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Day 3

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Hunger Pains - 026 Richard Kelly
We have to wait around for quite some time for this to pop at 2 AM so grab the 3 Gambling books. They are located in Ragazines on the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza, Stan's Large Print Books & Magazines on the second floor of the Palisades Mall, and in the back of the Shamrock Casino. This will make the coming poker game easier. Then go to the Americana Casino until Hunger Pains comes up and then go out the Platinum Strip doors and go to Dining At Davey's. Richard won't come with you unless you have some food to give him. Then escort him to the Atlantica Casino poker room. It's half circle room on the left. CLOSE THE DOOR behind you to keep the zombies out.

No Call - 113 Jacob Skinner, 114 Nevada Slim & 115 Jessica Howe
Talk to Jacob and then buy in at the table. You need $100,000 to buy into the game. You need to come in first if you want to save everyone.

They really don't bluff much so any kind of checking on the AIs part equals weak hand which means you want to Raise. On the other hand they don't bluff so have a GOOD hand if they bet at all. Arm them all when you win and head to Palisades Mall.

Fetching Females - 062 Summer Chavez, 090 Cora Russel & 099 Nina Shur
These three girls are on the top floor of the pool bar in the middle of the Mall. Pay Cora $10k and they will join. Now escort the whole group to the shortcut room on the second floor of the Palisades Mall in Brand New U and back to the safe house.

Richard will give you a Zombrex on arrival. ZOMBREX: 3

DAY 3 - 5:04 AM

WWJWD?: PSYCHO - 009 Seymour Redding & 041 Ray Teller
Head to Fortune Plaza and into Fortune Hotel to get to the South Plaza. Seymour is not very tough considering where we are in the game. Just get in close with the Knife Gloves and work him. Put a column between you and him if you need to use some food. Afterwards grab his six shooter. Make sure to use it for the weapons achievement.


It is a unique weapon but once you kill Seymour there will always be one here by the saw horse. Go into the American Undies and get Ray and get back to the safe house.

Psycho - Seymour Redding

You should get back with some time to spare before you have to give Katey her Zombrex.


DAY 3 - 7:00 AM

New knife gloves and OJ and then use the shortcut in the Royal Flush Plaza bathroom to get to the second floor of Palisades Mall. Head to the maintenance room in the underground tunnels near Bagged!. Grab some plates and the cement saw and go back to the Mall. Go into KokoNutz Sports Town and open the door on the first floor. Talk to Wallace and he'll give you a new combo card.
Plate Launcher = Plates Cement Saw
Change into the outfit that is in here as this is the only time you can get into this room.

PSYCHOS: 012 Deetz Hartman, 013 Derrick Duggan, 014 Big Earl Flaherty & 015 Johnny James

These four are spread on the roofs of the Platinum Strip stores. Some people like to use sniper rifles but I find just getting in close with the knife gloves or lightswords to do the job very fast.

014 Big Earl Flaherty - Above the Coming Soon store next to the Fortune City Hotel. Jump up the boxes on the Hotel side.
015 Johnny James - A ladder near maintenance room by the Slot Ranch.
013 Derrick Duggan - A ladder down a long hallway next to the Hot Exitorama.
012 Deetz Hartman - A ladder next to the the Paradise Platinum Screens.

Psychos - Snipers in Fortune Park

Bank Run - 091 Woodrow Rutherford
Head into the Slot Ranch and talk to a guy near the ATM. We have to follow him around to 3 ATMs and then back to the safe house.

Chemical Dependancy - Jared
Give Jared some Zombrex and then head to the bathroom and change into your Underwear for the following case.

DAY 3 - 1:28 PM

Slave To Fashion - 102 Europa Westinghouse
Europa is in the elevator area in the Fortune City Hotel. She won't come with you unless you are in your underwear. You also need to carry her.

Know When To Fold Them - 052 Bill Montagu
Carry Europa up to the Shamrock Casino in the Silver Strip. Bill needs $25k to walk away from the game. Then take them both back to the safe house.

DAY 3 - 3:18 PM

Shell Shocked - 039 Dean Wayne
Dean is in the American Historium on the Americana Casino. Bring him straight back to the safe house.

Art Appreciation - 050 Randolph Allen
Use the shortcut to the mall and enter Cleroux Collection. Play Randolph $3,000 for his painting. (Keep it, it counts as a gift for Katey) and then also grab the small piece art plant for a later case. Shortcut back to Royal Plaza and enter Sportrance and get a golf club. Go back to the safe house.

Bent Wood
Give Luv the golf club in the cafeteria and then leave the safe house.

DAY 3 - 5:23 PM

One Hit Wonder - 018 Bibi Love, 036 Allison Perkins, 074 Juan Lee & 103 Cameron Welch
We need to do some set-up for this one. At the small ad stand by the Yesterday kiosk in Royal Flush Plaza is always a girl zombie throwing up her arms. She has a queen. So take her out and get it. Now go to Modern Businessman and put on the black dress shoes and tuxedo and also grab a vodka that is on the table with the shoes. Now head into the Slot Ranch and talk to Bibi.

First you need to give her the vodka. Then head back stage. There is a hidden zombrex on the crates. Just jump from crate to crate to get it. Zombrex: 2

Zombrex - Slot Ranch

Then grab some firecrackers from the ground and throw them in front of the stage until Bibi feels there are enough “fans” present. Then go back stage and activate the show. The sequence is A-X-A-X-Y-X. Afterwards Bibi will drop into the crowd and use the queen to clear the area fast. Then escort them all back to the safe house.

DAY 3 - 7:08 PM

Case 5-1 Stake Out
Head up to the safe house roof top to continue the story. Head left as you enter from the duct and up the stairs to the elevator.

Case 5-2: The Getaway
Now head over the to the Fortune City Hotel elevators. Take out the mercs on the ground floor then ride the elevator up. This is a pretty simple battle. Roll dodge out of the way of the crane arm and the gun fire and then use the wench when it lights up green. Grab a spotlight from the area and throw it at the helicopter. Repeat a bunch. Easy. You'll be back at the safe house when it's over.

DAY 3 - 8:36 PM

Dead or Alive - 027 Andy Talbat
Shortcut to the Palisades Mall and Andy is on top of some slots on the first floor. You have to talk to Andy ALOT but he will eventually come with you.

Stranded Siren - 064 Tammy Blaine
Go into the Atlantica Casino and carry Tammy with Andy back to the safe house.

DAY 3 - 10:05 PM

Twos Company - 025 Walter Morris & 028 Royce St John
We have some time before the next call so lets set up the next psycho battle. Get new knife gloves and grab more oj and then go to the Food Court and make 2x painkillers. Then go and waste time at the Slot Ranch bar until the call comes in. Go to Hot Excitorama on the Silver Strip. Close the doors behind you as you enter and listen to both of their jokes. Then give the trophy on the counter to Royce and they will both join you. Return to the safe house.

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