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Weapon Locations Guide

Far Cry 6 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Far Cry 6 Weapon Locations Guide

There are a total of 98 weapons in Far Cry 6, this breaks down to 49 purchasable weapons and 49 Unique weapons. The purchasable weapons can all be bought from the Guerilla Garrison building once it is Level 3 and the Unique weapon can only be found in the world as collectibles from doing certain missions and side tasks. To keep track of the weapons you have found go 'Menu' followed by 'Arsenal' and click the weapon category tabs at the top. When you hover over a weapon that you are missing a text clue on how to get it will appear. Take a look at our Weapons Location guide to find out how you get each of them. You will still be able to get all the weapons after you complete the story in free-roam.

Non-Unique Weapons


- 45/70-T: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- AK-47: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- FAL: Automatically obtained during Prologue on Isla Santuario.

- MS16 S: Automatically obtained during Prologue on Isla Santuario.

- AK-M: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- AR-C: Reward for completing Treasure Hunt: A Little Birdie Told Me.

- BP-2: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- BP-RUC: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- M16 A1: Reward for completing Treasure Hunt: High Supply.

- AS VAL: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MS16 L: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- SKS: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- SSGP-58: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

Submachine Guns

- BP-SMG: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- BZ19: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MP40: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MP5K: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MP34: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- PPSH-41: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MP7: Purchased Guerrilla Garrison

Light Machine Guns

RPD: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- M60 NV: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MG21: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MG42: Reward for completing Treasure Hunt: Sweet Fifteen.


- 1887 Sawed-Off: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- M133: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- SBS: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- SPAS-12 – Reward for completing Treasure Hunt: Passing the Torch.

- KSG: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- RMS-18: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

Sniper Rifles

- Yaran SR-A: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- .308 Carbine: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- SVD: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MBP .50: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison


- Recurve Bow: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- Compound Bow: Purchased rom Guerrilla Garrison


- M-79: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- RPG-7: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- MGL-6: Reward for completing Treasure Hunt: Parting Gifts.

- RAT4: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison


- M9: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- PMM: Starting weapon

- 1911: Reward for completing Treasure Hunt: And The Beat Goes On…

- MARK VI: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- Desert Eagle: Reward for completing Treasure Hunt: The Last One to Leave.

- P226: Complete the Main Story Operation 'The Lion’s Den'. Automatic from story, unmissable.


- Skorpion: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- SMG-11: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

- 6P13 Auto: Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison

Unique Weapons

Rifles (Unique)

- Death Rites: Search Maldito. You will find it inside a house with a broken roof.

- Fuck Anton: Finish Chorizo's Yaran Story 'Fetch Quest'. During this quest, Chorizo will give you the 'Mysterious Key', which can be used to unlock the weapon chest on Isla Santuario.

- Viva Libertad: Search the Punto Norte Lighthouse in Prado Meadows. You will find it in a pink house next to a lighthouse.

- Camo Quinceanera: Complete the Treasure Hunt 'A Rising Tide' in Robustas Hills.

- Sharkbite: Search the Roco Pequena Sat Station in Fernando Valley. You will find it behind the locked door in the FND base. You get the key by beating the base.

- Noblesse Oblige: Search the Museum of the false Revolution in Isabel Steppes. You will find it inside a display case of the museum (south-west room of museum).

- One Ping Only: Complete the Main Story Operation 'The Lion's Den'. Automatic from story, unmissable.

- Vaya Con Dios: Search Gabriel Castillo Airport in Mirador Cape. You will find it in the control tower of the airport.

- Surf & Turf: Complete the Treasure Hunt 'Crocodile Tears' in Cobre Shores.

- Hi-Fi: Search El Rancho Bicho in Cielo Gardens. You will find it inside a house, in front of a bed.

- Urushi: Search the shipping yards in Esperanza. At the docks, behind a building.

- Zona-51: Search the La Divinidad Cathedral in Old Pueblo. You will find it upstairs in FND Base 'La Divinidad Cathedral', in the outside balcony area, behind a locked blue gate. When you beat the base it will become unlocked.

