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Amigos Guide

Far Cry 6 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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In Far Cry 6 Amigos are introduced instead of the 'Guns for Hire' of previous Far Cry games. Amigos are animal companions that you can unlock that will assist you during combat. This Amigos Guide will tell you everything you need to know about them.

In total there are seven Amigos which you can unlock, five of these (Guapo, Chorizo, Chicharron, Boom Boom, and Oluso) can be otained during the campaign while the other two (K9000 and Champagne) are only accessible through the Blood Dragon and Vice Pack sets respectively. Each of the Amigos comes with three unique abilities which are locked at the start of the game, in order to find out what these abilities are and how to unlock them you need to go open the 'Amigo' screen and select the Amigo from the list. This will bring up the Amigo's abilities list, where you can highlight each of them individually to find out what the requirement is to unlock that specific ability.

The Amigo's that are not in DLC packs can be unlocked by following the main story, you will meet Guapo, the crocodile as part of the third Operation Mission in the game: Juan of a Kind and you will attain him automatically. Listed below are the requirement to unlock the other four Amigos that are not in the DLC packs, and also their unique abilities, which become unlocked after reaching certain milestones.

Guapo (Crocodille)


How to Unlock:
Available automatically.


- Body Regulation
Guapo can regenerate health during combat. Unlocked after Guapo heals himself 5 times.

- Cornered Beast
Guapo is more resistant to damage when below 50% health. Unlocked after regenerating 3,000 health.

- Reptile Metabolism
Guapo's self-revive now restores 90% of his health. Unlocked after Guapo kills 50 targets.

Chroizo (Dog)


How to Unlock:
Complete the Fetch Quest Yaran Story.

Madrugada, Costa del Mar, Mogote Foothills, and Montero Farm.

Meet the Monteros


- Bloodhound
Chorizo will tag nearby crafting Resources. Unlocked after Chorizo distracts 10 enemies.

- Yes, You Can
When you pet Chorizo, you'll regain some health. Unlocked after tagging 36 loot containers.

- Keen Senses
Chorizo will occasionally dig Resources out of the ground.

Boom Boom (Dog)

Boom Boom

How to Unlock:
Complete the Boom or Bust Yaran Story.

Valle de Oro, Balacera, Cienaga Nublada National Park, and Camp Maximas.

Meet Maximas Matanzas


- Pointer
Boom Boom can mark the locations of enemy troops and animals. Unlocked after collecting Resources from 10 dead bodies.

- Expert Tracker
Boom Boom can tag enemies and animals from further away. Unlocked after tagging 24 enemies.

- Thick Coat
Boom Boom can take more damage. Unlocked after tagging 50 enemies.

Chicharron (Rooster)


How to Unlock
Complete the Man's Best Enemy Yaran Story.

El Este, Sierra Perdida, Promise Peaks, and Patriotas Peak.

Meet the Legends


- Roid Rage
When below 70% health, Chicharron attacks faster and deals double damage. Unlocked after killing 12 enemies.

- Angrier Bird
Chicharron's charge move now knocks enemies down to the ground.

- Chicken Feet
When below 70% health, Chicharron is more likely to dodge enemy attacks.

Oluso (Black Panther)


How to Unlock:
Find three Triada Relics and complete the Triada Blessings Yaran Story.

Isla Santuario, inside Oluwa Cave.


- Mimo Abosi's Luck
Oluso can more often succeed in stealth takedowns during heated firefights. Unlocked after killing 12 enemies in Restricted Areas.

- Rage of Ida
A successful takedown will scare nearby enemies and cause them to flee the battlefield. Unlocked after 24 lethal takedowns.

- Mist of Oku
When below 50% health, Oluso is obscured in smoke, regenerates health faster, and is immune to all damage. Unlocked after Oluso scares 50 enemies with lethal takedowns.

Champagne (White Panther)


How to Unlock:
Vice Pack DLC (included in the Far Cry 6 Ultimate Pack).


- Greed is Good:
Champagne will succeed more often at enemy takedowns when you have more money in the bank.

- Predatory Instinct
Unlocked after Champagne kills 24 enemies using a takedown. Champagne will loot enemies after killing them with a silent takedown.

- Sonic Snarl
Unlocked when Champagne loots 1,000 Yaran Pesos from dead enemies. When Champagne takes damage, she might unleash a mighty roar to knock down nearby enemies and escape to safety'.

K-9000 (Robo Dog)


How to Unlock:
Purchase the Season Pass for access to the Blood Dragon Set (included in the Far Cry 6 Ultimate Pack).


- Enhance
Unlocked after K-9000 takes 100 damage from enemies. Powerful optical sensors can tag Turrets, Security Cameras, Tripwires, and Alarms so you can plan your attack.

- Enhance!!!
Unlocked after K-9000 tags 24 security cameras. Advanced targeting systems mean attacks against tagged enemies deal more damage'.

- Termination Protocol
Unlocked after K-9000 destroys 50 tagged enemies. K-9000 is equipped with a self-destruct. It goes off when he takes fatal damage. Make your escape using his brave sacrifice.

The Best Amigo

There is no best Amigo in Far Cry 6, each of them have useful skills and benefits that will help you in some way, so it really depends on your situation. If your situation called for stealth and resource gathering, then Chorizon is probably your best option. If you need an Amigo with combat prowess then Oluso is without doubt the best, the downside though is that Oluso is also the hardest Amigo to unlock.

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