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Follow the dark path or use the light

Boss/Mini-Boss FAQ

by volvagialink

The Legend of Zelda:  The Twilight Princess 2006
FAQ Submitted by Jordan Bercic (Volvagialink)
Version 1.0 Sumbmitted on:  August 8, 2007
Boss FAQ/Guide (GC)

----------------------(TABLE OF CONTENTS)---------------------

		i.	Twilit Parasite DIABABA (Forest Temple)    [TPD]
		ii.	Twilit Igniter FYRUS  (Goron Mines)        [TIF]
		iii.	Twilit Aquatic MORPHEEL  (Lakebed Temple)  [TAM]
		iv.	Twilit Fossil STALLORD  (Arbiter's Grounds)[TFS]
		v.	Twilit Icemass BLIZZETTA (Snowpeak Ruins)  [TIB]
		vi.	Twilit Arachnid ARMOGOHMA (Temple of Time) [TAA]
		vii.	Twilit Dragon ARGOROK (City In The Sky)    [TDA]
		viii.	Usurper King ZANT (Palace of Twilight)	   [UKZ]
		ix.	Ganon's Puppet ZELDA (Hyrule Castle) 	   [GPZ]
		x.	Dark Beast GANON (Hyrule Castle)	   [DBG]
		xi.	Horseback Rider GANONDORF (Hyrule Field)   [HRG]
		xii.	Dark Lord GANONDORF (Hyrule Castle)	   [DLG]
		i.	Crazed Monkey	[CM]
		ii.	Goron Guard	[GG]
		iii.	Ugly Frog	[UF]
		iv.	Demon Soldier	[DS]
		v.	Chain Warrior	[CW]
		vi.	Iron Knuckle	[IK]
		vii.	Winged Lizalfos	[WL]
		i.	Poems	[PM]
		ii.	Story	[ST]
		iii.	Song	[SO]		 	

---------------------(INTRODUCTION) [Intro])------------------

Welcome to what will hopefully be my first FAQ.  Unfortunately, after 29 hours
of long, gruelling Ocarina of Time walkthrough writing, it was unaccepted due
to "Unsaturation".  Psh, I believe the more the merrier. XD.  Anyways, to find
what you are looking for you need to press Control+F, which will subsequently
bring up the "Find" window.  From here insert what is in the square brackets,
eg. [TPD] and it will bring you to where you need to go.  Any comments and/or
suggestions can be sent to: [email protected]  Constructive critiscm
will be accepted, however I will immediately delete any spam, or chain emails.
Thanks for listening to my opening speel.  please inform me via e-mail if you 
see any of my guides on a site other than GameFAQs or its affiliates (GameSpot
for instance).  You can help me to stop plagiarism of this guide, and for that 
I thank you a thousand times.  For your enjoyment, I'm adding a  few poems 
written by me, inspired by this game (I'm pretty sure I'm the first to do 
this)  SO ENJOY!  The question marks that will sometimes appear at the end
of a boss battle, mean rinse and repeat, but it was in Japanese, Russian,
or Chinese, however Gamefaqs, wouldn't except Unicode format, so keep
that in mind.  Now, onto the show...!

---------------------------(BOSSES [B])-----------------------

|Twilit Parasite DIABABA (Forest Temple)    [TPD]  |
|Difficulty: 2/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Gale Boomerang                        |

"They strode across the universe
Entrusted with great power
To keep life stable through the land
Forging every last flower

For eternity they marched
Through the vast expanse of stars
Maintaining continuity
To perfect the nears and fars"

Remember those red Deku Babas?  I thought those were pretty bad-ass Deku
Babas, but Diababa is just pimped out.  His two arms are 20x the size of
a regular Deku Baba, and his head must be 40x larger.  No need to worry
however, he is the second simple boss in the game.  Happy Fightin'!

The beginning part of this fight is remarkably simple.  First lock onto one
of the spider bombs located around the room, then lock on to one of Diababa's
heads, (which are actually really his arms)  After shoving two of those bombs
into his mouth.  The second phase of the fight begins.

Now it's time for some avoidance.  Before you can attack Diababa effectively
you must dodge him for a short while.  Diababa has two attacks:  A spray of
poisonous goop, which can be deflected with your shield, and a biting attack
which can be avoided by staying as far as possible from Diababa.  After you
dodge him for a short while, your old "pal" returns, the Crazed Baboon.  He
will be carrying a spider bomb.  Basically, it is the same as before, lock on
to the spider bomb, and then onto Diababa. The only twist this time is, when 
you hit him with the bomb, you must chop the hell out of his eye to hurt him.
You can disable his hands if you want to, but I find all it is, is a waste of 
time.  After defeating him you will recieve a Heart Container, and your first
Fused Shadow.

|Twilit Igniter FYRUS (Goron Mines)    [TIF]       |
|Difficulty: 3/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Iron Boots/Hero's Bow                 |

"Great potential unrealized
Although in ancient cuneiform
By eldest writings prophesized
Until the worlds grow uniform"  

So, this is the Goron Patriarch they've been talking about.  I must say, this
is one pretty sweet looking boss, however not my favourite.  He's basically
just an oversized Goron, so it shouldn't be to hard due to lack of brains.
No offense Gorons, but you're just plain retarded.  Prepare for the battle,
young apprentice, it is now time to kick-some-ass!

This boss is only a tad harder than Diababa, due to his much increased attack
power.  However, no need to fear, his attacks are fairly easy to dodge, due 
tohis "huge" (which I must point out is an understatement) size.  Unlike 
Diababa,the fight only has one part to it.  The attack when he swings his 
chains aroundcan be avoided by not going to close to him, and when he is 
powering up to shoot walls of fire, run away.

This boss requires you to use two different weapons:  The Iron Boots, and 
Hero'sBow.  First off you must take out your Hero's Bow and shoot the jewel 
on his fore-head (don't ask me how that hurts..) After this, run around 
behind him, and equip your Iron Boots.  Begin to pull on one of his chains 
that were imprisoning him, which will cause him to fall to the ground.  
Now, unequip the Iron Boots, and run like hell, to the jewel on his 
forehead, and proceed to open up a can of whoopass with your sword.  
Basically now, all you have to do is rinse and repeat.  

Collect the Heart Container, and the Fused Shadow, and boogey out through 
the portal.

|Twilit Aquatic MORPHEEL (Lakebed Temple)    [TAM] |
|Difficulty: 1/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Iron Boots/Zora's Armour/Clawshot     |

"The order of the song relates the prisoners to the scenes
Sorrow equates morning dew with fallen tears, so it seems
The space betwixt the realms tangles the universal sea of love
All watched by golden goddesses residing now in worlds above
Omnipotent imbalance sets the worlds up for the fall
A constant vogue of power moves toward the end of all"

Hahahahahaha.  No, I'm not crazy, I'm simply laughing at how simple this boss
is.  For a relatively hard looking boss, he is the most easy boss in the game.  
I was originally afraid to fight him after the Great Bay Temple boss in 
Majora's Mask, due to the somewhat striking resemblance between the two.  
I hated the Lakebed Temple, and this was it's way of repaying me, a taker 
for a boss.  If you lose to this boss, just turn off your Gamecube system 
right now, or Wii..  