Submachine Guns (Unique)

- Iron Curtain: Search the waters near El Tigre Dormido Hotel in Cape Santa Maria. It is underwater, you need to dive down.

- Turn Of the Century: Search Resplandor Agriculture in Palma Forest. You will find it in a storage hall, next to a supply drop.

- Carriage Carnage: Search the destroyed railway bridge near the Castillo National Zoo. You will find it in the middle of the broken bridge, in a red train container. You can either fly there by helicopter/wingsuit, or climb up via some flower vines from the other side of the bridge.

- Streamline Moderne: Search the FND 2nd Armored Division in Palma Forest. You will find it underground in a bunker. Enter the small house in the FND base and you will find a key and the bunker entrance (bunker door on the floor). Grab the key, open the hatch to the bunker and climb down. Inside the bunker you find the weapon cache.

- DIY Death: Search Concepcion. You will find it behind two broken cars in the north-east of Concepcion town.

- SMG-Issimo: Search La Raja Bar in Fuego Valley. You will find it outside on some wooden pallets.

- The Heroic End: Search The Peopl's Pride Clinic in Dorado Cove. You will find it in the tent behind the big clinic building, where a single enemy is.

Light Machine Guns (Unique)

- Sink or Swim: Search shipwrecks in the water near Barriga. It is underwater, you need to dive down.

- Impact Driver: Search the Chancletas Resort in Muerte Point. You will find it on a shelf in a locked yard, you need to climb over the walls (or airdrop/fly to it).

- Crackle & Pop: Search the El Rayo Cinema in West Lado. You will find it inside the militarized zone. Climb up a ladder on the side of a building and you will find the weapon chest on the rooftop.

Sniper Rifles (Unique)
- El Depredador: Build and upgrade the Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility to Level 3.

- Sobek Special: Complete the Treasure Hunt 'Cache Money' in Oasis Plains.

- Double Clutch: Complete a Gran Premio Race. Any Race will do for this.

- El Tirano: Search the Escila Fort in Ventosa Peninsula. You will find it on top of the lighthouse, use the grappling hook or fly up to get up there.

- The Transubstantiator: Search the True Yaran Academy in Cielo Gardens. You will find it underground, you need to enter the manhole and climb down.

Shotguns (Unique)

- Humidora: Search the Punto Este Lighthouse in Sagrado. You will find it on top of a tower, use the grappling hook or fly up.

- El Rubi: Serach the Torre Del Leon. You will find it in the lobby/ground floor of the tallest building in Esperanza. You can get there by using the manhole south of it.

- Ciervo Macho: Build and upgrade the Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility to Level 2.

- The True Loyalist: Complete the Treasure Hunt 'The Truest Yaran' in Noventarmas.

- Excavation Execution: Complete the Treasure Hunt 'The Long Drop' in Catalina Ridge.

- Supercharger: Search the GDP Oil Platform in Cobre Shores (GDP Oil Platform FND Base). This FND Base is made up of 4 smaller oil platforms. Of these 4 platforms, you must first press a red button on the south-west oil platform. This opens a shipping container on the top level of the south-east oil platform. If you go to the roof and go behind the blue shipping containers, one of them will now be open and you can grab the weapon that's inside of it.

- COM.PEW.TER: Search the Taino Peak Relay Station in Bandido Escarpment. You will find it at the top of a tower, climb up the ladder inside the tower.

Bows (Unique)

- Bullseye: Search the jungles near Lapida Magote. You will find it inside a cave, you need to shoot the cage to open it.

- El Capirote: Build and upgrade the Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility to Level 1.

Launchers (Unique)

- La Guaracha: Search Segunda. You will find it on the stage of an outside bar area.

- El Caballero: Search the FND Base 'F.I. Escudo Steel Plant' in Corbe Shores. Behind the big production building is a small locked room. When you beat the base you will be able to open the door and find the weapon chest inside.

- La Petite Mort: Complete the Treasure Hunt 'Sword-Crossed Lovers' in Muerte Point.

