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Brink PC Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Brink please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Brink Questions & Answers page.

All Brink Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Gaining Lot Of EXP

Ok so to start of what you will need to do is choose freeplay mode and select standard match. Then choose the map "resort" on hard mode. After this, start the game and select the resistance as your team. Finish the first part of the mission in which you have to destroy the pillar and try to get as much exp while your doing it. At the second part where you escort the bot, destroy the bridge and then change to an operative. It will best help you if your operative has a few good upgrades like "coms hack". Now keep killing people and earning exp by coms hacking, disguising, iron sighting etc. When the time is nearly over, go to the place where you have to plant the hackbox and now comes the tricky part. Start hacking when the time is at the 30 second mark and when you think an enemy engineer will start diffusing it. By now you should have over 8000 exp anyways so you don't have to do this part but I recommend trying. When you start hacking at the 30 second mark, get to a really good hiding place to hack.(preferrably behind where the hackbox is planted) If the engineer start diffusing and you go into overtime while he is diffusing and you are hacking, then the cheatis succesful. What happens now is when the engineer removes the hackbox, you will stay in overtime. So now you can start killing people and keep earning exp till you want to. To end, start hacking again. The reason this will get you more exp is because it gives you 15 percent of your exp and the more exp you have means the the more bonus exp you will get. For example, if you have 10000 exp, then you will end up getting 11500 exp. Smile So have a fun time cheating!

Level 20 WARNING

If after you reach Level 20 / Rank 5 and spend your Ability Points and THEN you sell the points to redo them you will LOSE A LEVEL! You will be put back to Level 19, Rank 4, and ALL of the XP for Level 20 is deleted. Once that happens it CANNOT be undone.

Leveled-Up Bonus

If you have a leveled-up player in Campaign mode you will get access to the more advanced abilities and other body types. But when you approach the Challenge modes the situation is the opposite, you do NOT want to have a leveled character because that makes the challenges worse.

Challenge Mode Unlockables

Completer the following challenges to get the corresponding items.

Parkour This 1:

Barnett Light Rifle / Front Grips / Rapid Fire

Parkour This 2:

Belgo Machine Pistol / Silencers

Parkour This 3:

Score on Leaderboard

Escort Duty 1:

High Powered Scopes / Red Dot Sights / Muzzle Brakes

Escort Duty 2:

EZ-Nade Auto Grenade Launcher / Drum Magazines

Escort Duty 3:

Score on Leaderboard

Tower Defense 1:

FRKN-3K Assault Rifle / Underslung Grenade Launcher / Adjusted Iron Sights

Tower Defense 2:

Gotlung Minigun / High-Capacity Magazines

Tower Defense 3:

Score on Leaderboard

Be More Objective 1:

Lobster Grenade Launcher / Ritchie Revolver / Duct-Taped Magazines

Be More Objective 2:

Bulpdaun Submachine Gun / Speed Slings / Speed holsters

Be More Objective 3:

Score on Leaderboard

Rank Level

The following list tells you the required amount of Experience Points needed to reach the corresponding level.

Rank 1

Level 1 - 1,000 Experience Points

Level 2 - 2,000 Experience Points

Level 3 - 3,000 Experience Points

Level 4 - 4,000 Experience Points

Rank 2

Level 5 - 5,250 Experience Points

Level 6 - 6,500 Experience Points

Level 7 - 7,750 Experience Points

Level 8 - 9,000 Experience Points

Level 9 - 10,250 Experience Points

Rank 3

Level 10 - 12,000 Experience Points

Level 11 - 13,750 Experience Points

Level 12 - 15,500 Experience Points

Level 13 - 17,250 Experience Points

Level 14 - 19,000 Experience Points

Rank 4

Level 15 - 21,750 Experience Points

Level 16 - 24,500 Experience Points

Level 17 - 27,250 Experience Points

Level 18 - 30,000 Experience Points

Level 19 - 32,750 Experience Points

Rank 5

Level 20 - 37,500 Experience Points


The following is a list of weapons that can be found in the game.

