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Day 6: Early Launch

Brink Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Day 6: Early Launch

Primary Objectives: Repair the Crane Controls / Hack the Missile Controls
Secondary Objectives:  Destroy Main Barricade / Destroy Side Barricade / Repair Crane Controls

With plenty of objectives to go around, you have a wide choice when you are playing this level with a lot of other human players -- but when you play it solo in story mode, you really have to concentrate on the Main Objectives and not the Secondary ones.

You should be very well-versed in the objectives for this one -- assuming you did the Level Boosting we talked about earlier in the Guide.

Hacking the Missile Control System

So when the mission starts, go directly to the Console and change to Engineer -- then fight your way to the crane and repair the controls, completing that part of the mission.  You will then be re-staged at the start point.  BEFORE you do ANYTHING else, go to the Console and change to Operative.  It is really dumb that the game does not do that for you when it re-sets you, but it does not. And you must be Operative to do this part.

Fight your way to the Missile and attach the hacking device to the controls.  This next bit is really important so read it carefully: hack it as far as you can, and once you are shot and down, carefully use the shoot while incapacitated ability to keep the enemy operative from undoing your hack.  Once you are revived, immediately resume the hack.  You do it this way, you will get it done before the timeout.

Once you hack the missile instead of it taking out the tower it takes out a helicopter -- I am not sure if that is a good outcome, but it is better than the killing thousands of civilians in the tower I would guess...  I don't know about you, but I did not receive a Journal Entry for this mission, which leads me to believe that maybe you can only get so many per mission?

Either way, well done!  Only one more regular mission on the Security side of the game, then two What If missions and you are either done, or are going to do the Resistance side!

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Comments for Day 6: Early Launch

4 comments, latest first.
Jul 7th 2014 Guest
If you completed this level, you only got lucky, because this level is next to impossible.
ID #413931
Aug 19th 2013 Guest
PS3 this level is next to impossible!!!!!!

ID #305655
Apr 7th 2013 Guest
"use the shoot while incapacitated ability"
Translation; "Get the Universal ability, 'Downed Fire' and shoot everyone."
ID #271468
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
what do you mean when you say "use the shoot"

ID #233252