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Day 1: Hostage Rescue

Brink Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Day 1: Hostage Rescue

Primary Objectives: Destroy Door / Escort the Hostage
Secondary Objectives:  Repair Lift Generator

The plan for this mission is basically the opposite for what it was with the Resistance -- we need to get the hostage to safety basically, because that is the core objective for this one.  Understand that you can fail the Secondary Objective and still complete this mission! 

So, by the numbers -- you blow the door to get the hostage free, then you escort the hostage to the exit point.  The Resistance is going to try to incapacitate the hostage and let the timer run out to cause you to fail the mission.

You will find that it is often the case that your AI Teammates can usually handle the first part of the mission -- in this case blowing the door -- all by themselves, but the second part that consists of getting the hostage safely out?  Not so much.

Getting the Hostage Safely Evacuated

To make this as easy on yourself as you can, you want to be Medic Class -- remember that a Medic can still fight, but they can also heal both themselves, the team, and the hostage!  Being able to not only revive the hostage but also keep their health topped-up yourself turns this from a pain in the buttocks type mission to a cake walk!    The only real challenge is when you get to the choke-point on this map, the ramp going up to the main level -- which is where the enemy AI really shines in being able to delay you!

Just take command of the situation, kill the enemy blocking the ramp, and get the hostage up the ramp, because once they are up that ramp you are going to win this mission no worries mate.

If you decided to play Security first instead of the Resistance as I did, this will be your first mission in the Campaign -- and during it there are some Achievements that you will unlock as you play, including:

-- I live... again! (5 GP)
-- Not over till the fat lady sings (10 GP)
-- No, I insist, you take it (5 GP)
-- Oh I'm sorry, was that yours? (10 GP)
-- Boom! (10 GP)
-- Use the wheel, earn more XP (10 GP)
-- Great shot kid!   One in a million (10 GP)
-- The start of something big (20 GP)

I know, it seems like a lot of Achievements to unlock in the first mission of the game but what can you do?  That is how it shakes out!  Trust me though, the rest of the missions are not going to be like that, as you hear the BINK! sound of an Achievement unlocking much less frequently as you cintinue through the Campaign...

Assuming you played well and killed lots of bad guys you should get your first few Levels off of this one mission...  It will not take you long to get to Rank 2 (Level 5) and unlock that Achievement as well, but the Rank 5 (Level 20) one you will actually need to work for.

IF you have not already done so BEFORE you started the Campaign, now is a good time to skip ahead to Part 18 and get all of that done, so that when you return to the Campaign for the next mission you will have access to ALL of the abilities!  So go do that -- I will wait for you!

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