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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Game Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Full Reviews

cheesemonkey15th Dec 2006, ID #474
The long anticipated Zelda games has finally come to the Wii. If you are lucky enough, like me, you have probaly already bought this or recently purchased this game for Gamecube. No matter what cons..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

phyro98911th Jan 2007, ID #502
In a time were light and darkness are equal, a mystrious cloud appears. What is this cloud? What will it do to us? And who will save us from it? That answer is easy, Link of course and his trusty ho..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

MiniGauntlet2nd Feb 2007, ID #528
FINALLY! After so many months of delays, so many nail-biting, hair pulling, cutting off your own limbs kind of days since it's anouncement, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has finally been re..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

egglabean21st Apr 2007, ID #600
The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the third installment of the 3D Zelda games, and quite possibly and arguably...the best! The story goes a little like this.... You are Link, a child from O..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

Nanoboy2511th Aug 2007, ID #688
Twilight Princess. Part of one the best games series has, doesn't let the Zelda name be dissappointed. After reviving from the Wind waker's childish graphics and addictive gameplay, Nintendo decided..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

Bounty Hunter 0034th Feb 2008, ID #789
LOL! This game rocks! The dungeons are so much cooler than Wind Waker's. The graphics, superb. Every catagory is maxed out. The ratings are off the charts! What's happening? Legend of Zelda is comin..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

Danemastermewtwo41516th Oct 2008, ID #969
Legend of zelda twilight princess really does push the gamecube to it's abolute limits with stunning graphics amazing world detail and glorius sound effects that will keep you playing this game for ..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

Volke8th Dec 2009, ID #1193
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Nintendo's latest installment in the ever-popular The Legend of Zelda series. Many consider it to be the greatest out of all of the Zelda games. Maybe it is; ..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

Volke8th Dec 2009, ID #1194
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Nintendo's latest installment in the ever-popular The Legend of Zelda series. Many consider it to be the greatest out of all of the Zelda games. Maybe it is; ..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Zelda bandit's reviewAdded 4 Apr 2007, ID #7528
This is my review for this game, I tell you it was a long wait for this game but it was worth it cause this game is sick. the graphics were awesome its like link was in an xbox360.The gameplay is sick it couldnt be no better then it is right now, i\'d say its about a good 5 hours long worth of gameplay witch is very good cause i wouldnt want a game that is only 2 hours well back on the review. i tell you its woth the mony go out and buy it its awesome. i give it 10/10.

well thats the end of my review i hope yall will love this game as much as i do.

BEST IN THE WORLD!Added 15 May 2006, ID #5882
This game will always or be the best game in history unless another zelda game pops up!

Story!:10/10the best it is about a yong farmer named link someone tells him to go to hyrule and then he faces evil travelling across twilight and hyrule as he turns into a wolf in twilight as a figure saves him and link is faced with ganon king of evil later on!

sound:10/10cannot discribe!

enimies: what is there to say some funny some terrifying some mad some hard some easy all are different!

difficulty:10/10this game is hard but fun and there are plenty of side quests if it is to hard beat those!

lastibility:100000000000000000000000000000000000/5 forever

frustraition:0/10 sure it is hard but why can it get you angry play the side quests!

juelousy!:9/10unfortunatly people get juelous other people have this and say it's boring!

player strength:9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10with the master sword no-one can stop you i wish you could kill other people!


AwsomeAdded 28 Dec 2005, ID #5144
I got this game early so I have to say this game is awsome.

I don't have cheat's yet but this is AWSOME !!!!!!

The Legend of Zelda_ Twilight PrincessAdded 5 Jun 2012, ID #5149

Twilight PrincessAdded 12 Jul 2008, ID #1752

Im ImpressedAdded 22 Mar 2007, ID #309

Well, the cheat is to get more rings

In the chao garden get somthing that will sell for alot like a stump or pot maybe and when selling the item just as the money is going up


that way you will have the money from the item that you sold and if you look in the chao gardens there should be that item there!! like magic!!

small print :(no responsibility will be taken over lost saves)

Best Game EverAdded 12 Feb 2007, ID #234

Good Game!!!Added 15 Jan 2007, ID #151

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