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Brink Guide and Walkthrough

Brink Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Brink Walkthrough

Unofficial Brink Guide by CM Boots-Faubert for


Due to the nature of this game, any Introduction must start with the following statement: You are either going to Love this game, or you are going to Hate it.  There is no middle ground.

I suspect that part of the reason for a lot of players feeling disappointed has to do with the fact that Brink is published by Bethesda, and the early PR for the game made it sound like it was closer to a Fallout type game with deeper content.  It is not.  What it is, short and sweet, is an online PvP Team-Vs-Team shooter, and it is pretty darn good at being that.  It is not so good at being a Fallout style game, because it really is not.

There were a lot of reports of bugs -- some of them game-impacting -- posted online.  I used the XBox 360 version for this guide, and it was completely bug-free play so I cannot say one way or the other just what the story is there.

This game has good class structure and abilities, an awesome mechanic, and interesting graphics.  In fact other than the fact that the developer -- Splash Damage -- relied way to heavily upon Grief Code in giving the enemy unfair advantages, it is a great game.

About the Grief Code...  To be honest the Campaign Mode in this game was probably about 6 hours long when they first created it, and then realized it was way too short.  Rather than redesign the missions, or find ways to make them more challenging, they instead went into the code and tweaked it, giving huge advantages to the enemy in the game. 

The enemy does not have to follow the rules -- their Engineer can repair objects while running quickly back and forth so you cannot shoot him.  Their bot can roll through the object YOU must destroy when you are playing that side, and they routinely get extra time added to their clock to complete detonating a bomb or hacking an object -- what the game called "overtime" and, no surprise, you don't get.

Those are just a few of the obvious cheats that they used to stretch the Campaign from 6 hours of play to 20.  Yes, that sort of approach sucks.  But hey, this is NOT a campaign-based game mates!  It is a multi-player team-vs-team shooter!  So what if they cheated?  So what if they made parts of the campaign tedious and frustrating?  It is only there to teach you how to play so you can go online and kick butt!

This Guide will get you through the Campaign -- including the rough bits -- with your sanity intact.  I hope that it helps you and that you enjoy it!

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