For the first part of the battle, you will fight the boss exactly how you 
fought Morpha in Ocarina of Time, except you must fight underwater (Hey..
Morpha, Morpheel..maybe they're related..?)  To start off the battle equip 
your Iron Boots, and sink to the bottom of the water.  Note:  You must be 
wearing the Zora Armour to survive.  When you reach the ground you will see 
a bunch of water tentacles wiggling around, with a red "eye" passing through 
each one.  You must lock onto the "eye" with your Clawshot, and slash it with 
your sword.  After one slash, it cowers back into the tentacle.  Rinse and
repeat.  Here, there are two attacks to watch out for:  Morpheel grabbing and 
squeezing you, and the release of many fish, which will complicate targeting 
the eye.

After slashing the eye a few times, the next phase begins.  Morpheel pulls 
himself out of the sand, and you will see that those tentacles are only part 
of his mouth.  The thing you have to attack is the same, the "eye", however the 
way to do so isslightly different.  First off, unequip the Iron Boots, and 
start swimming towardsMorpheel.  You should see his "eye" on his back.  When 
you are in range of the eye, use your Clawshot, and latch on to it.  Mash the 
B Button, or Wii Remote, like crazy.  Once again, rinse and repeat.

|Twilit Fossil STALLORD (Arbiter's Grounds)   [TFS]|
|Difficulty: 5/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Spinner                               |

Finally, we have got to my favourite boss in the game.  This boss looks cool
AND fights in the best area.  This will be your hardest boss battle yet, but
don't worry you'll most likely have a blast.  Stallord is a very old, and very 
dead criminal, that was ressurected just to fight YOU.  How special!  Take heed
young warrior, and commence the battle!

When the fight begins you are in a large, circular room, filled with sand, and
a Spinner Track around the edges of the room (you'll never guess what you have
to do..)  You have to use your SPINNER!!!  Anyways..first off, get on your
Spinner and begin going up the track, easy enough, eh?  Wrong.  There will be
two other Spinners trying to knock you off at the same time you are trying to
injure the boss.  To injure the boss you must hit it's spine in the centre of
the room.  Just jump off the Spinner track at his spine to injure him.  After
the first hit, he'll summon his dead cronies, to make you bounce like a ball,
if you hit them.  Hit him two more times and the first phase of the fight is
COMPLETE! Dun-dun-dun!

The second part is much more intense and complex, but still remains one of the
most amazing boss battles. A giant circular platform will rise as the sand 
disappears. The head of the Stallord suddenly comes to life. Here, you must
jump from the outer wall to the inner pillar to avoid attacks.

As you're travelling along, the Stallord head will begin to attack you, by 
shooting immense fireballs at you. To dodge them, simply jump from the outside
Spinner track to the inner one.  Keep going higher until you catch up to his
head, upon which you should bean him in the head, like you did to his spine,
causing him to fall to the ground, about to experience your sword to his face.

After the first attack Spinners will begin running around the room on both
sides, making the fight generally more complicated.  However, you should be
able to see them well in advance, and be able to dodge them in time.  Rinse
and repeat, and Stallord will be naught but the sand it came from.  Nice
fightin' soldier.  I'll be seein' you in the battle with Blizzetta.  TTFN!

|Twilit Icemass BLIZETTA (Snowpeak Ruins)    [TIB] |
|Difficulty: 4/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Ball and Chain                        |
 -------------------------------------------------- absolute least favourite boss in this game..a giant Yeti..totally
sack-religious in a Legend of Zelda game if you ask me.  Not only is the
boss a mentally retarded Yeti, it actually can pose quite a threat, with
it's amazing endurace, despite the fact that it's made of ice.  
Nevertheless, let us begin the journey into the unknown, with courage we
shall go!

In the first part of the battle there's not much she can do, if you keep
swinging your Ball and Chain.  She'll start off as a huge block of ice,
and continue to shrink with each impending hit.  At the end of it all,
that once great mass, is naught but a chip off the ol' "mass".  (Me and
my lame humour...)

Now for the harder part.  Blizzetta will begin by causing a huge number
of icicles to come crashing down upon you.  Keep moving around quickly
and they shouldn't hit you.  TIP:  When they're all down, smash them 
as fastand accurate as possible, so she can use this annoying attack 
less.  (Credit:  ZFS)  Blizzetta will eventually try to crush you,
if you avoid her, she will crash into the ice, and proceed to get
herself stuck..retard.  Now it's time to kick some ass, Hero of Time
style!  Use your Ball and Chain and smash her repeatedly.  Guess
what...rinse and repeat!  Congrats,  you just defeated in my opinion
the worstly designed, imaginative boss of the game.  I feel a sense
of pleasure whenever this "boss" is destroyed. Ugh..anyways enough
rambling..onwards to..The Temple of Time..and ARMOGOHMA!

|Twilit Arachnid ARMOGOHMA (Temple of Time)  [TAA] |
|Difficulty: 3/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Dominion Rod/Hero's Bow               |

Get ready to fight..Gohma 2.0..or correctly named ARMOGOHMA!
Remember Gohma in Ocarina of Time, this boss is much more
entertaining.  You should be able to defeat this boss easily,
whilst still having fun fighting it.  Prepare to face the TWilit

In the first part of the battle, you will need to use your Hero's Bow,
and the Dominion Rod.  You will see four of those controllable statues
in all four corners of the room.  Keep these in mind, you'll be needing
them in a little while.  If you look up at the ceiling you should see
Armogohma scuttling across it.  When she reaches the rays of light above
any one of the statues.  Pull out your Hero's Bow, and let 'er rip.  If
you hit her correctly she should fall right in front of the statue, on
her back.  Use the Dominion Rod on the statues and crush her with their
hammer.  How entertaining.  Now she shall lay some eggs, with little,
pesky spiders inside.  You should remember these from earlier on in
The Temple of Time.  You can kill them in two different ways:  Slash
them whenever you see them, or use your Spin Attack when they all are
closing in on you.  At the same time, be keeping an eye out for 
Armogohma's energy rays.  Le rinçage, et répéter.

The second stage of battle is utterly hilarious, but unfortunately fast.
Here, there will be uncountable numbers of little spiders carrying
their Mommy's eye around.  There are two methods for this fight:  Slash
it with your sword once or, shoot it three times with your arrow--
(Credits to Justin for the second trick)  Congrats on defeating
Armogohma, onwards to the Twilit Dragon..ARGOROK!

|Twilit Dragon ARGOROK (City in the Sky)    [TDA]  |
|Difficulty: 6/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Double Clawshots/Iron Boots           |
 -------------------------------------------------- come so many of these bosses are similar to others in previous
games..this time remember Valoo in Wind Waker, it's slightly different,
but you're still fighting a dragon, using a grappling weapon.  However,
this dragon is 1000000000x more badass than Valoo.  Prepare for the most
visually creative and imaginative boss fight yet.  

