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Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

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Walkthrough for GreedFall

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Greedfall is an open-world fantasy action RPG set in the17th century that revolves around an island paradise shrouded in magic and mystery that has been discovered by colonial forces from several fictional lands. You play the role of a neutral Human who arrives at the island and allies himself either with the natives who inhabit it, or any of the foreign nations competing to conquer the 'new' land which is protected by all kinds of supernatural beings and has been spared by the Malichor plague which threatens to end mankind . Check out our walkthrough, guide, strategy page to get help surviving the dangers of the island.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy for GreedFall

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

Save Often

Take advantage of the game's quick save features to retain your progress. Get in the habit of manually saving the game on a regular basis, particularly before every big fight, any conversation with a NPC where you are forced to make a decision, and whenever you get close to a quest location.

Explore Everywhere

Thoroughly explore each new region you visit as they will all contain chests, bonfires, locations with NPCs, skill chapels, entrances to buildings, or lairs of powerful monsters and mini-bosses. The question markers on your map symbolise interesting places so to avoid missing anything important you need to make sure you reach all of them.

Find Campfires

Whenever you enter a new area it is important that you locate the bonfires as quickly as possible. There will be several bonfires in each of the game world regions and they play several useful roles, the most important of which is activating the fast travel feature which will make it much easier for you to complete quests as it will allow you to quickly return to previously visited areas. Bonfires also enable you to change your team and check your item chest (storage).

Opening Chests and Entrances

You will find that you will not be able to access some chests and entrances. The solution to this problem is to have the Lockpicking talent, you will be able to acquire the first level of this talent during the creation of your character. Although the first level is not enough to open all the chests you will still be able to open some to get better quality items. You will need to develop the Lockpicking talent to level 2 or 3 to unlock the chests that have padlocks with more complex mechanisms.

Loot from Chests

Make sure whenever you find a chest you can unlock you take out everthing from it and move it to your inventory. Even items that appear useless should be collected as these can be later sold to merchants or dismantled to obtain crafting materials.

Use Firearms

Firearms have a high level of firepower that is able to weaken strong enemies so regardless if you specialise in close combat or magic it is more beneficial to use these weapons on this type of opponent. Firearms are particularly useful when dealing with enemies that do not have any ranged attacks and must get close to your for melee combat. You can further increase the damage firearms deal by unlocking levels of the Accuracy attribute.

Use Ammunition Wisely

Ammunition for firearms is not easy to come by so don't waste it on skirmishes with weak monsters. You will be able to find ammunition in loot boxes and chests, it can also be brought from dealers or produced yourself by using crafting.

Charisma Talent

Charisma is a helpful talent to have when you consider that you will be spending a lot of time talking among the various factions. Along with reducing merchant's prices, the talent increases your chances of success for certain dialogue options, possibly changing the outcome of an encounter entirely.

Exploring Forbidden Zones

If you get caught entering a prohibited area you are likely to get attacked and your relationship with that faction will deteriorate. Sneak and crouch when you enter forbidden zones and quietly assassinate guards that are in your way as you search for alternate passageways that will help you reach your destination unseen. The Lockpicking talent is useful for this, though it isn’t the only way to unlock new paths. A point or two in Science not only gives you the ability to craft potions and ammunition, but also lets you blow up certain walls with explosive alchemical phials.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy for GreedFall

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