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How to unlock Weapon Proficiency

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Fire Emblem Engage provides you with a varied cast of characters throughout the game’s story. Your main character, as well as your recruits, all come with specific classes when starting out which will affect their stat growth as well as weapons that they can use. One of the great features that Fire Emblem has is the capability for you to change character classes. In order to do that, you will need to learn how to unlock proficiencies for specific weapons. In this page, we’ll be looking at how the Weapon Proficiency system functions.

Fire Emblem Engage is a latest installation for the critically-acclaimed Fire Emblem series, offering a fresh approach to the tried-and tested tactical, turn-based JRPG formula fans have seen in recent years. Players are treated with the return of the Triangle System, weapons with no durability, and of course, the fresh new Emblem/Bond Ring mechanic.


In many Fire Emblem games that are available, weapon proficiencies provide you with game mechanics referring to the weapons that can be equipped in battle alongside their current class. Some of the past games let you equip weapons, and with repeated use of them in battle you'll be able to increase your proficiency with them. This can provide useful effects such as increased stats, or perhaps you’ll be able to equip better items.

Weapons in this game can have different grades ranging from D, C, B, A, and S which can affect their stats. Not only that, but characters can only wield weapons up to their current class’ proficiency level. For example, character classes that have a B weapon proficiency with Swords can only equip D, C, and B swords only.

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Weapon proficiency can be improved in older games by constant use. In Fire Emblem Engage however, you cannot level these up since they will only be dependent on your current class. For example, if you want to wield an S-Class bow, you can only use them on a class that can do so such as a Sniper.

How to unlock Weapon Proficiency

If you check each of your character’s stats from the Change Class menu, you will notice that there’s a section on the lower-left side that will show you which proficiencies your character has learned. In this image below for example, Citrine is a Mage, and she has proficiencies unlocked for Tomes and Staves. The Blue icon means that they have an innate proficiency for that weapon, and it gives them a bonus for using it.

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Since she’s a level 10 Mage, and has proficiencies for Tomes and Staves, she has the correct requirements in order to class change to a Sage. However, if you wish to change her to an entirely different class, you must unlock the weapon proficiency required. For example, you will need to unlock Bow Proficiency so that she can be applicable for an Archer class, or Sword Proficiency so that she can be applicable as a Sword Fighter.

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In Fire Emblem Engage, you can increase your bond levels with the Emblem Rings that you have. Bond levels can be increased by equipping the Emblem Ring of a character and using them in battle often. In doing so, you can unlock Bond skills using Bond Fragments which your character can use, and specific bond levels can provide you with weapon proficiencies. For example, you can unlock Sword proficiency with Emblem Marth once you have reached Bond level 8.

Emblem Weapon Proficiency List

With Bond levels being important in order to learn weapon proficiencies, you might be wondering which Emblem Rings provide them. The list below provides you with all available weapon times, as well as the Emblem you need and bond level requirements.

Take note that this list does not include DLC bond rings.

Weapon ProficiencyEmblem and Bond Level
SwordCorrin (Bond Level 6)
SwordLucina (Bond Level 6)
SwordRoy (Bond Level 6)
SwordLeif (Bond Level 8)
SwordLyn (Bond Level 8)
SwordMarth (Bond Level 8)
SwordByleth (Bond Level 9)
SwordCelica (Bond Level 9)
SwordEirika (Bond Level 9)
SwordIke (Bond Level 9)
LanceEirika (Bond Level 6)
LanceSigurd (Bond Level 6)
LanceLeif (Bond Level 7)
AxeLeif (Bond Level 2)
AxeIke (Bond Level 6)
BowLeif (Bond Level 3)
BowLyn (Bond Level 6)
BowLucina (Bond Level 8)
KnifeLeif (Bond Level 4)
KnifeMicaiah (Bond Level 6)
TomeCelica (Bond Level 6)
TomeMicaiah (Bond Level 9)
StaffMicaiah (Bond Level 3)
StaffLeif (Bond Level 6)
ArtsByleth (Bond Level 6)

In this list, we will feature the proficiencies you can get from DLC Emblems (up to Wave 2)

Weapon ProficiencyEmblem and Bond Level
AxeEdelgard (Bond LV6)
LanceEdelgard (Bond LV9)
BowEdelgard (Bond LV13)
ArtsTiki (Bond Level LV6)
AxeHector (Bond LV6)
AxeCamilla (Bond LV6)
Tome/MagicCamilla (Bond LV17)
KnifeSoren (Bond LV6)
StaffSoren (Bond LV12)
Tome/MagicSoren (Bond LV16)

Tips for efficient unlocking

If you wish to unlock all proficiencies for a specific character, you will want to unlock the earliest bond level available for an Emblem Ring. The list below provides all weapon proficiencies available at the lowest bond level that you can unlock. This way, you’ll be able to save up on Bond Fragments.

Note: This list will include DLC Emblems

Weapon ProficiencyEmblem and Bond Level
SwordCorrin (Bond LV6), Lucina (Bond LV6), Roy (Bond LV6)
LanceEirika (Bond LV6), Sigurd (Bond LV6), Edelgard (Bond LV9)
AxeLeif (Bond LV6), Edelgard (Bond LV6), Hector (Bond LV6), Camilla (Bond LV6)
BowLeif (Bond LV3), Edelgard (Bond LV13)
KnifeLeif (Bond LV4), Soren (Bond LV6)
Tome/MagicCelica (Bond LV6), Camilla (Bond LV17)
StaffMicaiah (Bond Level 3), Soren (Bond LV12)
ArtsByleth (Bond Level 6), Tiki (Bond Level LV6)

Another tip for you to farm Bond levels very quickly is by using the Emblem feature at the Arena. Here, you can spend Bond Fragments in order to level up bond levels as fast as possible. If Bond Fragments aren’t an issue for you, you can even acquire multiple weapon proficiencies from Emblem Leif since he can provide them for Sword, Lance, Axe, Knife, Bow, and Staff.

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Take note as well that if you are planning to unlock proficiencies at the early game, make sure that you do so before Chapter 10 of the story, or else you will find it difficult until later chapters. By knowing which Emblem Rings you will need, try to unlock them for your planned classes as soon as possible!


This concludes our page onHow to unlock Weapon Proficiency for Fire Emblem Engage. Please check out our other pages for the game for more Fire Emblem Engage content!

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