In the first stage of battle, you will notice four walls surrounding you,
each of which have Clawshot targets on them.  When the battle commences,
Clawshot onto the nearest wall, and wait for Argorok to charge up his 
flame.  When you see this occurring, quickly Clawshot onto the next wall.
Now, Argorok will be floating tiredly.  Clawshot onto his tail of gold,
and equip your Iron Boots.  Argorok will come crashing down.  Spülung, 
und wiederholt.  In case your wondering how come I've talked in a 
different language twice..I'm saying, rinse and repeat, except I 
decided to spice it up a bit.  Haha.  Anyways..onto stage 2.

In the latter stage of the battle, you must Clawshot onto one of the walls,
and then onto one of the newly risen Peahats.  Keep raising higher and 
higher on the Peahats, (Using your Z-Target helps immensely here)
Argorok, will begin shooting flames at you again, to avoid them keep going
higher on the Peahats.  When he runs out of energy, use your Clawshot and
shoot to his back and slash that dragon to ribbons.  After you hit him once,
he will begin to shoot his fire randomly, making it harder for you to avoid
the searing heat.  Once you dodge it.  It's time to...el aclarado, y repite.

Good job defeating what was probably the hardest boss you've faced yet.
Onwards to..Usurper King ZANT!

|Usurper King ZANT (Palace of Twilight)    [UKZ]   |
|Difficulty: 5/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Depends on where you are              |

This battle is going to be quite long if you're not too experienced with
the previous bosses.  If you are, you should be able to defeat him lickedy-
split.  There are, I believe six phases to this thrilling epic.  Enjoy!

In the first stage of the battle you will be fighting in the Forest Temple.
To defeat Zant all you must do is, lock onto him with your boomerang, and
let 'er rip.  Upon which he'll stop flying around, and be open for your
beating.  He only has one attack in this phase:  Throwing balls of energy,
over and over again.  This is the most common attack he'll be using in the

After that battle, you will now be transported to the Goron Mines.  Zant will
begin to tip the platform repeatedly, and if you're not to great of a balancer,
equip those Iron Boots, mighty quick.  Zant will eventually grow weary, and be
open for you to attack.  Rinse and Repeat (Japanese Characters)

During the third phase of battle, you will be in the Lakebed Temple.  You will
need a.  Zora Amour, B.  Iron Boots, and C.  Double Clawshots.  Equip the Iron
Boots and Zora Armour and head to the bottom of the room.  You will see many
helmets scattered about.  You must wait until Zant appears in one of these,
avoid his energy ball attack, then use your Double Clawshots to pull him
towards you and cut him up.  Rinse, and repeat (Russian).

In the next phase, you'll find yourself back in the Forest Temple, except you
are now in the Crazed Baboon's room.  He fights similar to the Crazed Baboon,
but more powerful.  He will run around the room shooting energy balls at you,
when he stops, roll into the pillar he is on TWICE, not ONCE.  Proceed to kick
some Usurper King ass.  Guess what?  De spoeling en herhaal.

Wow, you're nearing the end of your battle with Zant, it's time to begin phase
five.  You will now be in the Snowpeak Ruins.  Zant will be in the form that
Blizetta was in.  Use your Ball and Chain to smash him, until he is absolutely
miniscule.  After this he will grow once again, time risciacquata, e 

You have made it into the final stage of your epic battle with Zant.  If your
a Beginner congratulations, on making it this far, and if your a Veteran, than
this should be old news to you.  Anyways, this is by far the hardest phase in
your battle so far.  Your battle will be in front of Hyrule Castle.  Zant can
now use more than one attack against you so be aware.  Zant can now slash you
with Double Swords on his arms, OR use a Spin Attack against you.  The Spin
Attack is quite hard to defend against, and I, a Zelda Pro, have had some 
trouble with that attack before.  What I've picked up is you should dodge them
both, than use a failsafe plan of blocking with your shield.  After Zant's
Spin Attack, he will become dizzy.  Now's your chance to get revenge on that
goddamned Usurper King.  Enxague, e repete.

|Ganon's Puppet ZELDA (Hyrule Castle)    [GPZ]     |
|Difficulty: 2/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Master Sword                          |

This battle should be fairly easy for you.  To damage Zelda, you must fight
her like you fought Phantom Ganon in Ocarina of Time, and in Wind Waker. 
Which means, you must use your Master Sword to bounce back the balls of
enegry that Zelda sends towards you.  Zelda has two other attacks she can
hurt you with.  She can rush you with her sword, in an attempt to impale 
you, and she can also create a immense, golden triangle, resembling a piece
of the Triforce, which will shoot energy at you, the latter being much more

|Dark Beast GANON (Hyrule Castle)    [DBG]         |
|Difficulty: 7/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Hero's Bow                            |

This battle can be fairly long, and is your most challenging yet.  Quickly,
equip your Hero's Bow, and fire an arrow at his forehead.  When you hit him,
run out of the way because momentum carries him a long distance.  When Ganon
comes to a complete halt, rush towards him, and cut up his chest.  

Now, when Ganon attacks, there will be multiple portals, you will know 
which one he iscoming out of because it will turn a shade of blue.  
Hit him square in the forehead once again, and slash that chest to ribbons.  

Now, he'll try and throw you off by warping away when the portal is turning 
blue, and will nowbe on the ceiling.  Quickly run out of harm's way and 
change into your wolf form.  It is time for the epic battle between the 
Beast of Light and the Beast of Darkness.  Now, Ganon will come charging 
at you, and using Midna's hand/hair like object stop Ganon in his tracks, 
like you did with the rolling Gorons.  Now proceed to bite his chest 
repeatedly, with A.  Note:  "It's possible to fight this whole fight 
as the wolf. In fact, it's quite a bit easier if you have the timing 
down to wrestle him to the ground, since you can even get away without 
any damage." (Credit:  Joshua and Chris)  However, I still prefer the 
way I just gave to you.  Skylling, og gjentar.

|Horseback Rider GANONDORF (Hyrule Field)   [HRG]  |
|Difficulty: 7.5/10                                |
|Item Used:  Light Arrows (By Zelda)               |

Finally you can escape Hyrule Castle one last time.  You will now be in 
Hyrule Field.  This, in my opinion is probably the hardest battle in the
game.  However, it's a close race between this and Ganon.  In this 
battle you must give chase to your ultimate enemy Ganondorf, and chase
him into such a posistion that, Zelda can nail him with a Light Arrow.

The most commonly used attack by Ganondorf in this stage of the battle
is using dead spirits to attack you.  This will generally be triggered
when you get to close to him.  When you are right beside him for to 
long, he will attempt to knock you off your horse using a sword attack.

