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Day 7: Attack in City

Brink Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Day 7: Attack in City

Primary Objectives: Defend the Gate / Disable the Maintenance Bot / Defend the Crane / Defend the Sample
Secondary Objectives: Defend the Side Door / Defend the Stairs / Construct Market Barricade

Before we discuss the strategy for this mission there is something you need to be aware of -- the people who created this game rely heavily upon a tactic known as Grief Code to force the player into doing things that they want them to do.  In simple terms, the programmers set the game up to cheat in favor of the enemy -- and while they chose to do this for understandable reasons, it is still pretty insulting.

Do not be surprised if during this mission you find that the enemy engineer can repair their bot while running back and fourth behind it -- something YOU cannot do -- so that you cannot hit him with constant fire from the Machine Gun Nest or your regular guns... Well, that is so the bot gets to the container, because that is what they want to happen.  When I say that they did this for understandable reasons what I mean is that they cheat so that the missions are not "easy" -- but that begs the question, how come they could not devise a fair and challenging mission?  Why so much obvious cheating?  They do not even try to hide it!

Make a stand in the Shipping Container

Anyway the point to this is that you should expect to be abused by the programmers on this level, as the enemy is going to do things they should not be able to do...

Now, as this is a purely defensive mission, what I suggest you do to avoid the frustration of spending half an hour trying first to stop them from blowing the gates -- and having the game cheat to be sure that the gates get blown, and then experience the frustration of 20 minutes spent keeping the bot from moving down the street only to have the enemy Engineer walk up to it and repair it while running back and forth so that you cannot stop him from repairing it...  Just let it all happen.

Let the bot get up the street -- let the enemy repair the crane -- let the bot cut open the container.  And THEN go into it, place your Gatling Turret inside pointing out, and place your mines outside and hold the enemy off right there.  Draw a line in the mud, give the enemy and the programmers the finger, and say "This far, no farther!"

The drugs are never going to leave that shipping container -- and after you run the timer out, you win.

Your reward for this mission is the satisfaction of kicking the enemy in the crotch -- and another Encrypted Journal Entry!

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