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Expansion Pass Guide

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The game has an optional Expansion Pass that will cover four waves of DLC releases throughout the year. The first DLC wave is now available and if you’re one of the players who purchased the Expansion Pass, then this guide is for you. In this Expansion Pass guide, we will discuss how you can claim the new Emblem Bracelets that is part of the first DLC wave, as well as other tips and tricks related to their uses.

Fire Emblem Engage is a latest installation for the critically-acclaimed Fire Emblem series, offering a fresh approach to the tried-and tested tactical, turn-based JRPG formula fans have seen in recent years. Players are treated with the return of the Triangle System, weapons with no durability, and of course, the fresh new Emblem/Bond Ring mechanic.


As mentioned above, the Expansion Pass includes four DLC waves; one is currently available and redeemable while the other three will be announced and released in the following months. The first DLC wave contains the following:

* Emblem Bracelet for Edelgard, Claude, and Dimitri (all of them reside in a single Bracelet)

* Emblem Bracelet for Tiki

* Free Support Items (one-time use but will increase specific stats permanently)

* New accessories (cosmetic items that will change your allies’ appearance while in Somniel)

* Silver Card (permanent 30% discount for in-game purchases in the Armory and Item Shop)

For official information about the Expansion Pass, you can check out the DLC page at Nintendo’s website.

How to Unlock Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude

The “Emblem of Rivals” Emblem Bracelet contains the Emblems Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. To unlock them, you simply need to complete “Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring” then return to your base (Somniel). You’ll get a notification to check out the Lookout Ridge. Teleport there to trigger a cutscene in which you’ll be introduced to the trio.

All three of them reside on the same bracelet and they enable a very interesting and versatile gameplay. All three house leaders will switch as your active partner randomly, giving you access to a broad range of abilities. First, they have the “Gambit” sync skill. This ability doesn’t require any of the Three Houses leaders to be Engaged.

Gambit Synced Emblem Effect
Flame Gambit Edelgard When attacking, set the target’s space and surrounding spaces on fire.
Shield Gambit Dimitri Negates damage from first ranged attacks targeting the unit in the next enemy phase.
Poison Gambit Claude Poisons target and all foes adjacent to it after combat.
Assembly Gambit None Target foe moves 1 space away after combat. Target foe moves to the unit’s previous position.

After Engaging, the wearer is also able to use Combat Arts at the cost of some remaining Engage turns. The wearer also gains access to the Houses Unite special attack, which the trio attacks the target with their signature weapons Aymr (axe), Areadbhar (lance), and Failnaught (bow), increasing the chance of inflicting the Break status on the enemy. This is quite powerful as the bonus damage from the participating weapon types is taken into consideration as well. Furthermore, this attack is very effective against Fliers.

In the Ring Chamber, the trio will be listed individually. However, you can choose any of them to Polish the bracelet and the Bond progression will be counted for the three of them.

In the Inherit Skill screen, the trio also shares the same list of Bond Effects. Basically, it doesn’t matter which of the trio you’ll be using in battle more often; they share the same bond and skill progression. The skill “Lineage” increases the EXP earned by the unit by 20%. Thankfully, this skill can be inherited at bond LV5 at a very cheap price too so you can try to keep swapping the Emblem of Rivals to other party members (or have them Polish the bracelet regularly) to increase the bond with the trio and gain the ability to inherit this skill.

How to Unlock Emblem Tiki

Tiki’s paralogue becomes after completing Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring (at the same time when the Emblem of Rivals becomes available) so return to the world map to unlock her Paralogue map. You have to clear the map in order to obtain Tiki’s emblem bracelet.

You should be strong enough at this point to clear the map without too much difficulty. Tiki is located in the top-right chamber but to get to her, you need to step on the blue sigils located in the middle and top-left chambers. These chambers also have treasure chests on them. You have to unlock the sigil in the middle room first before the door to the northwest gets unlocked.

It’s recommended to bring healers here; at this point, the reliable ones will be Framme and Yunaka. Even if you have recruited Jean from his paralogue, he’s probably low-leveled at this point so just stick with Framme and Yunaka. Make sure to send one of them along a small group that will head to the chambers to clear the enemies, collect the chests, and step on the sigils.

There are also a couple of ranged enemy units on isolated towers that can only be reached by fliers so bring Chloe along to reach them. One of these enemies to the southeast corner of the map has a Physic staff as well so it’s worth the trouble of going out of your way and taking him out for it.

Once you have unlocked Tiki’s chamber, enemy reinforcements will appear from the south, by the castle’s entrance. You don’t need to fight them, especially if you’re converging near Tiki’s chamber already. To end the battle, simply take out Tiki. You can finish her off with Alear with the Emblem of Rivals equipped.

Tiki’s bracelet gives the wearer access to Starsphere, the skill that enhances stat growth when leveling up. Furthermore, the wearer gains access to Draconic Form, transforming them into a dragon while Engaged, giving +10 max HP and +5 to BLD and all basic stats. Tiki’s stat boosts and skills are focused around protection and survival, making her perfect for your tank units or whoever you want to take that role eventually.


This concludes our Expansion Pass guide for Fire Emblem Engage. Please check out our other pages for the game for more Fire Emblem Engage content!

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