Once Zelda has hit him square on with those amazingly powerful Light
Arrows, proceed to slash him with your sword over, and over, and over
again.  Rinse and Repeat (Chinese Characters)

|Dark Lord GANONDORF (Hyrule Castle)    [DLG]      |
|Difficulty: 6/10                                  |
|Item Used:  Master Sword                          |

Well, now is your time to prove to me, young apprentice that you
have listened to me well, over these past battles.  Now is the time
to use your inner power and defeat the final boss of Twilight
Princess, Dark Lord GANONDORF!

This is it, the final, epic showdown between Good and Evil, Light
and Darkness, Kindness and Cruelty.  Ganondorf has numerous attacks,
each and everyone of them as powerful as Link's.  He is a remarkable
swordsman, so watch your back carefully.  There are times  when you
can catch him off guard, generally when he is rushing you.  Catch
him by surprise with some quick slashes, and proceed to pummel him
into the ground.  For the last time, in English I shall say it, as
a way to remember our beginning.  Rinse.  And.  Repeat.

You'll know when the battle is over, when he is kneeling on the ground.
Walk towards him, draw your sword, you will see the caption flash...
"Finish",  press A, and stab Ganondorf straight through the chest,
ending the battle, and completing the game.

Nice job, young apprentice, you have now become my equal.  You have
travelled a long journey, and learned all that I have to teach you.
Let the ways of my warrior, be passed on from you, to many generations
to come.  Let the peace come, my friend, and rejoice, in your defeat,
of pure evil...

Enjoy the ending. =]

----------------------(Mini-Bosses [MB])----------------------

|Crazed Baboon (Forest Temple)    [CB]             |
|Difficulty: 1/10                                  |
|Item Obtained:  Gale Boomerang                    |

Due to the fact that he is the first mini-boss in the game, the
Crazed Baboon is quite easy to defeat.  He only has two attacks
both easy to handle.  His first attack is to try and hit you with
his boomerang, is other attack is to use his boomerang to cut the
vines that are holding up the red Deku Babas above you.  You can
defeat them with a few swings of your sword.

Defeating him, is quite simple really.  All you must do is follow
him around, while he jumps from pole to pole.  Eventually he will
stop and throw his Gale Boomerang.  When he does this immediatly
roll into the pillar, which will cause him to become offbalance.
When the Gale Boomerang comes flying back towards him, it will
knock him off.  Now you can go chop that Crazed Baboon to pieces.
Rinse and repeat.

|Goron Guardian (Goron Mines)    [GG]              |
|Difficulty: 3/10                                  |
|Item Obtained:  Hero's Bow                        |

In the battle, you will fight a huge Goron wearing a thick layer
of armour.  The main item that will help you defeat this ferocious
beast is the Iron Boots.  These Iron Boots allow you to maintain
your balance when the platform begins to rock, and sway, as well
as giving you enough power to throw the huge Goron around like
a shotput...

The battle is played out on a huge circular platform, which has
the familiar blue magnetic stuff on it, which will allow you to
keep your balance.  Run towards the Goron Guardian.  When he is
about to attack you, mash B like crazy, once you've hit him enough
he will roll into a ball.

Now's time to remember those Goron's rolling down the mountain.
Grab him and throw him into the lava.  In order to throw him into
the lava, you must be close enough to it to throw him in.
Rinse and Repeat.

|Ugly Frog (Lakebed Temple)    [UF]                |
|Difficulty: 4/10                                  |
|Item Obtained:  Clawshot                          |

Another relatively easy battle, the Ugly Frog is a fat, ugly
frog with a huge tongue, which evidently is his weak point.

The Ugly Frog has two attacks that he'll use against you, one in
which he will fall from the ceiling and try to crush you.  You can
avoid this attack by watching his shadow on the ceiling, and avoiding
it.  Another attack he will use is to shoot eggs off his back which
in turn release many tadpoles.  You can single them out, or wait for
them to come to you, and use a Spin Attack to destroy them.

As I mentioned previously, the frog's tongue is his one and only 
weak point.  To attack his tongue, let the frog fall down, in turn
causing him to be knocked out for a few seconds.  Slash his tongue
in that short amount of time.  Now, when he opens his mouth to yell
throw a bomb in there, watch him get knocked unconscious.  
Rinse and repeat.

|Demon Soldier (Arbiter's Grounds)    [DS]         |
|Difficulty: 2/10                                  |
|Item Obtained:  Spinner                           |

When you enter the room, you should see a sword in the middle of it.
Run towards it and the battle will commence.  It seems as though the
sword is flying on it's own accord.  Transform into the wolf and you
will realize otherwise.

Activate your senses and you will see a giant skull.  Here you must
dodge all his attacks, and attack him.  When you attack him, he will
now be visible when you are in your human form.

Now take out your Hero's Bow and let fly one of your arrows.  When 
this happens, the Demon Soldier will be thrown into all a tizzy.
Wait until he's close enough to you, and then chop his bony ass up.  
Rinse and repeat.

|Chained Warrior (Snowpeak Ruins)    [CW]          |
|Difficulty: 6/10                                  |
|Item Obtained:  Ball and Chain                    |

This is my least favourite level, my favourite mini-boss, and
my favourite weapon.  Chained Warrior basically has one attack,
whooping you with his Ball and Chain.  This boss is mighty
tricky, and he was the cause for my only death in the game.

To defeat him, you must grapple onto the ceiling behind him.
He will then throw his Ball and Chain at you.  Quickly drop
down and run behind him, and slash his only weakspot, his tail.
Rinse and repeat.

|Iron Knuckle (Temple of Time)    [IK]             |
|Difficulty: 4/10                                  |
|Item Obtained:  Dominion Rod                      |

The Iron Knuckle is a heavily armour-clad foe, who is very difficult
to defeat if you are not in possesion of the Helm Splitter and the
Back Slice.  Just use those abilities to knock his armour off.  If 
you don't have those abilities, than you must DODGE his attack,
causing his sword to get stuck in the ground, whilst you chop the
hell out of him.

In the second phase of battle, he will be much quicker, but easier
to hit.  Now, you must DODGE his attack and proceed to take him
to town.  Rinse and repeat.

|Winged Lizalfos (City In The Sky)    [WL]         |
|Difficulty: 5/10                                  |
|Item Obtained:  Double Clawshot                   |

The most important thing to remember while fighting the Winged
Lizalfos is, that you musn't step on the blue tiles.  Do you
notice the symbol on the Lizalfos shield?  It's a Clawshot 

When the fight commences you must Z-Target the Lizalfos, and wait
for him to raise his sword and shield, as though preparing to attack.
When he does so, immediatly shoot your Clawshot at his shield, which
will cause him to be pulled towards you.  Whoop some Lizalfos ass,
and continue to do so.  Eventually the Lizalfos will fly out of one
of the four holes in the room, and the second phase will begin.

The fight is exactly the same, except now he'll also be flying in and
out of those four holes.  When he is doing this you have to manually
aim your Clawshot, otherwise you cannot reach him.  Make sure to use
the Helm Splitter, or Back Slice to take out some of his armour quickly
and efficently.  Rinse and Repeat.

