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How to earn more Gold

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Earning gold in the game can be quite tedious, especially when you need gold in almost everything from getting new weapons, upgrading them, resupplying your party, donating to regions, and more. There are major points in the game where you’ll obtain a huge amount of funds but they’re far in between. That’s why farming gold is going to be one of your main side activities if you want to make the most out of your gameplay experience. In this guide, we will discuss the various means of earning gold in the game, as well as some great tips for farming gold effectively.

Fire Emblem Engage is a latest installation for the critically-acclaimed Fire Emblem series, offering a fresh approach to the tried-and tested tactical, turn-based JRPG formula fans have seen in recent years. Players are treated with the return of the Triangle System, weapons with no durability, and of course, the fresh new Emblem/Bond Ring mechanic.

Anna’s Personal Skill

Anna’s personal skill “Make a Killing” gives her a chance to obtain 500 gold whenever she defeats enemies. However, this is tied to the Luck stat; the higher her Luck stat, the higher the chance for this skill to trigger. Unlike other skills, Luck is one of the stats that’s barely getting increased whenever a character is leveled up so it’s ideal for you to use Anna regularly to train and build her, then use a second seal to reset her level back to LV1 so you can continue leveling her up while maintaining her current stats.

If you want her to level up faster, consider equipping her Mentorship (1.2x EXP applied to the unit and surrounding units) and if you have purchased the Expansion Pass, stack that up with the Lineage skill (+20% EXP gained) from the Emblem of Rivals bracelet. You can use a Goddess Icon to permanently increase her Luck stat by 2 or get a temporary Luck boost when using a Luck Tonic at the start of battle.

Emblem Byleth also has inheritable Luck+ skills, up to Luck+12 at bond level 19. Once you have acquired Emblem Byleth after clearing Chapter 14, you can clear his paralogue as well to increase his max bond to 20 and give you access to that valuable luck boosting skill. If you have the Expansion Pass, Tiki’s bond effects provide HP/Lck boosts that can be inherited though you’ll need a considerable amount of SP to inherit them to Anna. At Bond LV20, Anna can get +10 Luck while partnered with Tiki, that’s not including the inherited +HP/LCK skills you’ll equip on her.

Anna will start off initially as an Axe Fighter but if you’re going to partner her with Leif (which is highly recommended if you want her to your primary gold farmer), then you can change her to a Thief (higher base stats, good mobility) or an Archer/Sniper (low mobility but longer range). However, the main downside for doing so is that you’ll lose the passive Luck bonuses that you’ll get when pairing Anna up with Tiki or Byleth. It will really depend on your ideal party composition and gameplay style.

Emblem Leif’s Quadruple Hit skill

Emblem Leif’s Quadruple Hit engage attack has a chance to award you 1000 gold for defeating an enemy using a Covert unit. Covert classes include Thief, Archer, Sniper, Lord (Alcryst), and Tireur d’ elite (Alcryst exclusive class) The chances of this bonus effect to trigger is also tied to the unit’s Luck stat. This somewhat makes it unreliable and inconsistent since you can only use this engage attack once per charge and skirmish maps usually don’t have Engage recharging tiles. However, it’s still nice to have and highly recommended to use whenever you have the chance.

Take note that Emblem Leif will be temporarily unavailable from Chapter 10 until you recover him along with the other Emblems as part of the story, a few chapters after.

Defeat Gold Corrupted in Skirmishes

These are optional battles that spawn in random cleared locations in the map. There is a small amount of gold awarded upon completing them, along with the added benefits of farming EXP and SP to your units, and “refreshing” the various helpful activities in Somniel like standard training counts in the Arena, ordering meals for support points, getting bonus items from the farmyard, petting and feeding Sommie in its grotto, and many more.

Additionally, some skirmishes will either have Silver or Gold corrupted enemies in them. Silver corrupted award a significant amount of SP upon defeat but what you’re really after are the Gold corrupted enemies. You can easily identify these enemies among the enemy forces due to their gold-colored scheme. You can also examine them individually and check the amount of gold they’ll drop. The chances of them spawning in skirmishes will depend on the kingdom’s Donation Level. The higher that level, the higher the chances of them spawning (through artificial time adjustments or just letting time pass by naturally).

Additionally, skirmish spawns are directly affected by the time elapsed in real time. After a few hours have passed, uncleared skirmish encounters will disappear from the map and will be replaced by new encounters. You can artificially move the item by turning off internet time synchronization and manually adjusting the Switch’s system time.

Complete Paralogues

As you continue through the story, separate locations in the map will appear. These optional locations contain Paralogues or side missions where you can either recruit a new character or you can clear a trial to increase an emblem’s maximum bond level (up to LV20). Of course, you can also gain valuable EXP, gold, and as well as items that you can sell later on.

Proceeding through the main story

There are certain parts of the story where you’ll earn a huge amount of funds amounting to tens of thousands of gold. However, these are far in between and won’t be as sustainable as spending time to fight skirmishes using the methods discussed above.

Step on tiles with Spirits of the Fallen

If you’re connected online, tiles with purple spirits floating around might appear on the battlefield. Stepping on these tiles will award you a weapon or item that you can either use or sell. Take note that this will only work if you have an online subscription for Nintendo switch. Even if this is helpful, I wouldn’t suggest getting a switch online subscription just to enable this feature; this is just a bonus to those who already have a subscription and are already using that capability for other games.

Sell Excess Items

As you continue getting better weapons as loot or through refinements, you can sell some of your old surplus weapons for gold such as starter weapons with the slim, compact weapons and iron weapons in their description. Be careful not to sell staves, uncommon tomes, and throwable weapons like javelins, hand axes, and more since you can further improve them to their better versions through Refinement.

If your units are strong enough not to rely on Vulneraries or if you have access to Elixirs instead, you can also sell your excess stock of those self-heal items. In that situation, you also probably won’t need packed lunches produced in excess when preparing meals in Somniel’s Cafe Terrace; as such, you can sell these packed lunches for 50 gold each.

Get the Silver Card

This method not really helps you earn more gold but rather save it instead by permanently applying a 30% discount to all items and weapons sold in the Item Shop and Armory respectively. It’s ideal to get this item as early as possible to get the most savings as possible. You can only get this key item by purchasing the Expansion Pass and even if you did, this item is not added to your inventory automatically. Please refer to our dedicated page discussing the methods of getting this key item.

This concludes our Gold Farming guide for Fire Emblem Engage. Please check out our other pages for the game for more Fire Emblem Engage content!

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