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Bond Fragment Farming

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Bond Fragments is a special type of currency used in specific functions and activities in Somniel. They can be hard to obtain consistently so knowing how to earn and spend them effectively will help you a lot in the long run. In our Bond Fragment Farming guide, we will discuss the various methods of farming Bond Fragments in the game.

Fire Emblem Engage is a latest installation for the critically-acclaimed Fire Emblem series, offering a fresh approach to the tried-and tested tactical, turn-based JRPG formula fans have seen in recent years. Players are treated with the return of the Triangle System, weapons with no durability, and of course, the fresh new Emblem/Bond Ring mechanic.

Bond Fragment Uses

Bond Fragments is a special type of currency used in the following activities in Somniel.

* Emblem Training

* Creating Bond Rings

* Melding (forging) Bond Rings

* Engraving Emblem attributes to weapons.

Out of the list above, Emblem Training from the Arena offers the best value for spending Bond Fragments. This feature allows a unit to pair up with a selected Emblem and increase their bond level after combat. This allows the unit to instantly acquire weapon proficiencies that the emblem has, as well as unlocking skills that can be inherited. This saves time as well since you don’t need to switch Emblem Rings too often or you can fast-track the bond progress of the emblem’s current wearer/partner. This option also makes it easier for units to change into classes that require proficiencies on weapons they’re not good at.

Emblem Training doesn’t have a limited number of attempts that need to be “refreshed” by clearing a story chapter or skirmish; as long as you have the bond fragments, you can do emblem training as much as you want. Best of all, it doesn’t matter whether the unit partaking in the training loses the match; the bond level will increase as intended, based on the selected bond level and amount of bond fragments to spend.

Creating Bond Rings in the Ring Chamber is highly encouraged early on, especially when they’re needed by your other units to boost their stats and enable them to earn SP in combat. However, as you gain access to more emblem rings in the later part of the story, you’ll probably have a “core” team already (your personal army of the units of your choice) that you’ll deploy frequently. As such, you’re most likely to give them the more powerful emblem rings/bracelets anyway, with maybe a rank S bond ring or two for your other units. This makes the process of creating and combining bond rings lose its value in mid or late-game situations. More information about Bond Ring creation and melding can be found on our Ring Chamber Guide.

Finally, Emblem Engraving done at the Smithy is a “per application” basis so it remains valuable and useful all throughout the game. Since engraving bonuses are only applied to one weapon at a time, you can avail this service early on to apply engraving on any weapon or tome of your choice. Once you have acquired a special or more powerful weapon that you want to Engrave, simply select the same emblem type and the previous engraving of that emblem will be automatically applied to the new weapon. You can engrave refined weapons and tomes as well, making them even more fearsome in combat. Take note however, that the amount of bond fragments required for engraving will depend on how powerful the weapon you’re trying to engrave is.

Bond Fragment Sources

In this section, we will discuss the various methods or sources of bond fragments in the game. These can be grouped into three categories: during combat, post-combat, and via activities within Somniel.

Collect on the field during battle

In the battlefield, you’ll find tiles with yellow “spirits of the fallen”. Ending a unit’s turn here will yield either a good EXP boost or some bond fragments. Take note that it doesn’t matter if the unit waits without taking action; as long as the unit’s turn ends while stepping on the tile, he or she can collect the reward on that tile.

Post-battle Exploration

After the battle, you can talk to your allies to get some fragments. The amount of fragments you’ll get from them actually depends on their participation in battle (or lack thereof). For example, your MVPs or top performers will give you 100 fragments, those who participated just right will get 50, and sometimes, the benched or reserved units will give 10 fragments.

At the same time, you can interact with the various shining spots on the post-battle maps to get random items, including bond fragments. Any uncollected bond fragments (from allies or item spots) will be automatically awarded to you if you exit the map.

Sommie’s Grotto

Sommie is Somniel’s guardian spirit creature and there’s a grotto dedicated for it back in your base. (You can easily access the grotto from the fast-travel menu) There are three collection spots in the grotto that will always contain a random amount of bond fragments. Take note that these points are not always available together; sometimes, there is only one active point to collect from, for example.

Next, you have the option to interact with Sommie itself. You’ll have this option available after clearing Chapter 4. You can Feed it with most food items/ cooking ingredients in your inventory. At the same time, you can Pet it. Both activities will earn you 100 bond fragments each. Similar to other features or activities in the base, these collection points and your interaction with Sommie get “refreshed” after any one battle.

Strength Training

After clearing Chapter 4, you’ll unlock the Strength Training activity in Somniel. There are three exercises to choose from, each with four difficulty levels that you can challenge. On top of providing your units a temporary stat boost for a battle, you can also obtain bond fragments depending on the exercise difficulty you’ve completed. The fragments you can collect will range between 50 to 200. Similar to other features or activities in the base, this activity gets “refreshed” after any one battle.

If you have maxed out Sommie’s affinity gauge, you’ll have the option to train with it. Sommie will be able to help you during training.

Wyvern Riding

After clearing Chapter 11, you’ll unlock this rail shooter minigame. There are three difficulty levels; clearing the minigame in the highest difficulty will award you with more bond fragments. The fragments you can collect will range between 50 to 200. Similar to other features or activities in the base, this activity gets “refreshed” after any one battle.

If you have maxed out Sommie’s affinity gauge, you’ll have the option to ride with it. Sommie will be able to help you by shooting down some of the targets automatically.


This activity gets unlocked after clearing Chapter 8. You’ll get three attempts to fish. For every fishing session, you’ll have the chance to catch a special, large fish that’s worth more bond fragments. >The fish that will bite your bait is random so it’s possible to use up all three attempts without triggering that special encounter with the special fish. The fragments you can collect will range between 20 to 120 per attempt. Similar to other features or activities in the base, this activity gets “refreshed” after any one battle.

If you have maxed out Sommie’s affinity gauge, you’ll have the option to fish with it and Sommie will be able to assist you.

Clear Achievements

You can clear achievements by meeting task requirements. These achievements are worth a corresponding amount of bond fragments, depending on how simple or monumental the tasks are. You can collect these fragments from the bulletin board in Cafe Terrace of Somniel. You don’t really need to check these after every battle but at least try to check it regularly to collect all the bond fragments you have collected so far.

This concludes our Bond Fragment Farming Guide for Fire Emblem Engage. Please check out our other pages for the game for more Fire Emblem Engage content!

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