----------------(MY PERSONAL BONUS FEATURES [BF])-------------


"The order of the song relates the prisoners to the scenes
Sorrow equates morning dew with fallen tears, so it seems
The space betwixt the realms tangles the universal sea of love
All watched by golden goddesses residing now in worlds above
Omnipotent imbalance sets the worlds up for the fall
A constant vogue of power moves toward the end of all"

"Great potential unrealized
Although in ancient cuneiform
By eldest writings prophesized
Until the worlds grow uniform"

"They strode across the universe
Entrusted with great power
To keep life stable through the land
Forging every last flower

For eternity they marched
Through the vast expanse of stars
Maintaining continuity
To perfect the nears and fars"



Prologue: Two Worlds Diverge

380 years ago…

The lights flickered around the fortress. It was dusk, and the marriage 
ceremony was about to take place.  The Gerudo princess, in just a few 
short minutes, was to marry the new king, Sniboros. Of all of the Gerudos 
in the desert, he had chosen her to be his bride. It was a pity about her 
old friend, Nemanka. She was almost as pretty, but had dealt too much with 
sorcery rather than traditional Gerudo thieving abilities. More Wizzrobe 
than Gerudo! That was why Sniboros had chosen her to be his bride.  Hearing 
footsteps coming up the passage behind her, she turned. “Oh, hello there, 
friend. I’m so excited about the marriage, although I must say I’m a little 
nervous, don’t you – ”  She was cut short when her visitor drew a long, 
menacing staff. “As you should be,” said the princess’s visitor. “If I 
were you, Rova, I’d be far more than a little nervous right now. I’d be 


In more recent times…
They stood in the courtyard, facing each other. Despite the bright, cheery 
atmosphere, they both sensed the evil which lurked just inside the castle.
Zelda had already explained the threat that Ganondorf represented to the 
land of Hyrule, and had told Link that they needed to open the Door of 
Time and reach the Triforce before Ganondorf could.  “Will you do it?” 
she asked. “Will you find the other two Spiritual Stones?”  Link paused 
to think. The small flowers nearby swayed in the breeze. Through the 
window behind Zelda, he could see Ganondorf pacing. He thought of what 
had happened to the Great Deku Tree, and he knew what had to be done.
"Yes,” said Link. “I will.”


Ganon lay weak on the ground amidst the ruins of his castle. Zelda, nearby, 
used her magic to pin him to the ground, while Link advanced menacingly 
with the Master Sword.  The Master Sword nullified the magic of the Triforce 
of Power, slicing right through Ganon. His blood spilled across the stone 
ground.  The Sages opened the portal to the Sacred Realm, and Ganondorf 
was cast into it, maintained by the Triforce of Power but unable to 
escape. As he fell into the void, he vowed vengeance against Link, 
Zelda, and the Sages. He promised to return one day.  His power in Hyrule 
shattered, the land was restored to peace and tranquility. Using the 
Ocarina of Time, Zelda was able to send Link back through time and seal 
the Door of Time, the Master Sword replaced in its pedestal.  That day, 
the land was saved. That day, Link vanished forever. That day, the land 
was doomed. That day, the world split apart.


They stood in the courtyard, facing each other. Despite the bright, 
cheery atmosphere, they both sensed the evil which lurked just inside 
the castle.  Zelda had already explained the threat that Ganondorf 
represented to the land of Hyrule, and had told Link that they needed 
to open the Door of Time and reach the Triforce before Ganondorf could.
“Will you do it?” she asked. “Will you find the other two Spiritual 
Stones?”  Link paused to think. The small flowers nearby swayed in the 
breeze. Through the window behind Zelda, he could see Ganondorf pacing. 
He thought of what had happened to Hyrule when he opened the door to the 
Sacred Realm, and he knew what had to be done.  “No,” said Link. “We 
can’t. We must vanquish Ganondorf another way.”


Dawn came. Kafei slowly crept down the steps to the mailbox in order to 
send a very important letter. A letter to Anju.  He was careful to go in 
disguise, wearing his Keaton Mask to avoid being recognized. Of course, 
who could recognize him? The Kafei that they all knew was an adult. 
Thanks to what the Skull Kid had done to him, he now appeared to be a 
mere child.

“How selfish,” he murmured, “it is for me to worry about such things! 
The moon is growing nearer and will crush all of Termina in a matter 
of days, and here I stand worrying about my engagement to Anju.”
The Clock Town clocktower showed that it was precisely six in the 
morning. As Kafei stared at it, sensing some sort of significance to 
the time, the door at the base of the clocktower opened. Out stepped 
a strange young boy clad in green, followed by a small fairy.  Kafei 
placed his letter in the mailbox and stared at the boy. He stood still 
for a moment, and ran.  In due course, the Skull Kid and Majora were 
defeated, the Moon’s fall was stopped, and Kafei was restored to normal 
and his Sun Mask returned. Shortly thereafter, he married Anju.  It was 
a time of great joy, peace, and tranquility. But that is another story. 
A somewhat happier story than this one.


Dawn came. Kafei slowly crept down the steps to the mailbox in order to 
send a very important letter. A letter to Anju.  He was careful to go in 
disguise, wearing his Keaton Mask to avoid being recognized. Of course, 
who could recognize him? The Kafei that they all knew was an adult. Thanks 
to what the Skull Kid had done to him, he now appeared to be a mere child.
“How selfish,” he murmured, “it is for me to worry about such things! The 
moon is growing nearer and will crush all of Termina in a matter of days, 
and here I stand worrying about my engagement to Anju.”  The Clock Town 
clocktower showed that it was precisely six in the morning. As Kafei 
stared at it, sensing some sort of significance to the time, the door 
at the base of the clocktower caught his eye.  It didn’t move. And why 
should it? Very few people went into the clocktower, discounting the 
engineers who kept it running and the strange mask salesman. And yet, 
Kafei instinctively knew that it should have opened. Why didn’t it?
In a moment, the truth came to Kafei in a sudden rush of realization. 
Termina was doomed. Nothing could stop the moon from falling; the whole 
world would be destroyed. And yet, the Happy Mask Salesman claimed to 
have a hidden retreat deep within the clocktower where, so he said, the 
moon could not reach him. Of course, the Happy Mask Salesman often lied, 
and there was Anju to think of. Kafei couldn’t just run off and abandon 
her…Yet something about the door to the clocktower beckoned him.
Why didn’t it open?


