is really the only way to go. All you do is Drop Kick and roll away. Just Drop Kick after boring Drop Kick.


Psycho - Raymond Sullivan


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Comments for Day 4

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Sep 17th 2013 Guest
Thanks for the guide man :D Some cases you need to wait for to appear just wait for about an hour or check the wiki when the cases start have (like waiting for "Bent wood") just wanted to point that out also picking up Leadership magazine and Gambling books when they're close by help significantly on saving time Smile Thanks again! Cheers!
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