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Brink Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Primary Objectives: Destroy the Storage Depot Door / Deliver the Hydraulic Fluid / Hack the Warehouse Controls / Deliver the Avionics / Repair the Fuel Pump
Secondary Objectives:  None

First, congratulations on making it to the final mission in the main story mode for the Resistance in the Campaign.  There are actually two speculative missions that follow this one but they are not officially part of the story here, and so they do not count.  Except they do sort of, because there are Achievements that are related to them, but do not worry about that for now!

Getting the plane ready for takeoff

As you can see by the long list of objectives above, this is not going to be a short mission -- we have a lot to do and, as usual, only limited time in which to do it, so you will want to get to it!  Thankfully compared to the last mission this one is relatively easy and cheat-free.

Chances are that your teammates will have destroyed the door to the Storage Area before you even get to it -- and will have grabbed the Hydraulic Fluid.  Whoever has that is glowing yellow -- so chase after them and, when they get killed pick up the fluid, run it to the trailer and install it to complete this phase of the mission.

The next thing you need to do is hack the Warehouse Controls -- you will have help here as there will be another Operative on your team, but go ahead and change to that class now so you can pick up the slack, and then simply run to the controls and hack them.  It really is that easy!

Grab the avionics -- or chase after whoever has them on your team and be prepared to grab them if they get incapacitated.  Either way get them to the target and install them.  Chances are there will be mines at the install point -- if you are not carrying them, wait until the guy who is gets himself blown up, then grab them and install them!

The final objective is to repair the Fuel Pump -- chances are even if you change to Engineer to do this, one of your teammates will get the job done before you get there -- if not, then cool, you get the honor!

And with that last objective in the bag, you unlock another Encrypted Journal Entry and the last Video as well, that being the Resistance Campaign Movie!  You also unlock the Achievements "The story has just begun" (100 GP) and "You've escaped the Ark" (75 GP).

That just leaves the pair of What-If Missions to completely finish the single-player Campaign!

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