The complete Link slowly crept up the mountainside. Eliminating Ganondorf 
hadn’t made climbing a gigantic vertical rock face any easier, although 
the eruptions had been far fewer and less violent now that Volvagia was 
defeated. Or perhaps it was simply that Volvagia had never been released. 
Time travel never seemed to make much sense.  For once, however, he felt 
as though his climb up Death Mountain could have easily been avoided. 
Why had the owl insisted on meeting up at the summit? It might be easy 
for an owl to fly up, but climbing up was another matter. Link casually 
swatted away a wall-climbing Skulltula. These things were everywhere!  
At last, Link reached the peak. Seeing Kaepora Gaebora perched up there 
gave him a strange sense of Déjà vu, as he had previously encountered 
the owl on that exact same spot long ago. Except that might not have 
ever happened either, although Link had a strange feeling that it was 
real. “So, Kaepora,” Link asked, “Why did you wish to meet me up here?”
The owl hooted loudly, spinning its head around. “Sorry for the 
inconvenience – I sometimes forget what it was like to not have wings! 
But this is the only place we can speak where you’ll be safe.”  Link 
frowned. “Safe? Safe from what?”  Kaepora Gaebora sighed. “Well, Link, 
I know that, with the Triforce of Courage and all, you’re not inclined 
to take danger seriously – but – well…”  He paused for a moment.
“Link, someone is trying to kill you.”


Still wearing the Keaton Mask, Kafei cautiously walked over to the 
clocktower doors. A large pair of double doors made of oak, they were 
painted in greens and reds with strange patterns. Kafei had never paid 
attention to them before, but now they struck him as rather ominous.
Cautiously, he pushed the left door open. The inside of the tower 
contained all of the gears, weights, pulleys, and other assorted 
machinery needed to keep accurate time, However, other odd machines 
and bits of junk littered the floor. The green walls were musty and 
damp, and several puddles of water formed over the floor.  The 
lighting was poor, but, looking around, Kafei could make out strange 
designs on the walls. A small wooden staircase lead down to a lower 
level. Cautiously, he crept downward, trying to make as little noise 
as possible.  At the bottom were several larger puddles of water. A 
strange, metal, door-like device, engraved with designs of clocks, 
stars, and other assorted symbols, were embedded in one wall. Hearing 
noise, Kafei whirled around to see the Happy Mask Salesman conversing 
in a low voice with a strange, cloaked figure. They didn’t seem to have 
noticed him yet, and Kafei kept to the shadows. The hooded figure handed 
the Happy Mask Salesman something long and thin, continuing to mutter 
something unintelligible.


Link.  I know you’re out there, somewhere.  You think I’m dead. Or will 
be dead in seven years.  You think you’ve killed my counterpart in this. 
Or will do so in the future.  Very well. One will reside in your eventual 
destination, and one in the world where your adventures have already 
happened – and yet have yet to happen.  I will watch you be victorious 
over me. I will watch as you kill both of us.  And then I shall rule.


Slowly, Kafei crept through the shadows toward the pair. The Happy Mask 
Salesman was speaking urgently. As Kafei stumbled through the shadows, 
his voice just became intelligible.  “…mean to say, sir, that you want 
me to take this sword and – ”  The shadowy figure held up his hand. 
“He’s listening to us. You know what to do.”  The Happy Mask Salesman 
looked around. “Kafei?” he called out. “I know you’re there. Come out here.”
After a moment, Kafei walked out of the shadows. “How did you know I was 
there? And what do you want? And who are y – ” Kafei turned to the cloaked 
figure only to find that he was no longer there.  The salesman sighed. “My 
associate has business elsewhere in Termina. He asked me to give this to 
you once you began to listen to us from the shadows.” Slowly, the Happy 
Mask Salesman handed Kafei a long, straight scabbard containing an elegant 
sword. “He instructed me to tell you that, as long as you guard it with 
your life, your life will be guarded by it.”  Kafei took the sword 
uncertainly. “How in Din’s name did he know I would overhear your 
discussion? Who was he? And what were the two of you doing down here?”
The Happy Mask Salesman looked about the dark cavern, evidently unsettled. 
“The truth is, I’ve no idea. He never said his name, and I’ve never met 
him before. I came down here because – well – I – ” He sighed. “Kafei, I 
brought to Termina a large mask, Majora’s Mask, which grants terrible 
dark power to the wearer. The Skull Kid stole it from me and used its 
magic to cause terrible mischief, such as turning you into a child. More 
importantly, however, he’s drawing the Moon nearer to the land, and it will 
destroy all of Termina in just three days.” He sighed again. “Yes, it’s all 
my fault. I’m down here to wait for help from someone who isn’t here – 
someone who should have already come. You must have sensed this yourself.”
Kafei nodded. The strange feeling that the door should have opened...
“I’m waiting down here for a hero who won’t come, and I will wait for three 
days – until it is too late. Then I will leave Termina forever – and remain 
in the parallel realm of Hyrule.”  Kafei was about to ask the Happy Mask 
Salesman what he meant, but suddenly a low voice called to him from behind 
the dark metal door. “Kafei…” it whispered. “Come with me. I can lead you 
to safety until your time comes…”


In the beginning there were three goddesses.  Din, Nayru, and Farore.  And 
they created the land of Hyrule to be one of perfection.  But they needed 
a system that allowed them to ensure that their creations would be perfect, 
and that they would continue to be so.  And so, once the three goddesses 
departed the land, they left three pieces of great power behind to be used 
in perpetuating Hyrule.  Little did even they suspect how this power would 
ultimately be used.


“Link,” said the owl, “Thank you for coming again. You have done well in your 
quest, but I bring grave news.”  Link glared at Kaepora Gaebora. “What news 
is this? Nothing can stop me now. You’ve seen my work.”  The owl paused. 
“Well, that’s really the problem. Had you had somewhat less success, your 
life would not be in such danger. But as it stands…”  Link wasn’t sure what 
to make of this. “What in Hyrule are you talking about?” Something seemed 
wrong to him.  Kaepora Gaebora flapped angrily. “If you didn’t appear to 
pose so much of a threat to your foe, the threat to your own life would have 
abated. As it stands, however, the person trying to kill you is even now 
closing in for the final attack. And I have learned who this nemesis is.”
At this, Link became excited. “You do? Tell me who, so I can get to him first.”
The owl flew up into the air. “Oh, Link, it’s far too late for that. I already
have you. Thank you for walking into my trap. It saved me the trouble of 
hunting you down.”  Link drew his bow, unsheathed his sword, and readied 
every other weapon he had handy.  Five minutes later, his body had been 
flung off the mountainside.


Back inside the tower, Kafei turned back to the Happy Mask Salesman. “Whose
voice is that? And what are you talking about?”  The Happy Mask Salesman sighed
deeply. “Many years ago I consulted a prophet to learn my future. He told me
that I would doom a world, but that a hero would come at dawn three days before
its destruction and save the land. But something has disrupted the prophesy, and
I feel as though it applied only to a different part of me – not to me myself. 
We’ve both sensed that the hero should have come by now but hasn’t. Out of hope,
I intend to stay here until Termina’s destruction is assured, but you yourself 
must leave immediately.”  Kafei stared. “Prophesy…disrupted? And what’s this 
about leaving Termina? Termina is the world; there is nothing outside of it, 
except for wherever the goddesses reside.”  The salesman shook his head. “No, 
Kafei, there is another world beyond Termina – one just as great, but not 
facing certain death. I come from that other realm myself. It is a place 
called Hyrule, and it is connected to Termina only by one passage – over 
there.”  As the Happy Mask Salesman pointed at the old door, it opened. 
Behind it stood a strange figure. Kafei blinked. The figure was Kafei 
himself, only completely black, like a silhouette. It was clothed just 
as Kafei was, and, around its belt, there even hung a scabbard just like 
the one given to him by the Happy Mask Salesman.  “Kafei”, the figure 
whispered, “I am a friend. Come with me, and I will show you the way 
to Hyrule.”


