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Beginner Tips and Tricks

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Track the Fog

Whenever you are exploring an area that is close to the killer fog cloud it is essential that you track it on the minimap in the corner of the screen as this will show exactly where the fog begins. If you do stray into the swirling spirits without realizing you will take damage to your HP which will result in having to waste consumables patching yourself up between fights, which is something you want to avoid.

Reveal Enemies with your Spectral Vision

Get in the habit of frequently triggering your Spectral Vision Power as this ability doesn't cost anything to use and will reveal nearby Visitors to fight or avoid, spirits to absorb, tengu to grapple, and consumables to pick up. When you are using your Spectral Vision you will hear a bell chime to alert you whenever there is an offering box or Jizo statue in your location. Take a look at our How to Use Spectral Vision guide to find out everything you need to know about his ability in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Eliminating Visitors

Avoid fighting Visitors head on in Ghostwire: Tokyo. The easiest way to eliminate them is to go into stealth mode when you first detect they are nearby and sneak up behind them to perform a Quick Purge takedown. If there are multiple Visitors in the area you need to work through them while avoiding their sightlines. If getting close to a Visitor to perform a Quick Purge takedown without being detected is not possible you should equip the bow and take them down from a distance instead. Using the bow will allow you to quietly eliminate them while remaining undetected, if you aim for the head you will secure a one-hit kill. Keep in mind that arrows drop with gravity over distance, so you will need to aim a little higher than you target to account for this fall while the arrow is in flight.

Master the Perfect Block

It is essential that you master the Perfect Block move in Ghostwire: Tokyo as doing so will give you an advantage when the inevitable happens, and you are faced with going head to head with a Visitor. Although you can hold the Block button on your controller at any point to protect yourself from enemy attacks, it will only reduce the damage you sustain. If you instead hit the Block button just as the enemy strikes to perform a Perfect Block you will be able to parry the attack completely and avoid all damage. A Perfect Block will also stun the Visitor giving you time to perform a counter strike.

Choose the Right Skills for your Playstyle

There are various different skills you can choose and upgrade in Ghostwire: Tokyo and it is important that you pick the ones that benefit your playstyle the most. If you prefer close quarter fighting with the Visitors then Melee Core Grab, Ground Core Grab, and Ether Shakedown are all skills that will help your hand-to-hand combat. If ranged attacks and keeping your distance is more your thing then the skills you need to invest in are Core Grab Speed Boost, Core Exposure Duration Boost, and Charge Attack Speed Boost. Make sure you add Speed Boost and More Shots regardless of your playstyle to your ethereal weaving power, so you are able to deal with multiple enemies easier.

Equip the Best Consumables

Strewn everywhere in Ghostwire: Tokyo are consumables, you will find them in places like abandoned takeaway bags or even hovering in the air. Make sure you grab these free supplies whenever you find them as they will enable you to recover a decent chunk of your Health and increase your Max HP. Keep in mind that you can choose which Food, Drink, and Spectral Food is equipped so regularly check the 'Consumables' section of the Inventory menu to ensure you have the items with the greatest benefits equipped.

Feed the Dogs

You will notice that there are plenty of dogs wandering around Shibuya. If you pet them and feed them dog food to make them happy they will in return lead you to a location nearby that may contain a cache of Meika, a Jizo Statue, or some other useful item. You will also be able to read the dog's thoughts which will give you potential insights about the area you are in.

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