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Day 6: Black Box

Brink Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Day 6: Black Box

Primary Objectives: Destroy the Pillar / Escort the Bot / Destroy the Bridge / Hack the Gate Controls
Secondary Objectives: Hack the Shop Door

Right -- so this should be a cakewalk, right?  Err... Not so much.  You need to complete each of the steps in this mission to accomplish the goal and win it -- so start by blowing the Pillar, and then the bridge before you escort the bot to the gate so it can load the black box onto your boat and you can have you an escape!

Recover the Black Box and get it through The Gate

Blowing the Pillar to bring the helicopter down is not as trivial as it may appear because you do not have a cohesive unit for this mission -- meaning that your teammates do not cooperate or support you as well as they should...  The best approach here is to keep doing runs to the Pillar until you can place the charge then duck into the store directly across from the Pillar where the charge is and crouch down to cover it, stopping their Engineer from removing it.

Basically it is the same deal with the bridge, though at least with that you get more effective help from your teammates.  Once you blow it, the bot walk is actually pretty easy as long as you pay attention to the sides of the road. 

At the end of the road when the bot finally stops, all that you need to do is go into the Gate House and provide covering fire for your Operative while they place the hacking device, and then shoot any enemy that tries to come in and remove it!

This really should not be that big a challenge compared to the earlier level -- and once you get the thing hacked you win!

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