Uncertainly, Kafei walked toward his dark double. He couldn’t understand 
what this was all about, but based on the assumption that Termina was 
doomed to be destroyed in a matter of days, he couldn’t see that exploring 
this passage could possibly make things any worse. As he left, the Happy 
Mask Salesman stared after him, then resumed his pacing.  The corridor, 
Kafei immediately noticed, was not straight. Instead, it was twisted in 
such a way that the door on the opposite end lay in the middle of the wall. 
Guessing his thoughts, the shadowy Kafei explained “This passageway is a 
bridge between worlds. It shouldn’t exist at all, but in the absence of two 
of the governors, such aberrations have appeared with nobody able to fix 
them. Actually, the last governor, could eliminate this passage, or at least 
alter its form to remove the disconcerting twist, but he has lost interest 
in such affairs as of late. That’s why things are already falling apart.” 
He took a deep breath. “It’s rather hard to explain right now, and we have 
very little time. At any rate, it’s perfectly safe. Just walk down the middle 
of the hall.”  With that, the dark figure jogged along the corridor. Kafei 
watched in amazement as he began to turn with the corridor, until eventually 
he was standing on the wall as though it was ground. Cautiously, he followed, 
eventually speeding up as he realized it was safe. He always felt as though 
he was standing on perfectly normal ground; by the time he had reached the 
end of the corridor, the door by which he had entered seemed to be on the 
wall.  Motioning for silence, the silhouette lead Kafei down an ordinary 
passage until they came to a large, open chamber. With the exception of a 
few pillars of earth by the two doors and the middle of the room, there did 
not seem to be any ground. Looking down, Kafei could see nothing but 
blackness.  “That,” explained the dark figure, “Is the void. This place 
isn’t supposed to exist, which means that its existence leads to some things 
that should be impossible, such as connecting Termina to Hyrule or giving 
mortals access to the void.” He reached down and picked up a small piece of 
bark from the ground. “From the looks of things, a young Deco recently fell 
down into the void. For those who know of it, the void is a preferred method 
of suicide, since anything that enters it dissolves into nothingness 
instantly and painlessly. I suppose that is what happened here…”  The figure 
shook its head. “Still, this piece of bark should be enough.” He held it in 
his hand, a look of concentration upon his face. The real Kafei blinked, and 
when he looked again he saw that his companion had changed – shrunk and 
transformed into the shadowy, fluid silhouette of a young Deku. “There. In 
this form, I can carry you across the chamber to the opposite door, which 
leads to Hyrule. Ready?”


To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to my attention that, following the capture of your illustrious 
colleague, your timeline for attaining that which you require has become 
rather disrupted, and appearances indicate that, should the opportunity 
ever arise again through the normal channels, it shall not do so for 
centuries.  I have a proposition for both of you. I bear grave news of 
your impending deaths, but can give you information which will enable 
you to reverse this situation. Come to my place of residence in Lake 
Hylia if you are interested.

A well-wisher.


Kafei shook his head. “No, I’m afraid I’m not ready. Who are you? What 
are these problems you keep talking about? What is this ‘void’ below? 
And what is going on?”  The shadowy Deku sighed. “I’m afraid that, for 
you to understand that, you’ll need to know a great deal more about the 
origin of the world. Sit down; this is not a short tale.” He then 
proceeded to explain the situation as it was. Kafei listened intently, 
not daring to speak.


In the beginning, there was the void.  The void is the antithesis of 
existence. Simply put, it is less than nothing. It is not just that the 
void does not exist; the void lacks the potential for existence. In 
practical terms, this means that anything within the void is destroyed 
and vanishes from existence.  Beyond the void existed a magic realm, 
which contained all of existence. Within this region there came into 
being three perfect goddesses – Din, Nayru, and Farore. Together they 
devised a plan to drive back the void and create in its place a perfect 
world. They chose to name this world “Hyrule”, for the order and 
perfection the planned to give it, and the proof of the superiority of 
existence over nothingness that the kingdom would represent by taking 
the void’s place.  Using their magic, they were able to create a hole 
in the void. I know it might be difficult for you to imagine a hole in 
nothingness, but that was exactly what it was. This hole, though 
initially containing nothing, had a quality that the void can never 
have: it existed, despite being nothing, and had the potential to 
contain more existence.  In this hole of existence, the three goddesses 
combined their power to create the three properties needed for a world: 
Earth, Life, and Law. They soon discovered, however, that though they 
themselves were perfect, the land they created was not. Rapidly, it 
dissolved into chaos.  They knew that they themselves would soon need 
to return to their homeland – a place known in Hyrule as the Sacred Realm. 
So they created a scheme by which they would ensure Hyrule’s perfection 
for all eternity.  First, they created three magicians to carry out their 
goals after they departed. Each magician was given complete control over 
a certain element. Imorphen was made master of shape and form; 
Ichronopheel, master of time; and Ilocaphar became master of space and 
position. Together, these three magicians would ensure that every Hylian 
they created would come into being with the right form at the right time 
in the right place. However, these magicians, though powerful and 
immortal, were not as perfect as the goddesses, and could get things 
wrong. You may not like this next part, Kafei. To prevent this from 
happening, the goddesses created a parallel realm in a different 
dimension – again, by creating a new hole in the void – and decreed it 
to be the testing range for the magicians. There, the magicians would 
experiment until they knew exactly how to make each creature perfectly 
in Hyrule.  That land was called Termina, as it was the final step in 
the goddesses’ plan to make Hyrule perfect. All Terminans – everyone 
you have ever known – are merely prototypes for the citizens of Hyrule. 
Most of the time the magicians need only one test subject, but there 
are exceptions. For example, the sisters Romani and Cremia are both 
prototypes for a single Hylian girl named Malon. Even you, Kafei, are a 
prototype for a great hero named Link.  This system was designed to keep 
Hyrule perfect for all eternity after the goddesses departed. Indeed, it 
worked for a long time. But then something went dreadfully wrong…


A rumbling sound echoed through the chamber, then died down as it collapsed 
into the void below.  The dark Deku figure paused to listen to it. “Another 
tremor. This cavern isn’t stable. Here, I’d better fly you across now, 
before it’s too late. I’ll tell you the rest on the way. It’s a long 
flight.”  Numbly, Kafei took hold of the shadowy Deku. The Deku pulled 
out black spinning flower silhouettes, twirled them rapidly above his 
head, and leapt into the air. By rotating the flowers rapidly, he was 
able to keep himself and Kafei airborne as he continued his story.