Kolt Pistol

Sea Eagle Pistol

Hockler Machine Pistol

Belgo Machine Pistol

Caesar Revolver

Ritchie Revolver

Kross SMG

Hjammerdeim Shotgun

Lobster GL

Unknown LMG


Gottlung Mini-gun

Drognav Long Rifle

Galactic SMG

Tampa SMG

Bulpdaun SMG


Mossington Shotgun

Molotov Cocktail

Maximus Machinegun

Gerund Assault Rifle

Rhett Assault Rifle

FRKN-3K Assault Rifle

Rokstedi Assault Rifle

Barrett Long Rifle

Euston Assault Rifle

Caesar Revolver (with the Psycho Pack pre-order bonus)

Hockler Machine Pistol (with the Spec Ops Pack pre-order bonus)

Customization Unlocks

When you reach the indicated level the corresponding customization effect will become available.

Resistance Face Gear

The Dude - Level 0

The Firestarter - Level 6

The Hockey Mask - Level 9

The Goggles - Level 11

The Sweat - Level 12

The Cannibal - Level 13

The Voice - Level 15

The Fortress - Level 18

The Anger - Level 20

The Grin - Preorder Bonus

Security Face Gear

The Bug - Level 1

The Unit - Level 2

The Shield - Level 4

The Look - Level 11

The Cop Glasses - Level 12

The Eel - Level 13

The Bouncer - Level 15

The Jesse - Level 17

The Freak - Level 20

The Sloani - Preorder Bonus

The Good Cop - Level 0

Resistance Face Paint

White Skull Face Paint - Level 0

Headshot Face Paint - Level 4

Hand Print Face Paint - Level 9

Tribal Face Paint - Level 12

Voodoo Face Paint - Level 16

Clown Face Paint - Level 19

Security Face Paint

Adhesive Bandages - Level 0

War Paint - Level 4

Broken Nose - Level 9

Barbarian Face Paint - Level 12

Camo Face Paint - Level 16

Dirty Face - Level 19

Facial Hair

The Stubble - Level 0

The Chinny/The Beardy/The Goatee/The Plait/The P.I. - Level 8

The Beatnik/The Chops/The Wrestler/The Trimmed/The Wolf - Level 16

The Disgrace (Resistance Only) - Level 17

Resistance Hair and Head Gear

The Buzz Cut - Level 0

The Receding - Level 0

The Cropped - Level 0

The Dreadlocks - Level 0

The Tighten Up - Level 0

The G - Level 2

The Mohawk - Level 3

The Corn Rows - Level 3

The Fin - Level 3

The Tendril Afro - Level 3

The Scruff - Level 4

The Safety - Level 10

The Rasta - Level 10

The Stripes - Level 10

The Natural - Level 10

The Dude - Level 11

The Dreads - Level 14

The Spiky Big Hair - Level 14

The Spiky Hair - Level 14

The Shemagh - Level 17

The Spikes - Level 17

The Fortress - Level 18

DOOM Bandana - Special

Fallout Bandana - Special

Security Hair and Head Gear

The Tank - Level 0

The Cropped - Level 0

The Buzz Cut - Level 0

The Receding - Level 0

The Dreadlocks - Level 0

The Tighten Up - Level 0

The Flat Top - Level 3

The Corn Rows - Level 3

The Fin - Level 3

The Tendril Afro - Level 3

The Jesse - Level 6

The Natural - Level 10

The Ponytail - Level 10

The Military Mohawk - Level 10

The Beret - Level 12

The Dreads and Cap - Level 14

The Fashion - Level 14

The Cap - Level 17

The Bomb - Level 18

UAC Beanie Cap - Special

Vault-Tec Beanie Cap - Special

Tattoos and Scars

These are ALL unlocked from the beginning and are permanent once placed on your character.

Body Type

Heavy - Level 5

Medium - Level 0

Light - Level 7

Resistance Shirts

Tattered Shirt - Level 0

Forearm Bandages - Level 0

Vest - Level 0

Tattered Vest - Level 10

String Vest - Level 13

Long-Sleeve Shirt - Level 19

Screaming Soul Shirt - Special

Vault Boy Shirt - Special

Security Shirts ..

Character Customization

Check out the video below to learn about character customization in Brink.

Watch the video

Brink Achievements
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