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Best Skills Guide

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Best Skills Guide
Ghostwire: Tokyo Best Skills Guide

There are plenty of different skills in Ghostwire: Tokyo and some of them are more useful than others. You will find that the best skills tend to be those that give you the greatest amount of freedom to move around the city. Listed below in this Best Skills Guide are all the skills in their respective categories along with which ones we consider to be the most useful in the game.

Skill Tree - Abilities

Omoigane (Spectral Vision - Range Boost)

Amenokagami (Glide and Glide - Duration Boost)

Amenotori (Grapple and Grapple - Summon Tengu)

Inubashiri (Faster Sneaking)

Hakkei (Ether Shakedown and Ether Shakedown - Ether Boost)

Tatenui (Perfect Block - Ether Boost)

Wakumusubi (Core Grab - HP Restoration)

Fudo (Core Exposure - Duration Boost)

Kukirihime (Core Grab - Speed Boost)

Ninigi (Melee Core Grab and Melee Core Grab - Speed Boost)

Futsunushi (Ground Attack Boost)

Tajikara (Ground Core Grab and Ground Core Grab - Speed Boost)

Michikiri (Spirit Absorption – Speed Boost)

Susanoo (Wire In – Duration Boost)

Skill Tree - Ethereal Weaving

Shinashiki (Wind Weaving)

Shinatobe (Wind Weaving Speed Boost)

Shinatsuhiko (Wind Charge Attack - More Shots)

Wadashiki (Water Weaving)

Wadatsumi (Water Weaving - More Shots)

Wadanokami (Water Charge Attack - Width Boost)

Hinoshiki (Fire Weaving)

Hinokagatsuchi (Fire Weaving - Piercing)

Hinokagabiko (Fire Charge Attack - Radius Boost and Fire Charge Attack - Range Boost)

Takehaya (Charge Attack and Charge Attack - Speed Boost

Skill Tree - Equipment

Yuminarashi (Bow - Speed Boost)

Hoteison (Talismans and Talismans - Capacity Boost)

Yumitsukai (Bow and Arrows and Quiver Boost)

Fukurokuju (Prayer Beads and Prayer Beads - Extra Set)

Daikoku (Consumable - Capacity Boost)

Best Skills

#1 - Inubashiri (Faster Sneaking)

Tree: Abilities

Levels: 2

Skill Points Cost: 10; 15

Magatama Needed: 3

Inubashiri should be the first skill that you upgrade as you will find that most enemies will be too fast for you to sneak up on while you are moving with no upgrades. The first upgrade increases your sneaking speed by 30% and then after applying 3 Magatma you will be able to purchase the second of the two upgrades to increase your sneaking speed by 60%.

#2 - Fudo (Core Exposure – Duration Boost)

Tree: Abilities

Levels: 2

Skill Points Cost: 10; 15

Magatama Needed: 0

Getting this skill needs to be a priority when you consider that the longer a core is exposed the more time you have to grab it for a kill. Even more so when you take into account that the longer the core is exposed the more time you have to expose other cores and simultaneously pull multiple cores, killing several foes at once. At max, the time that cores are exposed increases by two-and-a-half times. This skill is even more effective when it is paired with Kukirihime (Core Grab – Speed Boost) and Wakumusubi (Core Grab – HP Restoration).

#3 - Omoigane (Spectral Vision – Range Boost)

Tree: Abilities

Levels: 3

Skill Points Cost: 10; 15

Magatama Needed: 0

Spectral Vision is an ability that is unlocked through main mission gameplay that gives you the ability to see items and enemies through walls and floors. This therefore enables you to scope out idea, unimpeded paths to your destination. This ability also allows you to see the patrol patterns of Visitors and plan your attack. At max range Spectral Vision is increased to 50 meters.

Other essential skills you may want to take into consideration when deciding which ones to unlock are Susanoo (Wire In - Duration Boost), Kukirihime (Core Grab - Speed Boost), and Tatenui (Perfect Block - Ether Boost).

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