After several millennia of service, the three magicians began to grow bored 
with their tasks. Their corruption began when they decided that, in honor 
of themselves, they would create a new spellcasting life form in their own 
image – and thus was the Wizzrobe created. They each gave some of their 
power to the Wizzrobe; Wizzrobes can teleport due to their location magic, 
appear to be in several places at once due to time manipulation, and grow 
and shrink thanks to alteration of their own form. The dark nature of the 
Wizzrobes mirrored the corruption growing within the three magicians; were 
it not for this corruption, the Wizzrobes would never have been created, 
and so some of this darkness lived within the Wizzrobes, causing their evil.  
As the centuries wore on, the three magicians neglected their duties more 
and more. Hyrule became less and less perfect, and hideous monsters began to 
appear, unchecked by the magicians. Holes began to appear in the fabric of 
Hyrule and Termina, linking them to each other or to the void. Normally, 
these problems would have been fixed immediately by Imorphen, Ichronopheel, 
and Ilocaphar, but due to their neglect, holes in the worlds, such as the 
passage through which we are now flying, remained unchecked.  Dissatisfied 
with their own power and growing distrustful of their comrades, each of the
three magicians plotted to steal the power of the other two and declare 
themselves eternal ruler of Hyrule. Imorphen was the trickiest of the 
three, and manipulated Ichronopheel and Ilocaphar into attacking one 
another, believing that he could then step in and claim both of their 
powers.  His plan backfired. As he looked on, Ichronopheel and Ilocaphar 
attacked one another simultaneously. Ilocaphar banished Ichronopheel out 
of the worlds and into the void; at the same moment, Ichronopheel blasted 
Ilocaphar far back in time to the time before the hole in the void was 
reated. Both appeared in the void and accordingly dissolved into 
nonexistence, and as they faded, so did their power.  Imorphen was 
devastated. The power he had dreamed of had, as a result of his efforts 
to obtain it, been utterly destroyed. During their days of corruption, 
each of the magicians had created underlings to help them run the 
universe, albeit less efficiently than it once had been run. At that 
moment, Imorphen left all his duties to his underlings and went out to 
seek the one power that was as great as the combined magic of the three 
magicians.  Now that you know the background, I can answer your questions. 
You asked who I am. I was one of those created by the magicians, in my 
case Imorphen, to maintain Hyrule and Termina. He gave me the power to 
change my shape to match anyone nearby, although I am always pure black. 
I have explained the nature of the void to you. As for what is now going 
on and what the new problems are, however, I cannot answer in a single 
statement. This is another tale.When the goddesses departed to return to 
the Sacred Realm, they left behind a connection between Hyrule and a 
portion of the sacred Realm. In that area they placed the Triforce, a 
powerful magical artifact representing the balance of courage, wisdom, 
and power. The bridge to this area was guarded by the ancient sages and 
the Master Sword, which could only be pulled from its pedestal by the one 
chosen to be the Hero of Time.  Several months ago, a young Hylian named 
Link – your counterpart in Hyrule – uncovered a plot by the evil Gerudo 
king Ganondorf to steal the Triforce. With the help of the Hylian princess 
Zelda, he managed to enter the Temple of Time and reach the Master Sword 
first. Pulling it from its pedestal, he opened the gateway to the Sacred 
Realm, but the sword sealed him away for seven years until he became old 
enough to become the Hero of Time. During these years, Ganondorf stole 
the Triforce of Power, but his unbalanced heart forced the Triforce of 
Courage into Link and the Triforce of Wisdom into Zelda. After conquering 
Hyrule, Ganondorf tried to take the other pieces of the Triforce, but 
Link awakened the ancient sages and managed to seal Ganondorf away in 
the Sacred Realm forever.


Using a magical artifact known as the Ocarina of Time, Princess Zelda 
sent Link back in time to before he pulled the Master Sword so that he 
could live the seven years that the Master Sword stole from him. Finding 
that Ganondorf had not been defeated by this point, Link and Zelda, not 
wishing to fight Ganondorf again, convinced the Hylian king to have 
Ganondorf sealed away forever.  Searching for a fairy that had 
accompanied him, Link then wandered through the Lost woods until one 
of the Skull Kids, under the control of an evil artifact known as 
Majora’s Mask, stole his Ocarina of Time and his horse, Epona, and ran 
away through this very passage to Termina. Link followed him, and, at 
six in the morning on this very day, opened the door to the clocktower 
and emerged into Clock Town. And you saw him.  Here is the problem. 
Majora, acting through the Skull Kid, set the moon on collision course 
with Termina. He also caused other mischief, such as changing you into a 
child. In three days time, Link defeated Majora and set everything right. 
Or, at least, he was supposed to.  You see, when Link was sent back in 
time, the timeline of the universe was split in two. In one timeline, 
Link pulled the Master Sword, traveled seven years into the future, 
defeated Ganondorf, and vanished. In the other timeline, Link and Zelda 
had the king of Hyrule seal Ganondorf away, and then journeyed to Termina 
to save it from destruction.  You live in the former, Kafei. In this 
timeline, Link is now spending seven years sealed away, and the fate of 
Termina is in jeopardy. Normally, such anomalies would be repaired by the 
three magicians, but now nobody is powerful enough to juxtapose the two 
universes together. If the two timelines become too different, the result 
could be that both universes collapse and are destroyed.  That is why you 
and the Happy Mask Salesman felt that somebody should come when nobody 
came. Link should have come – and he did, in another universe. But not in 
this one.  To make matters worse, Imorphen has been seeking the Triforce 
for a long time; it contains the one force greater in might than the 
combined powers of the three magicians. With the universe in a crisis and 
the Triforce scattered, Imorphen has initiated his latent schemes to take 
control of the power and conquer all of Hyrule.  Some believe that, as you 
are the prototype for the Hero of Time, you may have the power to do 
something to prevent total destruction. That is why I have come to rescue 
you from Termina’s destruction. As one of those created to maintain the 
universe, now universes, I can slip from one timeline to another. You, 
however, cannot. For your safety, I will take you to Kokiri Forest, in 
Hyrule. You will live with the Kokiri until the time is ripe.


With that, the two landed on the ledge on the other side of the chamber. 
Slowly, his mind reeling, Kafei followed the shadowy guardian down the 
corridor toward his new home.


~~~Midna's Song~~~

Run through the cold of the night
As passion burns in your heart
Ready to fight, a knife held close by your side
Like a proud wolf alone in the dark
With eyes that watch the world
And my name like a shadow on the face of the moon

Broken mirror, a million shades of light
The old echo fades away
But just you and I
Can find the answer and then
We can run to the end of the world
We can run to the end of the world

Cold fire clenched to my heart
In the blue of night
Torn by this pain, I paint your name in sound
And the girl of the dawn
With eyes of blue and angel wings
The songs of the season are her only crown

We met in the mist of morning
And parted deep in the night
Broken sword and shield and tears that never fall
But run through the heart
Washed away by the darkest water
The world is peaceful and still

We met in the mist of morning
And parted deep in the night
Broken sword and shield and tears that never fall
But run through the heart
Washed away by the darkest water
The world is peaceful and still

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