- Into Orbit: Complete the Treasure Hunt 'Liquid Courage' in Del Toro Port.

Pistols (Unique)

- Blood Drunk – Search Jose's Villa in Serpentino Park. You will find it inside the Villa, upstairs.

- The Autocrat: Search Fort Quito in Sagrado. Inside the enemy fort, climb down the ladder, then shoot the explosive barrels in the fenced area where the weapon is. This blows up the fence so you can access the weapon.

- Lethal Dose: Complete the Treasure Hunt 'The Mongoose and the Man' in Aguda Cliffs.

- El Florecer: Search Admiral Benitez's office in Fontana Fort. You will find it below some metal stairs in the south-east of the Fontana Fort.

- El Regalo De Clara: Complete the Operation 'Against the Wall'.

- Pistola Sportiva: Search El Maraton Field in West Lado. In the outskirts of Esperanza, go up the stairs in the stadium to find this in the commentator's booth.

Auto-Pistols (Unique)

- Rococo Loco: Complete Los Bandidos Operations. You begin Los Bandidos Operations at the quest board in your 3 main camps in Madrugada, Valle de Oro, El Este. These are passive missions where you send your Bandito Leaders to do tasks for you (timed missions that the AI does for you automatically without your input). After a set time frame they will arrive at their target and you can issue them commands via the Operations Board. Keep doing these Operations until you get one with the Rococo Loco weapon as a reward.

- El Genera: Search the FND Munitions Storage in Vencejo. You must climb down the ladder inside the bunker. The bunker key is found in that same room where the ladder is, on the right side.

- Snapshot: Search the Golfo Vasto Lighthouse in Cienaga Nublada National Park. At the top of a tower, can climb up using grappling hook or fly up.

Unique Weapons Video Walkthrough

Check out the video below if you are strugging to get hold of any of the Unique weapons in Far Cry 6

Weapon Locations Guide

#1 - Death Rites - 0:00
#2 - F*ck Anton - 0:30
#3 - Viva Libertad - 1:22
#4 - Camo Quinceanera - 1:43
#5 - Sharkbite - 3:03
#6 - Noblesse Oblige - 3:29
#7 - One Ping Only - 3:52
#8 - Vaya Con Dios - 4:18
#9 - Surf & Turf - 4:49
#10 - Hi-Fi - 6:03
#11 - Urushi - 6:25
#12 - Zona-51 - 6:47

#13 - Iron Curtain - 7:32
#14 - Turn Of the Century - 7:54
#15 - Carriage Carnage - 8:14
#16 - Streamline Moderne - 8:58
#17 - DIY Death - 9:46
#18 - SMG-Issimo - 10:05
#19 - The Heroic End - 10:23

Light Machine Guns:
#20 - Sink or Swim - 10:49
#21 - Impact Driver - 11:18
#22 - Crackle & Pop - 11:47

Sniper Rifles:
#23 - El Depredador - 12:25
#24 - Sobek Special - 12:55
#25 - Double Clutch - 15:34
#26 - El Tirano - 16:03
#27 - The Transubstantiator - 16:42

#28 - Humidora - 17:07
#29 - El Rubi - 17:50
#30 - Ciervo Macho - 19:15
#31 - The True Loyalist - 19:46
#32 - Excavation Execution - 22:32
#33 - Supercharger - 25:50
#34 - COM.PEW.TER - 27:11

#35 - Recurve Bow - 27:42
#36 - Compound Bow - 28:07

#37 - La Guaracha - 28:41
#38 - El Caballero - 28:58
#39 - La Petite Mort - 29:25
#40 - Into Orbit - 32:11

#41 - Blood Drunk - 34:09
#42 - The Autocrat - 34:32
#43 - Lethal Dose - 35:10
#44 - El Florecer - 36:32
#45 - El Regalo De Clara - 36:52
#46 - Pistola Sportiva - 37:15

#47 - Rococo Loco - 37:38
#48 - El General - 39:15
#49 - Snapshot - 39:48

Take a look at our Weapon Tier List to see what we consider to be the best weapons on offer in Far Cry 6.

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