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Iron, Steel, and Silver Ingots Farming Guide

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Fire Emblem is a game franchise that has a rich cast of different characters that you can use in battle in order to defeat enemies. You can expect that each character you have comes with a class that will determine their way of battle since they have specific weapons that they can use. Strengthening weapons will require materials, and the same materials are needed in order to purchase outfits in Fire Emblem Engage. Our Iron, Steel, and Silver Ingots Farming Guide is here to help you learn more about these important items that you need.

Fire Emblem Engage is a latest installation for the critically-acclaimed Fire Emblem series, offering a fresh approach to the tried-and tested tactical, turn-based JRPG formula fans have seen in recent years. Players are treated with the return of the Triangle System, weapons with no durability, and of course, the fresh new Emblem/Bond Ring mechanic.


The Somniel is a place that you’ll be visiting often in order for you to manage your team, as well as items. You can acquire Money and Bond Fragments throughout your journey, but you will notice that some of your facilities will require specific materials for use as well.

When looking at the shops that you’ll find at the Somniel’s plaza, you will notice that the Boutique and Smithy provide services in exchange for some materials such as Iron, Steel, or Silver Ingots. With that in mind, you will need to look for ways to save up and acquire these items.

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Using your Ingots: Now that you know how to collect different Ingots from different methods, you might be wondering where you can use these. When checking out the Somniel's plaza, you’ll find that there are two specific facilities that can use them. The Boutique is a place that lets you purchase outfits for your heroes at the Somniel, while the Smithy can let you upgrade your weapons for better stats. Some weapons can also evolve entirely to a stronger version, which can be upgraded further.

Boutique outfits will let you choose different styles, and they can be equipped on all characters once purchased. The ingots used here are more common as well, so you can purchase all of the available selections if you wish. Outfits can be changed at the Boutique for each character.

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How to acquire Iron, Steel, and Silver Ingots

Iron, Steel, and Silver Ingots are materials that you'll acquire through multiple means as you play through the different locations, chapters, and areas in Fire Emblem Engage. You can do the following activities throughout your gameplay in order to save up these items:

Pick up from Exploration

In Fire Emblem Engage, completing each chapter battle, skirmish, and training, lets you explore the map of that specific area. You can enlarge the mini-map by pressing ZR to cycle it. Once you see a bigger map, you’ll find that there are faint yellow glowing orbs on the map. Go to that location, and you’ll find a shiny object that you can examine. Ingots can be acquired here, you can also acquire them from enemies or chests depending on the map.

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Check the Donation Board

One of the places you can check out at the Somniel is the Donation Board. Here, you can contribute your money to the different countries throughout the region in order to help improve the materials that you can acquire. When checking out each country you can donate to, you’ll find that Brodia has higher rewards for Ingots.

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Adopt Dogs

The Somniel has a location that will let you house different animals that you can adopt during your explorations. The Farmyard has a small lot that lets you assign different animals at a time, and they will provide you with items that you can collect after every battle on the map. If you use the Farmyard and deploy dogs, they will provide you with Ingots which are very useful.

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Exchange your Ingots

The Smithy is a feature at the plaza of the Somniel that lets you strengthen your weapons or evolve them. Another feature it has is to exchange excess Ingots that you have into another form. For example, you can convert Iron Ingots into Steel or Silver, as long as you have the number that’s required.

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Challenge the Relay Trials

The Tower of Trials is a location that lets you place different challenge modes in order for you to acquire rewards. The Relay Trials lets you play a mode that requires an online connection, and other players as well in order to complete. You can acquire Ingots here at a low rate, but there are also other useful items such as crystals which can be used to augment the hero weapons of your Emblems.

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In Fire Emblem Engage, weapons do not have any durability counts so they do not get destroyed (staves are considered as items, so they do not count). Each weapon that you have can be upgraded to increase their stats up to a certain number of times. Some items can evolve into stronger versions such as Javelins where they can be evolved to Spears. You can then upgrade them once again to max out their potential stats using the Ingots that you have.

Since Ingots can be acquired often through the Somniel after every battle, it would be best for you to check out your Farmyard after you have completed your explorations at the Map. You should be able to save up enough materials to bring out the best results for your weaponry! This is also a must especially if you are planning on challenging higher difficulties such as Maddening Mode.


This concludes our Iron, Steel, and Silver Ingots Farming Guide for Fire Emblem Engage. Please check out our other pages for the game for more Fire Emblem Engage content!

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